Monday, November 25, 2013

Fernandez Oro...GOLDEN


Emailing from Cipolleti right now.  It's about 75 degrees and there is a slight breeze.  To be honest, I don't quite know the temperature.  They measure it differently here so I just learn to guess..if I'm sweaty then I know it's hot. HA!

Yes, I made it to Cipolleti...but I am opening a new area called Fernandez Oro (which is about 20 minutes from Cipolleti).  Our apartment is not ready yet, there isn't any electricity, so I am staying with the Hermana Training Leaders until my apartment is ready, which will be in about 2 weeks.  Bummer!

My new companion is absolutely adorable!  She is from Costa Rica and is ready to work!!  YAY!  The first thing I said to her was, "You ready to work hard?"  Sure enough she is and she has been showing it so far.

It was sad to leave El Bolson because it was so pretty and the miembros are just the sweet4est!  They gave me so many gifts and so much I don't think I'll be sending many pictures home this week ;)  They came and brought our bags to the bus terminal and one of the Hermanos me dijo "Did you bring the whole United States?"  I said, Yes, as I went to grab another bag! ha!  I thought that was hilarious.  We had a solid group of people meet us at the terminal to say goodbye.  They were the sweetest!  Poor little Hermana Lucic cried.  I sure hope she and her companion will be okay.

After traveling all through the night and not sleeping at all for a solid 24 hours, I showed up to pick up my cute little companion and I probably scared her half to death.  Truly!  It was a roughhh day.  I hadn't brushed my teeth, showered, or even changed my clothes or fixed my hair.  Nobody knows what she was thinking, but I just hugged her like I smelled like roses! ha!

We actually went to Fernando Oro yesterday after church to try and get some contacting done so we could find some investigators.  I promise you..these people are so prepared there!  There is only 1 active member and so we have a lot of work to do.  Each person we talked to, yes, each person, was so receptive and allowed us to talk to them.  AH I LOVED IT!  We had a lesson with a lady, and she flat out said, "I Believe all that you are saying."  We then contacted some people and each person said we could come back and teach them.  We now have 2 families to teach, and 4 others.  How amazing, no?!  I couldn't feel more ready.  The Lord is truly hastening the work and I know that He has prepared the people in Fernandez Oro para mi y mi companera.  We just kept smiling the whole night!  So excited!!

We will try and go back there each day and work..but it's just we have to pay for collectivo, so we will see.  Just know that GOOD THINGS are Happening! :)

The ward I am in is HUGE.  We are trying to get one started in Fernandez Oro and meet there 3 times a month and then once a month all meet in Cipo.  We will see what happens.  I truly just am so ready to work.  I love training and I love learning from my trainee. Oh, and yesterday in church, I was asked to go up and introduce ourselves as new missionaries.  After I was done, a monton of people came up to me and said, that I speak really well.  Boosted my confidence!  I have been told that numerous times here in Cipolleti and I was never told that in El Bolson.  I think the Lord is blessing me especially now that I am training and I need to have the knowledge to talk.

I can testify that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and that He truly will help us through anything if we put our trust in Him.  I have seen it and I know each of you have too.  Don't be afraid to ask Him, for he will give if we ask.

I love you all SO SO SO MUCH!!

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to all those celebrating Thanksgiving.  Eat lots of pie and turkey and normal food for me ;)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodbye beautiful El Bolson

As you can tell from the subject, it's true.  I am leaving El Bolson.  But.....I'll get more to those details soon.


First off I want to update you all on the most amazing week ever!  This week we had 2 baptisms in El Bolson.  None were of our investigators, but still, I felt as if they were.  "H" was baptized this Friday.  She was so excited and so emotional.  I just hugged her while she said, "I'm ready, I've never been so ready."  She truly is one who has been prepared for the Gospel in this time.  Her baptism was beautiful!

We also had the baptism of "G".  We had received her as a referral from her brother.  Sadly, we could not teach her because she was in the Elders area.  After only 3 weeks of teaching her she was baptized this Saturday.  She, too, was so prepared.  Each Sunday in church I would sit by her in Gospel Principles.  She would make the best comments.  These people are SO PREPARED!  We just need to find them.  They are everywhere.  I encourage you all back home, yes you family, to find those that are prepared.  I promise they are there.

So, the news that you have all been waiting for.
Okay, give me a beat.....

Last name is McChesney, First name Hermana
Been serving in El Bolson for 6 semana (s)
But not for long porque ME VOY
To like a toy.  (yeah this rhyme is rough)
What I'm doing there you might ask
Oh, just training, not that big of a task.
And if that news isn't enough
Just wait, there is a little more stuff.
Because this girl is opening an area!
And only one active member...bashareea (word that is me screaming)!

Yep, it's true!  Not only was that the worst rhyme ever...But all of it is true.  I, Hermana McChesney, have been asked to serve in Cipolletti as a trainer.  HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!! :)  I am super exited!  I know that the Mission President has a lot of trust in me, and so does the Lord.  This is a big task.  I am so very excited because I am so ready to work!  There is only one member there..which means lots and lots of work.  So, feel free to keep me in your prayers.  I am so excited though.

I leave Wednesday and drive 8 hours to Neuquen to pick up my cute little trainee.  Aww...My first experience!  I am so excited, but nonetheless nervous out of my mind.  There are only 10 latina sister missionaries arriving, so I'm just praying for one because I don't know how I'm going to communicate with 2 gringos.  HA!!

Love you all.  I am nervous, but I know that our Heavenly Father doesn't give us anything He knows we can't do  I know I am going to learn so much and grow so much.  I am ready for this adventure more than ever!!  Wish me luck!!

Hasta la proxima semana!
Hermana McChesney

--Shout out to the boys and all their success in sports!! Jackson, careful in basketball.  Don't get ejected! ha!
--Shout out to mom for dipping chocolates.  Feel free to only send me a few...please...only a few.
--Shout out to Grant and Lindsey and family.  Received your letters today.  LOVED THEM!  Such a surprise!! Thanks so much!!  :)

Funny story:
This week we ran into some Jehovah's witnesses and they ended up later running into the elders and said that they saw 2 North Americans and a Mexican (ha, Hermana Lucic didn't like that).  Me and Hermana Phipps were lie, "how can they know..we didn't even say anything".  Aw we were sitting on the bus, 6 people were getting on and Hermana Phipps turns to me and says, "Seriously they look just like us.  I don't get it."...Next thing we know those 6 start speaking English.  HAHAHA!  Even we can tell.  Goodness.  Guess we really do stand out.

                                                                   The Bishopric

Some of the youth in my ward.  They are like my brothers.  This is a joke because they make fun of me because I'm from Utah.

                                        Pizza I learned to make with an investigator.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Buen Dia!

Como anda?  This week was quite a crazy one.  Truly.  I don't even know where to start.  I have a little sticky note of things that happened and things I need to write, but Still don't think I'll be able to write it all.  Also thanks for the solid 30 emails this week!  Truly so blessed.

This week we went to go by and visit the 2 new investigators we found.  We went first to "A" and she came out and said that she talked with her husband and he didn't want us to come. We'll try another time and bring our Malta (this drink I hated at first but now I think I'm addicted). We are not going to give up and just pray that the heart of the husband will be softened.

We taught the first lesson to "L" and she was so receptive.  She believes EVERYTHING.  Truly, she had no doubts that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ.  it was incredible.  Then we asked her to be baptized..and I think she got scared.  Soo...yeah.  We are still working with her and she invited us over again.  We are going to bring her to a baptism either Friday or Saturday (Because the elders have 2 this week).  Hopefully that can help her solve her fears.  We are SUPER excited about her!

Many members have given us references so we've been trying to contact them all.  Things are going well and we are happy about the new people we have met.

It rained SO MUCH this week.  We definitely were soaked most of the day.  We had an appointment to go and learn how to make bread with an investigator.  When we arrived at the appointment, our investigator came to the door crying.  She said she was having a very bad day.  She explained what has been going on and we taught her about the plan of salvation, how God is our loving Heavenly Father, and so many other doctrines.  We know that we had that appointment to make bread for a reason...not just to make bread, but to help her.  We never even got to the bread.  I know God is looking after all of His children and it is so incredible to see Him work through me.

We also had zone meetings this week in Esquel.  It was last minute so we had to cancel a lot of appointments which is always a bummer.  Again, I learned SO MUCH!  I love our zone!  We are changing a lot in this area.  This is the new generation of missionaries, and I am so lucky to be apart of it.  After zone meeting, we went to get our tickets to get back to El Bolson...but there was no room.  So, we had to stay an extra night.  We went out with the sisters there.  I love new experiences like that .  It makes me grow.

Oh, while we were waiting for the bus to get us, an Elder asked to see my agenda.  I gave it to him and he said that I was such a nerd.  He said my agenda was so perfect and organized and planned for every activity.  I was confused and thought, "Isn't that how it is supposed to be?"  I have been thinking a lot about that and thought, "Am I the only one that is this organized?"...and "Is that really nerdy?"...I then thought to myself, why should I change my ways?  I made an acronym for the word nerd:


Obviously I am not putting myself above anybody.  It is just a funny acronym.  I have my standards of what I do and what I know to be right for me (even if it is as funny as an agenda).  I should not change these standards because it's different than others.  I want to encourage all of you to make decisions and standards and then don't change them or evaluated them when others judge.  I promise you will be blessed for holding strong to your standards.

Se que Jesuscristo vive
Se que este EVangelio puede bendecir familias
Se que he sido llamado por un profeta y el ha sida llamado de Dios.
Se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero...lealo ;)

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to Bethanna Beifuss.  Congrats on receiving my package! :)  Can't wait to wear those shirts!
Shout out to Meisho (the cat of a member)...I couldn't help but laugh thinking of my mom's name :)  Love you mom!
Shout out to Chans for the spiritual thoughts and emails.
Shout out to Jackson for trying out for the basketball team...represent!
Shout out to my whole family.  EVERYONE!  Love you all.

P.S.  Transfers are this Sunday.  Wish me luck!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's a great day to have a great day!

Es un buen dia para tener un buen dia!

Hello family! :)
I woke up saying "It's a great day to have a great day".  I don't know if that phrase translates to Spanish, but I said it anyways.  I remember each morning waking up in college and reading a quote on the mirror in the bathroom that said something like that.  Made me laugh.  HA!  But how true is it.  We determine our own happiness.

So this week was good.  A lot happened.  One of our recent inactives invited us over for a FHE with some family and friends.  It was so great because this sweet sister lead the WHOLE discussion and had everything planned.  How awesome!  She was inactive just 2 weeks ago, now look at her.  She is doing so incredible.  Such an inspiration to me!

We have a baptism set for another sister on Nov soon!  She is in the elders area so we passed her on to them.  I'm so proud of her! She was in church and just has a glow about her.  Miracles!!

We went knocking the other day because things fell through (I absolutely hate knocking..I'm praying to enjoy it one day).  I think I dislike it so much because every time I try to do my approach or ask a question, they look at me and say that they can't understand.  For real??  I think it's because I'm sooo smart and my brain moves faster than my mouth. ha!  But anyways..guess what..we found 2 people who want to learn.  They were serious and not just the regular, "oh yea come back later", but then when you go back they're not there.  This is real life!  They want to learn!  AH!  So we are going to start teaching them.  So excited!

Also, we stopped by a home where a lady said we could come back and talk.  So we went and she let us in..but it wasn't just her there, it was her WHOLE family.  Yes, 8 people.  I wanted to die.  It started out rough.  They were bashing the mormons, and pretty much giving us a run down about Joseph Smith and the first vision. We were just stunned and didn't know where to go from there.  After about an hour, we began testifying and teaching.  Their hearts were softened and by the end of the discussion, one man said he wanted to come to church and the dad said that we were invited over whenever.  It was so strange.  I can't even describe how weird it was.  Like truly!  Most awkward feeling ever!  Just shows that the gospel softens hearts no matter how hard they may be.

Well everyone, I love you all!  I see miracles everyday.  I encourage you to look for miracles in your lives as well.  They are there if you look.  I promise.  Our Heavenly Father will never forget us, but sometimes we forget Him.  Look for Him in your day each day!  I know you will find His hand.

Love you all,
 Hermana McChesney

Funny Stories:
This week Hermana Lucic had to go to Bariloche to do Transmites.  So, it was just two Yankees in Argentina trying to teach the gospel.  The funny part is that Hermana Lucic's bus arrived at 4:45 and we had to pick her up...but we were stuck in a lesson until 5:20....rough.  So we ran for a solid 25 minutes through the streets of El Bolson.  Everybody was stunned!  We found her, so no worries.

One day, after meeting with an investigator, we took a short cut down a HUGE steep hill.  Bad idea.  There was a man trying to get up with his bike, so just my good nature, I decided to help.  Bad idea again.  Not only did the man have to get his bike and him up the hill, now he had to get me up too.  HA!!  Seriously funniest things of my life!

Shout out to Little Crew for his picture.  We have an artista on our hands.  I loved the letter, and for sure, that Hobo needs the gospel. ;)

Shout out to Tyler for killing it in the music video.  HA! Laughed so hard!!

Shout out to Hermana Squires and for her email.  Loved it!  Thanks for the uplifting words and testimony.

Shout out to Lauren and Steph for their emails.  You two kill me every time!

Shout out to Cami for her email as well --- MARRIAGE!! AH!

                                                      There area dogs everywhere!!

                                  This is the steep hill I went down..and up...and down again.

                                                          Happy Birthday, Hermana Phipps

This was our birthday breakfast today.