Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

So, the good news is that THE UNITED STATES and ARGENTINA are still in the MUNDIAL. ;)

That's one small thing to rejoice about!  Ha!

Just to start out, this morning was way too crazy, and I'm writing on a hungry stomach.  The food here is SO expensive.  This morning we went searching for food that was cheap (learned that from you mom...thanks).  But still, we are yet to find it!  I just want the artichoke panini from Blue Lemon. Ha!

Also, I found 15 dollars the other day in my suitcase.  I'M RICH!  I got them traded into pesos this morning. It was a miracle.  I passed by this man thinking, "Nah, I'll trade with someone else..."  Then I had a feeling to turn around and ask him.  He then took me to his little store and he asked us, "What ward do you go to?"  We were caught off guard.  He was a member, but inactive hace 15 anos.  He served a mission and all.  Long story short, we will now be passing by his place to help him return. :)  Just the little promptings.

Oh, and to top off the morning, I had to shove a drunk man so he wouldn't kiss me.  I quickly thought, "I hope nobody saw me shove him..."  But it was definitely necessary!

Overall, this week was great.  Our numbers wouldn't show it, but it was!  Let me start out with "J".  He is such a sweetheart.  He is 14 years old and is searching for the truth.  Sounds a lot like Jose Smith, no?  Finally we were able to have a lesson with him.  He accepted the Book of Mormon and is so excited to read it....and...HE ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL DATE.  26 OF JULY!! YAY!

He then went to church in a different ward with a friend.  He now has 2 assistances and only needs one more to be baptized.

As we were walking back to our pension to eat lunch, a car pulled up, rolled down the window, and said, "Hey, there's a kid in here who says he know you"..  We bent down and looked in the car and sure enough, there was "J"  The family then said they were planning a FHE and we were invited.  Yay!  Now, everyone, listen up.  That is the way to do it.  Plan a FHE, invite a non member and the missionaries.  Then everyone will be happy.  So, we are excited to meet with them this week.


But, like I said, this week was great.  My testimony was strengthened.  I know the church is true!  I have no doubt.  I know that we can pray to confirm our testimony and that we will feel the power of the spirit testify that we are in the truth.  I encourage you all to confirm your testimony of the church, and of Joseph Smith, and of the Book of Mormon.  I promise, the feeling is the same now as it was years ago when we all first asked.

I love this gospel.
I love the Book of Mormon.
I love being a missionary!

Thank you all for your emails.  My family is the greatest! :)

Hermana McChesney

Oh, I'm headed to Neuquen this week.  Yip Yip.  Bus rides or die.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Let's make a deal....USA!

U.S.A....ARGENTINA....U.S.A......ARGENTINA!  I'm torn.  I'll be happy whoever wins, but I'm betting everyone out here in Argentina that if the States win they have to buy me a treat. HA!  Everyone is easily doing it, but little do they know, I'm going to be receiving 100 treats when USA takes victory ;)

Well, hello kids!  I feel like somebody always says that in some TV series or something...but if you think I remember anything about the world, you are clearly mistaken.

This week was so great!  I never have enough time to write it all.  I need to remember to take pictures of my journal or something.  Sorry.  I'll be better next time.  Maybe..if I remember.  I'm really pretty crazy!  P-days I thought were supposed to be a day to relax, but honestly I feel so stressed always.  So, let's make this quick.

All our citas fell through.  We were trying to think of what to do and then we also had to use the bathroom...haha like we felt we should go see a member and use her bathroom.  As we passed by she had a friend.  Her friend began to ask us questions until the point when we started to teach the plan of salvation.  She had so many questions and said that nobody had ever answered her questions before.  I felt so lucky to have a testimony and the answers to her questions, that I KNEW she would see her father and grandma again.  It was a lesson full of tears and the spirit.  She recognized the spirit.  We were able to all kneel and pray to finish and she prayed to know if what we taught was real and if she would see her family again.  She cried after and said, "I was always too afraid to ask because I didn't know what the answer would be."  I know we had that desire to go see the member for a reason.

Also, that same day...."M" HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!  YAYAYA!!  People really are progressing.  I am so happy.  I feel like I am the seed planter sometimes.  Actually, that's okay.  I am happy to see some of these seeds growing.  I know I won't be here long, and may not get to see some of my investigators baptized, but I'm just excited to know that all of our hard work is paying off. :)

Short news:
Started teaching classes in English and Portuguese
"J" is leaving soon....:(  So Sad.

The book is blue and the church is true!

Hermana McChesney

Monday, June 16, 2014

6 More Weeks in Bariloche!

Heyyy, just so you all know, USA and Ghana are playing tonight at 7.  Please watch it for me.  I'm dying! ;)  hahaha kidding.  But it should be fun to watch.  I'm sitting here in the Cyber and there are TV's all around and all I hear is Spanish and people making bets. ha!  Then I hear every once in a while "los estados unidos" and so I look up and there are just crazy fans chanting U.S.A!  So crazy here!

So this week was a week to remember.  We definitely were super busy as it was the last week before transfers.  We were all so nervous.  But, we all worked so hard in Bariloche.  We've had such great success here.  Oh, yeah, just so you know, MY COMPANION AND I ARE BOTH STAYING 1 MORE TRANSFER!! YAY!!!  We had an interesting day before and then we were so nervous to receive the call, but when we heard we were staying together we almost cried of happiness.  Let's just say we are excited!  We get along great and I have never worked harder!

So, transfers are here and we had so many of our good friends's always hard.  Who would have thought?  Not me.  Just recently we all went to eat lunch together and then say bye in the terminal.  What a sight to see.  20 missionaries or so all saying bye.  I don't think the bus drivers liked us very much....they started saying things like, "Jesus Christ won't save the Mormons".  But, these comments make me feel and help me remember that we really are in the truth.  What a blessing.

This week we were able to teach a hard core Catholic who is a college professor and who knows SO much.  Then we were also able to teach a gypsy Hindu lady.  I have never been so secure when I bore my testimony to them.  I know this is the church of Jesus Christ.  I know that I have a testimony.  It's so neat to bear testimony and listen to the power that comes from each word you say.  It's one thing I cannot deny.  I know that the Lord gives me the words in the precise moment and He gives me the strength to bring these words to the hearts of others.  The Catholic man told us he loves talking and learning from us.  I know he feels something different.

Oh, sad moment.  "J" didn't get baptized this week.  He has everything ready, but he just got scared and said he hadn't received his answer.  Keep him in your prayers.

I know that God is protecting me and the other missionaries.  I know that a testimony is all that we can leave with the people.  They probably won't remember half of what we teach them, but I know that they will remember how they feel when we bear testimony.

So happy to hear that all enjoyed Father's Day.  I was nice and made my companion eggs...and then she was nice and made me banana pancakes!  We were really full, but hey, HAPPY FATHERS DAY FROM ARGENTINA!!

Love you all, love the pictures that you send me.  GO ARGENTINA!

Hermana McChesney

                                                           On top of the World!

                                 One year mark with Hermana Hafen and Hermana Malmrose.

                                             We are trying to spell "YEAR" with our hands.

                                    I will have to explain this picture to you when I get home.

                                                      Go Argentina!  World Cup!!

                                           Trip to Neuquen for leadership meetings.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Famous in ARGENTINA!

Well, this morning has started out a little rough.  Let me just fill you in.  We locked ourselves out of our apartment.....keys are inside.  Oops!  Good things we have everything.  We will work it out later.  Ha!  And then I gave my memory card to my companion to send pictures...the computer had a virus and now ALL my pictures from this transfer have been erased.  So.  Yeah.  Let's just say it's been a successful morning so far.  HAHAHA!  I've decided that worse could happen, so I'm happy again ;)

Speaking of happy...well, background information first.  I left my plaque as of a week and a half on exchanges (always losing things on exchanges).  But, just last night the Hermanas from Frutillar, other area in Bariloche, called me and said a member found my plaque in the street undamaged and perfectly shiny :)  YAY!  My Heavenly Father Loves Me!  So there are reasons to smile today!

This week was too great!  This past Pday we hiked the prettiest mountain ever.  It was POURING rain.  It was so muddy and slippery, so let's just say that lots of us fell, but it was a blast!  We got to see the prettiest view.  My companion and I even threw out a Step Up 2 dance party in the rain.  Ha!  Maybe it's a good thing that video got deleted!  So funny!  But, after our Pday, I got back and my boot zipper was broken...rough.  So this week I had to buy new boots.  But, with that problem we found 2 new people to teach.  Yep!  Trying to see the positive.  So, I'm getting my boot fixed and I bought some new ones.  It was the worst.  SO EXPENSIVE!  Hopefully they will last.

Tuesday we had an experience of a life time.  Hermana Vivi asked us to go with her to the radio station to promote the Capilla Abierta (sorry mom, I forgot...that means Open Church..).  So my companion and I and Vivi went.  We just thought we'd tell them what it was and they would announce it..NO.  We see "On Air" and then as the light goes off, this man came and said, "Come with me".  So we followed obviously, sat in 2 seats, and then to our surprise, he throws on his headphone things and says, 'Weee're back"...WHAT?  I almost died.  I wasn't ready.  We hadn't planned what we were going to say.  so he said, "I'm here with Maria Guerra and McChesney" hahah.  I was like where did he get  the name Maria?  I almost lost it in mid air.  But, we ended up doing great.  Little did he know I spoke English and my companion Portuguese.  We truly spoke with the gift of tongues.  It was a blessing!  Then all of our other companions all over Bariloche told us that all their investigators heard it, and then as we were in the stores we had so many people say, "Hey, were you the ones on the radio?"  YEP.  We are famous.

We had the Capilla Abierta this Saturday.  It was a success.  I've never been so stressed preparing, but it was all worth it.  We saw miracles.  I don't think the numbers were great, but I loved what the new missionary couple said.  They said, "We need to remember that each number is a person and a soul, and that is or could be another soul numbered in the kingdom of God."  Right before we were about to finish, we had 2 people come walking in.  They said they have lived around the corner from the church for years.  They have seen each time we cut the grass, paint the brick, when we put up the steeple, and when people are playing futbol or basketball.  However, they have never seen inside the church.  So, they were curious and came!  It was a spiritual experience!  We will go and visit with them later this week.

I would love to write more about the Capilla Abierta, but I'll just have to share with you my journal entries later.  We saw tears, we saw miracles, and we even saw someone faint! HA!  It was a great day overall.

I also celebrated my year mark.  We had to travel to Neuquen, but on the ride home at midnight, I got to be with Hermana Hafen ( MTC companion).  We started together and celebrated the year mark together.  Best present ever!  So funny to think about how we started and then midnight sitting on a bus thinking, "Who would have thought a year would bring us to no sleep and a 6 hour bus ride?" haha!

I love my mission.  I have made goals that I am going to finish these next 6 months.  Here are a few:
-Finish the New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Libro de Mormon
-Write in journal every day
    *when I felt the spirit
    *principle I learned that day
-Stop picking my fingers...but really!  HAHA!
-Memorize all scripture mastery from BOM in Spanish

And other!

I know this is the work of the Lord.  I know that Jesus Christ is with each and every one of us, so long as we allow him into our lives.  I know that the Atonement is real!  I know that the Book of Mormon changes lives, for I truly have been changes.  I know that each of you, too, can be changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Keep working and being an example to those around you!


Hermana McChesney

Wow, what a long email.  So lucky I took typing in 8th grade. ;)
Also mundial (The world cup) starts this week.  It's going to be crazy!  Nobody is going to let us in.  HERE'S TO A WINTER IN BARILOCHE IN THE STREETS!  Good thing I have new boots.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Checkpoint!

Well, yes, it's true.  this week shows how old I have gotten in the mission.  But not only does the date show it...but the bags under my eyes, the broken back, the warn out shoes, and the lack of desire to get ready adds to the year mark.

Can you believe it?  ONE YEAR?

I remember just a year yesterday I was at Taylor Swift, and now here I am sitting in Bariloche teaching all those who will listen.  It's been a quick year.  I've sure learned a lot!  I've really learned what matters most in life, and it's all centered around Jesus Christ.

This week was another great week.  My district was able to hike Cerro Catedral just last Pday.  When I mean hike, we hiked!  There was the chair lift but we decided it would be better to climb.  So, we took off without a path and climbed a mountain!  HA!  Love my district.  Today we are doing Camanario, so I'll send more pics next week :)

We actually had an interesting week to be honest.  When my companion was here she said that they already paid for the light.  So, we didn't pay and never got any type of bill or anything.  So, just a couple weeks ago we got a bill that said we were in what?  We didn't have money so we couldn't pay..a couple days later...BOOM!  Out goes the lights.  We were left to plan and prepare for bed in the pitch black.  Luckily our neighbors had candles for us.  Ha!  The next morning we showered in the dark.  Most scary moment of my life!  But, all is taken care now.  Just another mishap that is bound to happen in the mission.  Here's to 1 year.  Woo.  Ha!

We had a great lesson with "J's" mom.  They are all from Colombia but have lived here for 6 years.  "J"  went to a camp out with the youth and he is now super interested in the church.  He is a great example for his mom.  How she is listening to us!

Also, sad news.  One of our investigator's is moving to Mendoza.  Yeah, I wanna cry.  We are hoping that this Saturday for the capilla abierta he will get baptized while we are doing the tour. ha!  Just give a little demonstration or something, and then ask him for his signature ;)  I'll keep you updated. HA!

This Saturday we have a big tour of our church.  We are super excited!  I get to be a little tour lady.  HOW FUN!  I'll give you more details next week.  It is going to be a huge success.  So many people are so excited :)  We are preparing a full and so busy.  So, pray that with this tour we will see success and baptisms.  YAYA!!

We had a great conference as well this week.  We focused on the spirit.  I love the gospel.  I have learned that if we are worthy of the spirit all is possible.  We need to learn to recognize how He speaks with us and then we can use this gift our whole life.  WHOLE LIFE!  Not just the mission.  So...there you have it kids.  The spirit is pretty important!

I head to Neuquen again this week for training.  Wish me luck!

Love you all.  Best wishes this week!

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to Camille Aagard and her two daughters for being in the Ensign!  I freaked out!!
Also shout out to Brylee Bromley!  SO FUN to see you in the ensign, too.  Nobody believed me when I said I knew them all.  HA!  :)