Monday, March 31, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yep, it's true!! We had the first snowfall of the season! Ha! Well, to be honest, it was just a little bit of snowflakes...nothing stuck.  But, I woke up and saw it was snowing a little and I finally felt as if I were home!  Haven't seen the white fluffies in about a year! :)  YAY!  It truly feels like Christmas!  I'm tempted to put on my Christmas music again..ha!

Well, here I am in Bariloche (mom, you can put this on the blog since the creepy stalkers never figured out my name...don't worry).  Let's just say it's definitely not like good ol' happy town of Fernandez Oro.  It's like we are at Disneyland and we go to the ride, "It's a Small World", and then we go right to the "Haunted Mansion".  It's just 2 different stories; 2 different types of people.  But, it's great!  I've always liked the Haunted Mansion ;) HA!  I am in the Center so there is a lot to see, but not too many who want to hear.  I think we have 1 investigator.  But, it's good!  He has a baptismal date so can I get a hoooorahh?

I have learned to truly appreciate the little miracles in life.  Let me give you a couple examples:

We were searching for a reference that somebody gave us.  She happened to live in a n aprtment complex.  All of these apartments are locked so you can't get in unless you have a key.  So, we rang the little bell to her room and nothing...rang it again..and still nothing.  So, we were about to leave and I finally just pushed the door and it opened.  YEAH!  It opened!  Miracle! :)

Also, just yesterday we were walking in the rain and cold all day.  Truly...all day after church.  We had the cutest member with us and she was such a trooper!  We were walking all day and nobody wanted to let us in.  Finally we got in with our only investigator and we had a great lesson with him.  But the miracle is that he remembered his baptismal date and is still preparing and planning on being baptized!  WOOO!  Even though we walked all day in the rain, we were able to have a member present lesson and help him work towards his goal of baptism!  We were so happy!

I watched the broadcast from Elder Ballard on Sunday again, and I learned so many new things from the first time I saw it.  It made me think that it is the same thing as reading the scriptures.  Each time I read I find something new.  So, with conference coming up (Let's all scream a little), I encourage you all to truly feast on the words and look for the answers to your questions.   I'll be doing it all the way here in Argentina.  Hope you all can, too! :)

Thanks for the emails and pictures and jokes and updates.  You're all the best!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  My companion is from Uruguay and doesn't speak any English! HA!  She is too cute!  She is 22 (ehmmm Taylor Swift) and she is a hard worker who likes to walk fast!  YAY!  She's great!!


Hermana McChesney

-Shout out to my girl Bethanna for giving her farewell talk.  I'm sure you killed it!  So proud of you!!
-Shout out to Kylee Terry for the emails.  I'm glad I can help you out a little.  We are excited to have you here in Argentina! :)

--Well, Bariloche is full of hills and mountains.  Each street is a hill.  So, let's just say I've never been so sore in my whole mission.  I LOVE IT!  But, each morning I wake up I die a little (that's a song...I'm pretty sure). It's nothing like Fernandez Oro, so it's a change and I like it!  :)  Here's to a good workout! HA!  Oh....and yeah, we had to run up the stairs like Rocky a good solid 3 times.  So, just put that picture in your head when you feel sad.  2 girls in dresses...running up 5000 stairs!  Okay...that's enough.  BYE BYE
                                                This is me with my dear friend Sara.

                                                            My second mother!

                                           It was hard saying goodbye to my "mom".

                                                      My new area of Bariloche!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cheers and Tears to Another Transfer

Hello family!! :)

Well, I know you're all dying to hear if I got transferred or not...and...Here's the news:

Dun dun dunnn

I'M HEADED TO (for safety reasons I can't disclose this)!!!!

It was such a bittersweet moment.  I knew I was leaving but I had no idea where I would be going.  But to make it a little even more exciting..I will be the newest sister training leader.  I'm super excited for this new adventure!  I know that it is going to be absolutely incredible there!

It was hard to say goodbye to a lot of people.  Just yesterday in church I hadn't told anyone yet and then one of the councilors announced that he wanted the missionaries that were leaving to bear their testimonies.  Of course I would be the one to go first (I know for a fact that the bad luck runs in the family).  So right as he said my name, I stood up and my heart just dropped.  I am pretty sure I started crying before I even got to the pulpit (also, another bad trait that runs in the family hahaha!)  So I got up there and expressed my feelings and bore my testimony.  It was super hard to express everything.  But then after I had to go back and sit by "L" and "A" and they felt bad because they couldn't comfort me.

I was a mess during sacrament meeting and so were the other members that were sitting next to me.  So much time in this area and so much love for these people!  AH!  But right now I'm good! :)  Happy and good!!

It was hard to say bye to a lot of people!  Especially "L" and "A".  I have seen them change 180%.  Truly.  They are going to be strong forever!  I know they are the reason that I was sent to Fernandez Oro.  We went to see them last. They had friends over and they were pretty much just preaching the gospel to them!  IT WAS THE BEST!!  They said they are getting shirts and ties!  YAY!!  And they are working to get the priesthood by conference.  I literally can't describe how happy I am.  The priesthood!  HOW INCREDIBLE!!  We had a great conversation and they are going to be faithful for life...I know it and I feel it!

I've made a lot of good memories here in good ol' Fernandez Oro.  Here are a few highlights:

-When the dog bit me with no teeth.
-Eating Asado!
-Making lunch in the apartment!
-Running to the bus stop every day..and sometimes missing the bus.
-Knocking doors and having 9 dogs barking.
-Eating at every house we go to....yes...every house.
-When the 75 year old man wanted to play with my hair.
-Jamming and making music videos to church songs!
-Visiting Hermana "M" (only member) every day!
-Seeing the change in peoples lives
-Watching the less actives come to church for the first time in YEARS.
-The baptism of "R"
-Washing my clothes by hand!
-Chasing a dog that escaped from the house of a member.
-And last but not least...Each and every member and person that I have taught!  I cannot express how great the memories have been!!

I'm going to miss this area.  I haven't loved an area more.  One day...super super soon.. there will be a branch in Fernandez Oro...and I will attend it. :)

Wish me luck!  I have quite the adventure ahead of me.  Bring it on!!  WOOO!

Hermana McChesney

Oh, and so you know, my Spanish is good!!!  I feel comfortable! :)

--Shout out to all the boys for killing it this week!! Keep up the good work.  Especially with the geneology! :)
--Shout out to all the new called missionaries!  Let's hasten the work!!!  YEP
--Shout out to Mom, finally getting the neck fixed!  I told you that I always wanted to go to a I might just have the approval!! :)


Monday, March 17, 2014

Debating on if I should color my hair....

Hellooooo world, How's it been??

I have gotten into the habit of saying, "Well, there you have it kids".  I have no idea where this came from but it's a bad habit, especially because it's in English and nobody understands! HA!  Just thought I'd share that random thought....You're welcome.

Well, this week I did more knocking doors than I have ever done on my whole mission.  Let's just say...I think I've learned to accept how awkward it can be!  But, we had SO MUCH success from knocking doors.  I was stunned.  We have found some solid investigators!  It's nice to get a new start with new investigators.  So, we are super excited!

This week we visited with "A" and "L".  They are progressing as quick as ever.  "A" is making progress!!  He has almost officially quit drinking!  He is reading the Book of Mormon and has already finished 2 Nephi.  Like what?  He's have a bit of trouble because he is being made fun of because he's going to church.  He said that now instead of drinking to feel better, he opens up the scriptures. Awwww!  We left him to read about the Tree of Life and about the 3 different groups.  Especially group 2, the ones that partook of the fruit and then left because they saw those making fun of them in the great and spacious building.  We told him to seguir adelante and to remember that things aren't going to be easy.  He is doing great!  Love the progress!!

We received 13 references and contacted 11 of them.  Yeah...I have never walked faster in my life or been so worn out.  I am pretty sure that this is the hardest I've ever worked.  I think my time is running out here in Fernandez Oro, so we are giving it all we have.

I think it's time I get changed from this little town...everybody knows me and it's actually a little creepy.  I have debated coloring my hair.  Still thinking about it!  I'll share all these creepy stories with you all in less than 9 months ;) HA!

I've been reading about pride.  I learned a whole lot and more than I thought I could learn.  One thing I read that I loved was, "Christ wants to lift us to where He is.  Do we desire to do the same for others?"  Sometimes our pride gets in the way and we want to be better than everyone else.  I need to be better at helping others, and that's my motive this week.  It's similar to the Nephites.  They were destroyed through pride...nothing more than pride.  If we can conquer pride we are promised a place in the Kingdom of God! :)

Well everybody, great things happened this week.  We had 3 in church yesterday, we placed a baptismal date (2 fell through, but we're not giving up yet), and we're finding people to teach.  It's a blessing to be here!

Best wishes this week!!  LOVE YOU!! Until next week...may be in a new area...AH!

Hermana McChesney

- Shout out to Kendal Powell for the mission call!!  ATTA GIRL!! Kill it out there...and finally a friend I can speak Spanish with ;)
- Shout out to Mama!!  Happy Birthday!! :)

--  Came in contact with a little 15 year old girl as I was looking for a street.  When she

asked me where I was from..I said the states.  She then said, "Oh my gosh"!  (yes, in English) and then started freaking out.  She wants to talk and then accepted that we could pass by her house.  She was so cute and it was the funniest moment ever!  Ha!  Such a sweetheart!

                                      Here are the cakes I made for your birthday, mom! ha!

                                         Me and my companion with a friend of ours.

                                                             Such a beautiful sunset!

A friend of Mikayla's sent me these pictures.  Looks like Mikayla has friends wherever she goes. :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey, I was on the radio...yep!

Hello family,

I sometimes feel like p-days are the most stressful days.  I feel like the time is just ticking the whole day and there is never enough time to do it all.  Ah!  So, if I sound a little rushed, it's because I am ;) Ha!

This week was, well, it was another week.  We didn't have a whole lot of success.  But that's just part of the mission, right?  I'm lucky to say that there aren't many days like that.  There still were miracles (because every day is full of them..just open your eyes people haha).

Last Monday, after p-day, we had a FHE with a less active.  Her whole family participated and they were loving the activities.  Not to mention that I loved them, too.  I'm such a kid.  But after the FHE we decided to contact someone we found in the street.  We couldn't find the address, so we asked people outside and they said, "who are you looking for?"  Just then we saw who we were looking for and we said, "her"! (that sounds a little creepy...ha!)  We all started laughing.  They let us in and we talked.  Oh, did I mention there were 10 of them?  Yeah, talk about almost crying.  Wow.  And then they had questions.  When they asked about the Book of Mormon, we taught and testified.  And they were all quiet.  Truly cricket chirping status.  They LOVED it and ACCEPTED it!  So they said we could come back and teach.  There's 10 new investigators...HOLLAAA!!

After that, we had a rough time finding people.  We got in with a lot of less actives which was great!!  I don't know why, but I have so much more joy when they come back to church then when an investigator is there?  Is that bad?  Probably.  But, it's just a feeling I will never get sick of.

I was reading in Alma 17 about Ammon and the sheep (okay I read it in Spanish and I can't remember the words in English...I think they are sheep..?)  I related it to the reactivation of members.  Read Alma 17:11-12.  It's too good!

Talking about miracles,  the "P" family bought a car.  YEP!!   They began going to church and putting God first in their life and even though they don't have money or anything, they somehow had enough to buy a car.  Now they can travel to church!!  YAY!!  They were so excited!  They couldn't help but express their gratitude.  They know it's because they started going to church that they have received these blessings!  YAY!

Okay, for an awkward story, I was proposed to.  Yep!  I was explaining the law of chastity and why we live the law and how families can be together forever.  Then this guy asked if he went to church with me if I'd marry him so that we didn't have to break any commandments.  He was just joking around but it caught me off guard.  I used to be real good with this stuff, but now I realized that I've turned into that awkward missionary.  I hoped that this day never would come. :)

Just made me think that some people aren't going to accept this gospel, but it's our job to teach it.  No matter what happens.

Oh also..I WAS ON THE RADIO!! :)  I got to explain that I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and that I was from the States.  It was pretty awesome!

Sorry this email is way too crazy.  I've run out of time.  So good to hear from all of you.  Love you!

Hermana McChesney

It was my 9 month mark at the beginning of March, so I did the tradition of burning a pair of socks.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Let's just take a good solid 10 seconds and all celebrate because.....


Wanna know what??  This week was good, rough, but still good.  Then this morning I have been sick...but guess what..after receiving this news I am good to go!  I just wanna jump.  But don't worry, everybody in the Cyber, yes EVERYBODY, knows that I got accepted.  I just couldn't hold it in!! HA!

So, thanks for all the help to the family and friends for helping me get to this point in my life (this is my speech, like when Taylor Swift gets up after receiving an award).  BYU BOUND!

Okay, on a much more serious note..well, not possible hoy.  I just wanna write all about my emotions, but I guess for you all, I will write about what happened this week.

This week we had a solid 10 people from Fernandez Oro in church.  Yep, let's all cry for 10 more seconds.  The majority of the "P" family was there.  Let me just give you a short update.

We got permission from President to drive with "L" and "A" to church, because waiting for colectivo an hour before church is not cool.  So we got over to their house and we were almost about to leave when their brother-in-law said, "Hey, what time is church at?"....WHAT?  We answered his questions about where and at what time.  He said that he and his family would come.  YEPP!!  So, that's 4 people, plus "L" and "A".  Then we went and picked up a cute little grandpa that we are teaching named "F".  He is 83 years old and just great!  He gave me a hug (yes, I tried to warn him that I can't...but he still did, hey he's 83.  I think I will be forgiven.  First hug in quite some time...let's say...I'm awkward :)  Then "R" and his family were there, too!

So, all I'm trying to say is that this Sunday was great!  I don't know how I got so blessed to have so many people at church.  We have really been working hard and safe to say, the Lord is blessing us when we do our part.  I am so happy :)  We're pretty close to having a branch in ORO!  YAY!

Que mas?  Oh, in church we listened to a talk given by Elder Ballard to all those in South America.  It was translated in English, but I found myself listening to it in weird.  You ALL need to go listen to it.  It was given to the priesthood, but it is for all of us members.  It even talked about our area in Utah (I died again in church when I heard).  One thing that I got from it is that we all need to cry unto the lord, and ask Him to help us.  Help us to find somebody to teach, somebody to serve, or just a friend to be an example to.  Look it up.  Ready......GO!


Hermana McChesney

-Shout out to Lauren Eastman for going through the temple this last Saturday!  So proud of you girl!!!
-Shout out to Cami Fox for also going through the temple.  Congrats on the wedding this week!  So excited for you!
-Shout out to Kenedy for the baptism!  You looked so cute girl!
-Shout out to all my little family.  Love you all!!

Wish I could send some videos companion has some good solid blackmail of me dancing in the apartment and cooking.  I'll buy a flash drive and then you can see it soon!

Oh...and here's to 9  Almost forgot.

                                          Yes, these are cows stopping our colectivo!