Monday, February 24, 2014

Baptismal Dates

Well, to begin, I have a little song for you all that's been stuck in my head all day.....

"And it's a great day to be alive!  I know the sun's still shining when I close my eyes."

Yeah, it's not really a church song but I think the lyrics are appropriate!  How true is IT?  Each day is a great day to be alive.  Oh, I just love life.  I love it!!! HA!

Okay, well this week was pretty solid.  To start out I would like to say that I am totally legal here in Argentina.  I did my for now I'M GOOD!!  Also, I want to share with you a few things that happened this week.  We placed 3 baptismal dates!   Yep, it's true!  We place 3 dates this week.  We are super excited about that!  We also received a reference from our member.  Her friend is so prepared!  I can't even describe!  As we began talking and asking her questions she began to cry.  We were able to testify of the Savior, His atonement, and His love for her.  Usually in the first lesson we get to know them, share our purpose, and then a scripture that fits their needs.  But we were impressed during the lesson to share all about the Restoracion.  She loved it.  As I shared the first vision, she didn't take her eyes off mine.  Sometimes people feel a little uncomfortable with eye contact (me in particular).  That is one thing I've learned is so important, especially during the first vision.  And it was such a special moment.  Shortly after she accepted a baptismal date :)  And she wants to go to church.  Shows how powerful the spirit is and how crucial he is in a conversion.

We also set another date with a girl named "A".  She is so receptive and said "yes, but I also want my boyfriend to go to church with me."  We were so excited after the lesson.  Jumping for joy thinking, "They have to get married, but once they do....WE ARE GOING TO BAPTIZE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER!"  Later, we found out that "A" has already been baptized.  Ha!  We taught her 3 times and she finally tells us.  I don't think she understood that you only have to be baptized once.  But, we are excited to teach her boyfriend, and good news, we found another inactive member. HA!

Now, all we have to do is confirm that the other two baptismal dates we have aren't members. HA!!  Seriously, highlight of the week.  So funny.

We had 3 less actives in church Sunday, and one of their kids.  As we were sitting in sacrament I looked over to the father and I see him reading his scriptures and putting smiley faces next to the verses that he likes.  It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  Smiley faces in his scriptures.

It got me thinking.  Why don't I put smiley faces in my scriptures?  Our scriptures are there to read and to write how we feel.  And if we feel happy, peace, joy, or whatever emotion, what is a better way to demonstrate our happiness other than a smiley face?  I think I will be throwing in a couple smiley faces in my scriptures :)  And maybe a couple hearts, and stars!  Ha...but I'm serious.

Sad thing that happened this week.  "M" doesn't believe in God.  She doesn't want to talk about God anymore, and she doesn't want to go to church. heart broke.  But, I will not give up on her.  I have faith.

I've been studying a lot in the scriptures.  I love them!  I love the D&C.  I have just 2 more sections left until I finish.  It's such a testimony builder.  I can testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he received this revelation for us, today.  We can learn so much from his revelation, and from all the prophets revelations.

Be nice to the missionaries.  Honk at them when you drive by.  It makes them happy :)  (Even though we can't wave at them here in Argentina because they are usually creepy still makes me happy!  hahaha!)

Best wishes this week  :)  LOVES!
Hoorah for ZION

Hermana McChesney

--Shout out to Steph for the birthday card.  I loved it so much!  The card was too adorable and how did you know I wanted a pony?
--Shout out to Scott and Julie Bird on the new baby!!  He is absolutely adorable!  Can't wait to meet him.  Give him lots of kisses for me!
--Shout out to dad for the letter as well.  I loved the scriptures you wrote.  Made me think a lot.  I will be writing you a letter describing my feelings towards it.
--Shout out to Bethanna, TJ, and Eric for the mission calls this week.  You are going to kill it in all of those areas!  So exciting!  Let the work go on!


It was raining outside so an investigator gave us some coats to wear.

Just last night we all slept with the hermanas. We had to do our laundry. ha!  Love these girls! One thing I want to share is that we were all sleeping on the floor on 4 mattresses.  As we went to bed and woke up this morning we all knelt in prayer and prayed together and then silently, too... I want a picture so bad of this. I will never forget. 5 of us in a row praying. It was just...aww. I don't know! I loved it! 

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