Monday, July 14, 2014

Teaching in Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Well, let's have a moment of silence......Argentina lost.

Let's just say the streets were a lot quieter.  But, still there were some people that went out to "celebrate".  We were locked in the pension from 4 til we went to bed just to avoid all danger.  So, we had a lot of time to plan, make food, and talk.  It was good.  Sad that Argentina lost, but I feel happy to say that I was here when they almost won ;)

This week was great.  Full of traveling..but great.  We were only in our area for a solid 2 days pretty much.  We were in San Martin and in Junin de los Andes.  It is so pretty.  I don't know what I was thinking but I have very few photos there...if any :(  What a bummer!  I don't think I will ever be back so that's sad.

While I was in San Martin,  I was lucky to work with Hermana Rayburn.  She's great!  We had an incredible lesson with an investigator named "G".  We met in the church right after our lunch, which was also held in the church.  During the lesson I instantly got really sick.  I felt my face go white.  I just thought, "No, you're in a lesson and in intercambios.  You can't just get up during a lesson."  So I prayed so hard.  I'm glad I did.  I didn't throw up and lasted the whole lesson.  I was able to stay for one of the most powerful lessons.  I was able to testify and see her cry.  I know if I would have gotten up to leave I would have never experienced this moment and neither would she.  I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer because He knew I had to be there to testify.

When it was time to leave the church, the doors were LOCKED!!  Everyone had left and locked us in the church.  We had to stay there for about an hour until our companions finished and could come and get us. :)

While I was in Junin I was happy to spend some time with Hma Lyman before she leaves home (she leaves this transfer).  She's come to be a GREAT friend.  While we were there, we ran into 2 Koreans!! YES!  They spoke English.  We ended up helping them find a restaurant to eat.  They are on a group travel to many different countries.  One said to me, "Where are you from?"  I said UTAH.   He then replied that he's going there in a month.  WHAT?!  We talked about when he's in SLC that he needs to go see the temple.  He was excited!  We showed him a picture and he was enthusiastic.  His friend then was sad because he wasn't going to SLC but to Los Angeles.  We then told him that there was a temple there, too.  He almost died!  We took pictures of them, exchanged contacts, and then one of the guys held up the picture of the temple in our pictures.  So Awesome!

We also were able to teach a girl from Brazil in Portuguese.  It was such an incredible experience.  I've come to realize that the language is not a barrier but a TOOL!  I LOVE THE MISSION!

I love being a representative of the Lord.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve.  Sad to see that it goes by way too quick.  Keep praying for my investigators...especially "J" as he is preparing for baptism :)


Let's see the work go forward and let's all be willing to do the will of the Lord and find those that truly are ready!

Best wishes this week

Hermana McChesney

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