Monday, February 10, 2014

My Work and My Joy

To start out, I'd like to share with you some "funnies" that happened this week.
-I have learned that if you find a hair in your food you have to keep eating.  When you find the second, the answer is the same...Keep eating!  HA!  It's so sad.  It really is so sad!
-I also have learned that when you are living without a washer, think twice before traveling by bus with dirty clothes.  Ha!
-Also, Hermana Villalobos got peed on by a dog.  Yep!
-And speaking of dogs, I got bit by a dog...with no teeth.  hahahaha!!  It's real life people.  It's real life!

Well, everybody needs a little laugh to start their morning right?

Well this week was absolutely the best week of the whole entire mission.  Yep, I went that far.  It was so good.  I can't even describe!  Let me just share a couple highlights.

We have been visiting a lady named "M".  She is super hilarious!  We have been asking her to read and read and read the Book of Mormon and finally one day we stopped by.  She pulled up a seat, whipped out her Book of Mormon, and sat describing everything she had read.  But not only describing, but also saying what she learned.  My mouth was open the whole time in amazement.  I thought to myself, "Is this real life?"  We then committed her to go to church.  She said "I'll only go to church because this might be the last time to go with you both, and because you're singing."

She came to church!  We found her a ride and we all traveled together.  At first she said she could only stay for the first hour.  After we sang she started to cry.  We sang "Come Thou Fount" (yes, in English).  It was the 4 of us sister missionaries.  "M" was interested the whole meeting.  After sacrament was over, she said she could probably stay for another hour, and then after the second hour said the same.  She stayed for all 3 hours!  After she said, "Well chicas, I actually really liked church.  I felt comfortable and welcomed".  I just died when she said that because she NEVER wanted to go to church and now she wants to go.  I can see the future for her!  AH!  I invite you all to think about the feelings you have when you go to church.  That's what our new investigators feel.  It truly is a blessing!

Also, at church we had a less active.  The dad came with his son.  They came with "L" who is consistently coming to church now.  I was stunned to see him!  And he came in a shirt and tie.  AH!  When we visited with the family after he said that the only thing missing was the rest of his family.  We are now determined to baptize the 3 boys. :)

We had 3 investigators in church this week.  The highest turn out that I have ever had.  I just felt so much joy!  I know that the hard work is paying off.  I slow, but I know I am doing what I need to be doing.

One more story:  We were visiting the other "P" family and her comes walking in "A".  He had been drinking and looked so sad.  But he came in and sat in on the lesson.  As we sang a hymn and then prayed to end he looked at his son and said, "remember how we pray each night?"  The little son nodded his head, folded his arms, and listened to me pray.  As we were shaking their hands "A" grasped my hand.  He said, "I need a favor".  I responded and he said, "Will you please pray for me?"  With all the energy of his heart he said he was sorry and he wants to change.  He asked me to go and pray with him (obviously with my companion).  We talked with him for a while outside about how he wants to change and be an example for his son.  I have never seen somebody talk with such sincerity.  He then asked me to pray for him.  So I did.  Right there outside of the house.  I have never felt so guided by the spirit to say the things I said.  To be honest, I don't remember what I said.  But, I know that he did.  It was probably one of the best moments of my whole mission.  I have never felt so much love for a family.  They are all less active but they one day will come back, one day soon.  I am here to help them.  This is my work and this is my joy!  I cannot wait to see his progress.

Sadly, we got news about transfers this week.  Good news.  I'M STAYING IN FERNANDEZ ORO.  Sad news, my cute companion is leaving me ;(    I have learned so much from her and am so sad to see this dynamic duo split.  That's what they call us.  We have learned to work together and learn to love each other with all our heart.  I can now say that when we are working for the same goal and we have the same motives, it's hard not to love the one you're working with.

So this is a super long and crazy email.....full of lots of emotions, no?  But I just want you all to know that I know this is the work of the Lord.  I am only an instrument in the hands of the Lord.  I have felt His guidance and support each and every day.  Amo la mission.  Amo mi Salvador.  Se que este es el obra del Senor, se que sin el somos nada.  Se que sin ninguna duda que si trabajamos con toda nuestra fuerza podemos encontrar las personas que son preparadas para recibir el Evangelio de Jesucristo.  Amo este Evangelio.  Amo el Libro de Mormon.  Se que podemos encontrar paz y fortaleza en este libro.

Keep writing me and I'll keep writing you...if promises ;)  Love you all!

Hermana McChesney

-Shout out to Lauren Eastman.  HAPPY 20TH MI AMIGA!!!!AH!  Eat cake, and a card is coming your way!
- Shout out to Cabrina Blackhurst on the farewell!  I know that you will be the best missionary!
-Shout out to all those celebrating Valentines day.  Eat lots of chocolate covered strawberries.  I don't know if they celebrate this holiday here....

                                 We had a little sleep over in our new apartment.  So much fun!

  I've learned that it's better to love and kiss than to hate and kick.  This dog chases me every day!

                                      Learned how to make empanadas.  So Yummy!

                          I have blisters covering my hands from putting together our furniture.

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