Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No power, No email

Hello Family,

I spent the short amount of time reading all the emails.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I loved them all.  So good to hear from everyone!   And I loved the pictures.  Thank you so much! :)

This will be quick because the power has been out and the bus is on it's way.  Sorry I wasn't able to email yesterday.  We had our zone conference and so there went our pday.  But let's just say it was one of the best zone conferences ever.  We learned a lot about the integrity.  And WOW!  I was amazed!  I will be writing more later on this but let's just say that my testimony about the integrity had grown tremendously.  I know that as we strive to keep our word we will have more confidence in ourselves, that others will have confidence in us, and that also the Lord will confide in us.

I hope we can all work on the integrity and be true to our word.

Love you all.  Read the scriptures.  Go to church.  And mas de nada, ser un ejemplo a los demas.  LES QUIERO UN MONTON!!!!


Person, no hay mucho tiempo.  Voy a tratar de escribirles Jueves si tenemos permiso. 


Hermana McChesney!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And then, I sang 4 solos...

Hello my dearest family,

First of all, Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday.  It was a day when nobody opened (I don't remember the word in English..) and so we weren't able to email.  So we are all here now writing the family!

This week was great.  Sunday as we were adding up all our numbers we realized that this week was one of the best weeks we have had number wise.  We have seen a LOT of help from the members here.  They are coming to us and bearing testimony in the lessons.  It has been a great support.  The ward still is lacking in active members, but we are working hard to get all these souls back!

Oh, speaking of Sunday, imagine this.  So, I think my unofficial calling in the ward right now is the director of the hymns.  I'll take it.  I know my 4/4, 3/4 and so forth, but...just wait.  They ask me to lead again and so I go up to start to lead and then I look behind me and nobody is following me....AKA the pianist.  She wasn't there.  Ummm....So I looked at the bishop and said, "without the piano?"  He said...si.  So I looked out into the audience and I began to lead and sing.  Oh my goodness!  I almost died of embarrassment.  Good thing I knew the tune of the song because if not that would have been even more embarrassing.  And you know the feeling when you feel like you're the only one singing?  yep.  That was me.  I was singing loud because NO BODY sings loud.  So, I pretty much sang 4 solos in church.  It was great.

So remember "C"?  yeah, she is wonderful!  We have been teaching her and she is progressing so quickly.  We taught her the Restoration and she LOVED IT!  She said she felt at peace and feels life now is her time.  She said she has been studying and reading and everything because she really wants to know if it is true.  We also invited her to church and she accepted and said, "I need to go".  "I didn't go last week and I could feel a difference."  Wow!  So we went to pick her up Sunday to walk together and she was all ready and cute.  She said, "I woke up tired, but i knew I had to come to church today because I need that strength."  We were just stunned and I thought....Is this real life?

Yesterday was P-day.  We got permission to go to Primeros Pinos with a family.  So we went.  I sent some pictures.  It was great!!  My companion got to see the snow for the first time :)  She LOVED it!  We baptized her in snow...I don't think she liked that very much but it was fun!

It was overall a great week.  We are going to have a baptism on the 30th of this month.  I love this work.  I love being in Argentina teaching the Lamanites.  I've been reading a lot in Alma and I love applying the words of Ammon to my mission.  He was a great missionary and converted so many Lamanites.  I, too, would like to live up to his example!

This is the true church.  I know it, and I am living it.  The book of mormon is true.  It has brought me so much peace in the mission, and there is no denying that the Lord speaks to us through the prophets words.

I love you all.  Keep up the good work and ENJOY SCHOOL!  Ahh, so weird!  Jackson...be careful in high school.  It's a zoo! ;) ha!


Hermana McChesney

Monday, August 11, 2014

Be converted to the Gospel, not the Church!

Helloooo Family!

This week we were busy traveling, a lot!  We headed to Neuquen to go to the Consejo de Liderazgo.  It was truly the best consejo that we have ever had.  Felt the spirit so strong.  In this consejo we learned a lot about the importance to keep the Sabbath day holy and how to teach it to our investigators and less actives.  Mostly, we focused on the members that aren't going to church every week.  I learned that there also is a difference between a big ward and a strong ward.  We are striving not only to have a lot of members in the reunions, but to have strong members.  So overall, we focused on helping them not to be converted to the church, but converted to the Gospel.

Last minute as we were about to head back home to Zapala, I got a message that said I had to stay to more document stuff for my visa (I thought I already had everything worked out).  I really have no idea if I'm legal or not.  So, we stayed and sat in the police station for 4 hours just to take a paper home.  Yeah.  That's called missionary work ;) HA!  But, just to add, I had the best lunch there in Neuquen.  I thought I was in the states for a little.  It was like a pesto tomato sandwich thing.  WOW!  It brought me back to Lizzy (what's that boutique called....?  Little Lizzy?  hahaha! I can't believe I forgot).

So, after not working too much in the area, we finally were good Friday to work hard...and we did!  We have seen so many miracles.  We contacted a girl a girl who is 19 years old who went to church last week.  We started to teach her in her house and then someone knocked at her door.  It was two of her friends.  I got nervous.  I thought she would change and not want to listen to us in front of her friends, but no!  She invited them to listen to us too!  WOAHHH!!  So, we taught 3 of them and they all committed to listen to us again and to take the lessons.  Miracle is that the boy said he had already talked to missionaries before and knew all about the BOM and the Restoration.  MIRACLES!!  They will be getting baptized.  I know it! :)

But this week I too, like mom, have been studying about the charity.  It's been something I want to be better at.  I have learned as we look for opportunities to serve we will also be tested with the charity.  I have been trying to be better, and I love the quote you sent me mom.  It's not a coincidence that we were both studying this topic :)  I am definitely tu hija.

I love this work.  I love the gospel.  I am so lucky to be here in Argentina in this time preaching the gospel to all those who want to hear...or who don't want to hear... I preach it anyways ;)  This is the best message in the whole world.  Sometimes we need to be reminded, but I know that this gospel will bring all families the joy that they need.  For it has given me all the joy and peace that I need.  Day by day, I am amazed at the plan the Lord has provided for me.  I know he knows why I'm here.  He knows what I need, and he knows how to comfort me and bring me the confidence to teach all those here!

This is the Lord's work

Love you all!  Keep up the good work and enjoy the end of the summer.  Can you believe it?  WOW.

Hasta la proxima semana!
Hermana McChesney


Monday, August 4, 2014

Baptism, ZAPALA, and nasty cleaning!

WAHHH!!  One thing I've learned, NEVER, ever miss one pday of emailing the family.  Reasons why you might ask..?  1)  Way too many emails to read, so little time.  There is no human possible that can read and respond to 43 emails in 70 minutes.  2)  Too many stories that I need to share, and some I can't remember or fit into one email.  3)  I missed talking to you all.

Bueno, this is just so stressful trying to write, I don't even know where to start!  AHH!

Well, first of all, "J" GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!  Yes, yes, it's true.  I'm pretty sure I have never been so stressed before in my whole entire life.  The stress of that week beats finals, it beats driving for the first time on the freeway, it beats eating blood sausage, and it even beats the stress of opening my mission call....well, actually, I take that one back.  But, it was close.  It was a day so stressful and wonderful!  Why so stressful, you ask?  I will have to explain in person, but I'll give you a few reasons why..

1)  Trying to finish the lessons before the date
2)  "J" didn't want an interview..therefore, he didn't want to get baptized
3)  The water was cold in the font
4)  We had to find pants for the Hermano that was going to baptize him..and then they were way too big...and we didn't have a belt....uhh
5)  The baptismal prayer was said wrong and "J's" name was pronounced wrong...

But hey, I truly can say that this baptism was also the most spiritual baptism that I have EVER been a part of.  Ever!  I have never seen so many tears in a baptism and never felt the spirit so strong.  As we sang the musical number, "H" began to cry.  She isn't a member and never really wanted to be.  But, after the baptism she told us, "I feel so good here."  "Now that I know how the church is I will now be coming with "J" and my daughter."  I truly am so happy how I left that family.  The experiences I have with them and especially this day are priceless.  I cannot deny the truthfulness of the gospel, or the power of the book of Mormon.  I know that the Book of Mormon can change anyone.  It can bring the peace that we need and it has all the answers to all the questions that we have.  I know that there is no better way to learn of our plan than through the book of Mormon.

Also, I got transferred.  I am in the LAND OF ZAPALAAA!   It's like Fernandez Oro.  I Love It!  It's full of wind...like you have no idea.  We had to stay in the pension one day because it was so windy.  I have some videos that I'll show later.  You'll die!  I also have the BEST companion in the whole world.  Her name is Hermana Rojas.  She is from Colombia and just the sweetest.  This is her first transfer being Hermana Leader, so I am training her on that.  We are getting along so well.  She is so great!

Ohh...today we had to clean the pension.  We took the area of the Elders.  So we are whitewashing, which pretty much means being in an area where there were elders, they both left, we took their spot, and start with pretty much nothing.  HA!!!  Their Area Book was a little unorganized, so we are trying to figure out who the investigators are, less actives, members, etc.. I have a testimony of this book.  So all you missionaries out there or future missionaries, I give you this advice...Take Care Of Your Area Book and Everyone Will Be Happy. :)  But back to the point, today we had to clean the pension.  When we got there the elders said, "These elders cleaned sooo long so the pension should be good to go".  I'm telling you...it was NASTY!! Ha!  This morning I had to clean the bathroom.  Um..yeah.  Let's just say, I don't think the toilet seat had been cleaned for at least 3 months.  I almost threw up.  So nasty!!  But hey, it's looking good now!! :)

Well, out of time.  Hope all is going well for you all.  I'm doing great.  Love the mission.  I'm trying to really enjoy it all.  Best wishes to you!!

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to all those who recently got engaged and married (Lexi, Sydney, Mikun)!
Shout out to Mason talking so much and to all those who are just awesome!  Miss you lots!

                                        Such a wonderful baptism!  Such a wonderful boy!

                                                        Snow!  Snow!  Snow!

                                           Yep, that was my pension in Bariloche.

                                                                Good times!

                              My first ice cream in Bariloche, it also was my last.  So worth it!!