Monday, August 26, 2013

I am a missionary. Wow

Sorry in advance for how short this email is going to be.  We were out with a recent convert all day shopping and just got back and don't have much time.  But, one thing first, these people out here treat me so well.  I think to myself, "How can I repay them..?"  They buy me groceries, they feed me, they offer to do my laundry, etc.  Then I think to myself.  They keep on telling me that they are so grateful for the missionaries that are bringing them this knowledge, this salvation.  I just need to keep reminding myself.  I am a missionary.  Wow!

This week was great.  I just want to share a couple stories and things that happened.

We have been going over to visit with a lady named "N".   She has been taught ALL the lessons before.  We decided to go try again with her.  She said that she loves when we come over and wants to be taught more.  So we have been going to teach her.  She has a hard time believing in latter-day prophets (that was a good thing to figure out) so we left her with a testimony and told her that we would bring the church magazine, Liahona, over for her to read.  We saw her and she didn't have much time, so we dropped off the magazine and told her how it will bless her family and how there are Apostles who give talks each month.  Just the other day we went back and she totally read the Liahona! :)  AH!  She loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf on walking in circles..and then out of nowhere while talking about this wonderful talk, she said, "I want to go to church."  Okay, hold up.  I was thinking "there is no way I heard that right".  But sure enough she does.  She needs a ride, but we told her we could do it.  She is so excited!  She is progressing and we are so excited!  We see great things with her.  Such a miracle!

Another girl named "D" wants to be baptized.  She is a very smart girl.  She reads her scriptures every day and understands it.  She also prays daily.  We know she is young but she is going to be such a blessing in this church and will change lives.  She wants to go on a mission and wow.  She just amazes me.   It makes me think how God is preparing the children of the earth.  He has a plan.  They are so sensitive to the spirit.  We are going to kneel with her in prayer this Wednesday to pray if this is the right thing for her to do and set a legit date.  Hoping all goes well :)

Ha, funny story.  So one of our investigators called us over because she wanted us to braid her and her children's hair.  Yeah what?  How many sisters do I have? None.  Clearly I do not know how to corn row (or whatever it is called) peoples hair! HA!  So we let Hermana Hosking try.  So funny.

Do you want to know an even funnier story?  We were convinced that we all had lice this week.  This is no joke.  2 of the families we visit had lice, and we had all these little kids on the couch next to us climbing all over us, painting our nails, playing with our hair.  Wow.  Then the mom just casually says, "they have lice"....obviously I had no idea what the word "lice" was in Spanish, so I just smile and say "si" (like every other situation).  So after leaving their house, Hermana Serannno told us what she was saying and we were all freaking out and putting our clothes in bags.  We went to a members home and she checked us.  Safe to say that todo esta bien!

Hmmm, que mas?  This week truly was good.  Transfers are this Thursday, so pray for me and my companions.  Who knows what is going to happen.  I am thinking that I will be heading out to Argentina this next transfer, but who knows.  A lot of people left today for Argentina!  It's exciting!

Anyways..sorry this is short.  I just wanted to say that I love you all.  I am so proud of each and every one of you.  Thank you for all the letters and especially you mom and dad for the detailed emails you send weekly.  They make everything all worth it.  Hope all is well in the home.  Best wishes to Jackson with the MRI, Austin with final mission preparations, Brock and Crew with school, and mom and dad with just trying to stay sane ;)

Love you all,

Hermana McChesney

--Shout out to Austin for giving a killer farewell talk.  I knew you would do amazing!  I hope you liked the picture I sent you.  Reminded me a lot of you!
--Shout out to Garrett Fotu for arriving home from the mission.  Thanks for your wonderful example and for supporting Austin at his farewell.
--Shout out to Cami Fox for sending me a sweet package!!  Loved the pics from Africa.  Looked incredible.
--Shout out to Rori Hemming for the letter I opened today.  Loved that last sentence (if you can remember what you said...hahahahaha)

Monday, August 19, 2013

I don't want the Elders, I want the Sisters

Buenas Tarde!

Hello everybody.  Is it just me or are these weeks just flying?  C'mon, it can't just be me. Ha!  First of all, I want to thank both Aunt Erika and Crew for their sweet letters to me!  I opened Erika's last week and Crew's today.  I loved how Aunt Erika wrote "Sis McC"...such a rapper name ;)  Love my family!

So this week, well, it's hard to remember everything that happened, but I will try my very best.  This week we had Noche de Hogar with an investigator who is going to be getting baptized.  He is the Elder's investigator, so we are so happy for them.  We went over and had a big dinner and then shared a spiritual thought with him, his sister (who is a member) and their mom.We have these new service missionaries in our ward so we have been planning and doing a lot more with the members, doing Noche de Hogar.  They also have been coming out with us a lot to visit investigators.  I love days with them because they only speak Spanish!  It's a challenge, but I miss challenges like that!

This Thursday was our temple day.  That morning we were out at the track.  I obviously was running a marathon because I was so pumped..and then it started to POUR!  Literally droplets the size of golf balls.  I loved it!  They always talked about how Texas poured, but I never saw it.  So, it was so fun to run and be in the rain for the first part of the morning.  We left to the temple and Wow, I just want to say the Temple is so amazing and so inspiring.  I want to invite you all to go who haven't gone in a while.  The new video...everything...WOW!  One thing that I learned from going to the temple is that even with a new video the words are exactly the same.  But how much more revelation you can learn.  It reminds me of the scripture and the gospel.  Each time we read the scriptures something different stands out each time, even if we have read that verse/chapter multiple times.  In church we go through the same lessons and teachings, because we do need to be reminded and things will stick out to us at different times of our lives to help us grow and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I loved the temple this week.  I missed that feeling and I loved receiving all new revelation.

Quick story:  We have a girl who wants to be BAPTIZED!! :)  YAYAYAY!  We are shooting for the first Saturday in September.  So excited.

Another quick story:  A bunch of people from my mission here just left to Argentina..maybe I'm next.  AH!

I went to the temple again on Saturday.  After the temple we all went to lunch.  As we were leaving and almost to the car, a lady came running out and said, "I have somebody that wants to talk to you sisters."... So we got pumped and walked back inside.  We started talking with 2 men and that same lady.  As we began talking we came to find out that both the man and the lady were members, but the other man was not.  Hermana Serrano stepped away and talked with the lady, as Hermana Hosking and I talked with the 2 men.  Long story short, we ended up teaching a lot of quick principles about what we do and our church.  We got the man's information and he wants the missionaries over :)  YAY!!  But...he said, "I don't want the elders, I want the sisters."  Ummm...yeah we ended the conversation there and told him that the Elders were more likely to visit him.  Raro! Ha!  It was hilarious though!  With that opportunity I want to say I am so grateful for people who act on the promptings of the spirit.  We, as missionaries, cannot talk to everyone everywhere we go, so having that man feel the need to talk to us was incredible.  And, who knows, his friend could now benefit because of the courage he had!

That Saturday night we had a baptism for a girl in our ward.  It was so beautiful and so great to have all the support of members, less actives, recent converts, investigators, etc!  I love baptisms.  There were probably 40 people there.

Thank you for all the prayers.  I can feel them all the way over here in Waller, TX.  Truly.  I'm so proud of all my little brothers and their accomplishments!  And mom and dad, you have raised a wonderful family.  I am reminded of that daily while I am out here.  Thank you for all your hard work.

This gospel can bring so many people happiness, I know it and I have seen it work here in Texas.  Even though things are slow here, I am learning each and every day and can testify that this gospel brings happiness to everyone, no matter the circumstances.  Love you all and be happy :)

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to Austin.  Good luck on your farewell buddy, I know you will kill it!
Shout out to Mikail Burningham.  I heard you gave an incredible talk on Sunday.  Ohio needs you!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Homemade Tamales!

Hello everybody!!  Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, packages, food, EVERYTHING.  I loved it all!  it is such a wonderful feeling to get a package in the mail. :)  Plus, all the pictures you emailed me were definitely highlights to my day.

I'm glad that everybody enjoyed the family reunion.  I miss those.  I remember that powerful testimony meeting with the McChesney family, and then with the Bird Family, I can't help but laugh at thinking how childish we grandkids were at playing "hide-n-seek" throughout the whole resort.  Oh the memories!

This week was fantastic.  After I emailed you, I went and totally bought 3 shirts at Good Will (aka D.I.).  I know, that sounds so not cool at all, but it brought me back to home and I loved it! :)  I bought another Taylor Swift shirt (oops...couldn't help it), and a shirt that says "On a Mission" (thought it was hilarious), then another that was a Houston Baseball type shirt.  Hey it was all only $6...why not, right?

So, that's not why the week was fantastic...This week I went on exchanges for the first time.  I was so nervous because I always heard how awful they are.  So, I was terrified to leave my area and go sleep with some stranger. Ha!  But to my luck, Hermana Hosking got called to come with us.  So that was a blessing.  We had the most INCREDIBLE experiences.  We were in an area called Bear Creek.  It's so easy to just find people out there and talk.  We taught all new investigators pretty much---I think it was 4 times teaching the first lesson, the Restoration.  I taught the First Vision for the first time.  Definitely a moment I will never forget.  It was such a great day in Bear Creek.  I loved it so much!

So this week we had a Zone meeting.  On the way there Hermana Serrano was speeding and we totally got pulled over. Ha!  I'm so glad it wasn't me driving because I know I probably would have either broken down or been uncontrollably that's a bummer she needs to pay an expensive ticket.  Zone meeting was great.  I'm telling you though, I swear I have a big red arrow constantly pointing at me saying "PICK ME" because without a doubt I am called to give talks, prayers, etc.  It's great practice though.  I do enjoy it!  I was asked to speak on "finding new investigators".  I'm glad for these opportunities.

We ran out of miles this week on our vehicle.  We get 350 miles each week to use and we went over because we had to travel to Houston, zone meeting, Katy, etc.  So I got to experience the real mission life and walk, and walk, and walk.  It was only for 2 days so it wasn't too rough.  I actually really enjoyed it!  Preparing for Argentina.

This morning was probably the best day ever!  It started out with me running bleachers.  It was so hot and humid that I was drenched.  I pictured myself on a Gatorade commercial where the girls/guys are dripping sweat and drinking Gatorade.  I truly could have been and actor for that.  Anyways...we didn't have water so we ran quick to the store...bought the water and then out of pure inspiration we decided to go visit one of our English class members who works at the BBQ next door.  She said she always is there for breakfast so it was great!  We went in, wished her buenas dias, and then she offered to buy us breakfast.  Such a sweetheart.  She's not even a member.  I love people like that.  As we ate, she came back and talked to us and just expressed how she feels something different when we are with her and how she loves how we pray before and after each class.  She also said how she feels good when she is in our church (we meet in the primary for class) and just keeps on going off and how she may want to come and try it out!! AH!! Literally it was so hard for me not to scream!  We talked to her for a good 30 minutes just about what we do.  She loved it!!

It reminded me how much people look up to me and appreciate what I am doing.  Waller is not very big so a lot of people know who we are and see us often.  I need to always be an example because people see me as a representative of Christ--for I am a disciple of Christ.  The work is growing, people are becoming interested!  We have a new investigator who came to church on Sunday with another 5 children who want to be baptized.  The work is amazing!  The gospel is amazing!

The church is so true, I know it  I am so lucky to be here serving and bringing people closer to Christ.  There is a lot of work to be done here...a lot!  But, each day I strive to help somebody become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

Love you all,
Hasta Lunes

Tu Hermana,
Hermana McChesney
This picture is at an investigators house making tamales.  YUMMY!

--Shout out to Cami Simons for the wedding!  So excited for you!! :)  You looked absolutely
--Shout out to Andrea Barney for making it to Argentina!  Can't wait to get there!

This last picture is us walking...ALL DAY.  Our bags killed our shoulders so we decided to put them on our heads and be Lamanites!  Ha!  Hermana Hosking is so mad I'm sending this..she says, "I'm usually not that ugly". ha!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy 2 months to me!!!

This week we had Zone Conference.  I don't know why, but when all the missionaries would talk about going to Zone Conferences, I thought there would be 200 or so people there.  Yeah no.  I was wrong.  There were around 70 or something.  So for all of you out there who are like me, oblivious in everything, zone conference isn't full of thousands of missionaries.  Ha!  But that's not important at all...sorry.  One talk that I really loved at our conference was by President Pingree.  He is absolutely incredible.  He talked about love and how to better love your companion.  He said "love is our greatest motivation---love for God, investigators, members, companions, etc.."  That is so true!  I am out here serving a mission because I love God and I love this gospel.  And because I love God and this gospel, I want to bring it to others....and the only way to do that is through loving others as God loves them.  I know sometimes it is hard to love everyone, but if we pray for that love..."ye may be filled with this love which He hath bestowed upon all who are the followers of His son, Jesus Christ..."  Moroni 7:48
was the talk by President

So, this is something I am working on.  Learning to love like Christ loves.  I know that as I develop love and teach with love to everyone, I am building a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father.

As missionaries, I guess it is our job to make birthday cakes for every investigator's birthday.  I have been here for 3 weeks and have already made I think 4 cakes.  WOW!  I love it though.  Seeing how excited they get when we bring them a cake just brings the biggest smile to my face.  A lot of kids don't have birthday parties and don't get a whole lot.  So, they are grateful for the cake we bring.  I am happy I can bring them joy :)  It was one of our 12-yr-old investigators birthday.  She is the sweetest!  She was so excited we brought her treats.  While we were there, her mom started asking me why I decided to serve a mission and what my family thought.  It was great to reflect and bear testimony why I knew it was right for me and my whole process.

Ohhh!!  This week there was literally a lizard, yes, a lizard, in my apartment.  Here I am, sitting in my usual spot at the table studying in the scriptures, when I see this thing scurry across the kitchen floor.  I look down and don't see anything...but I knew something was I go back studying and next thing I know, under my legs goes this lizard.  AH!  I screamed and I couldn't remember what they were I scream, "'s uh...uh...uh SCORPION!"  Next thing I know, both my companions are yelling..."SCORPION?"  So here I am laughing trying to hunt this lizard down.  So we end up getting it with a cup...sadly chopped off its tail doing so (and if you didn't know, the tail still wiggles after it's been chopped off..yeah I learned that).  We then set it free outside.  I don't know if it lived.  But I think they can live without a tail...right?

We have been teaching English class.  Since when was I ever licensed to teach English..?  I don't know.  I guess because I speak it that is good enough right?  It is a miracle how many students we have!  We started with 3 and now we are up to 9!  It's so great.  We start every class with prayer and they are asking questions!  We hope something comes form it!  We also dog sat our neighbors dog these past couple days.  I am learning some great skills out here ;)

All of our investigators are doing so well.  Most of them are young, so we are working with their parents to get them to support as well so they can all come to church together.  Most of the moms are willing, but the dads are hard to get.  I am excited for all of them!  They are all so strong.  One of the girl's who is 9 volunteered to give the talk in primary next week.  These kids are young but have the strongest testimonies.  They read and pray together every night and share with me their favorite parts of the scripture stories each time we visit.  I am so blessed to have them as examples!

Well, time is ticking.  Best be on my way.
Love you all so much!!  Thanks for all the prayers and letters!  Love them all so much!

Les Quiero!

Hermana McChesney

Shout Outs:
--Shout out to Hermana Cydnee Squire for arriving home from Argentina!  YAY!  Can't believe you are already home!! Hope all is going well, and that you aren't too awkward ;)
--Both the Bird and McChesney families...hope the reunions went well.  They sounded like a blast!

Funny quotes of the week:
---"They should make a fat and furious Texas addition."
---**While passing a huge, huge cow statue after a lunch appointment**Might as well put me out there on my hands and knees.  That's how huge I feel...nobody would even notice it's not a cow"--Hermana Hosking