Monday, July 7, 2014

Be Moldable!

Viaja, me pasa el mate?

You don't know how common this phrase is here.  But hey...I'm looking forward to the day when I can sit around the table, watch a soccer game, eat alfajores, and drink mate with all my fellow latin missionary friends.  HA!

But Heyy!


We definitely celebrated with a nice batch of French Toast.  I know that isn't even American.  It's not even called American Toast, but I thought it was a tradition so I made a solid breakfast for me and my companion.  She loved it! And it sounds like you all passed the 4th of July well there.  Me alegra mucho!

We had another trip to Neuquen.  It was nice and fun.  We had a collectivo that was pretty much a bed.  It was so nice.  I think they like to give us something nice on our way there so we aren't so tired in the meeting with president, but when we get sent home we get on the bus at 12:15 am and travel on the most uncomfortable seats.  HA!  I was dying of heat.  I had to throw my face on the freezing window.  Now I'm sure that was a sight to see.  Good thing it was night time.  Nobody noticed.

This week was great!  "J" CAME OT CHURCH AGAIN!! YAAAA!!  He now can be baptized.  All we need to do is finish giving him the lessons.  He's hard to get lessons with, but he's in a vacation from school so we are taking this to our advantage! :)  We are so excited to see where he goes.

I'm thinking this is my last transfer here, right?  So.....

(WOOOOOAH sorry distraction...I am here emailing, and I just got a flash back to 9th grade Spanish class..."Ave Maria cuando seras mia?".. Ja!  Yes, best song ever).

Okay, anyways...So I think it's my last transfer here.  I've really been trying to focus on what God wants me to do here!  I have been praying and asking Him what he wants me to accomplish.  I have learned a lot from this prayer and I have been able to focus my work on truly what He wants and expects from me.  It's a challenge.  But I know that this mission is not mine, it is His.  I should be doing His will each and everyday.  I've been praying and asking Him, "What do you want me to accomplish today?"  It's helped me a lot to focus.  So, I invite you all to do the same.  We should all be first concerned on what God wants us to do each day and not what we want to do.  Even if we are busy with things of the world, try and give some time to God.  Let him guide your way.

I have learned a lot this past transfer.  In specific, the PATIENCE.  I have asked myself more than 100 times, "Why was I sent to Neuquen Argentina?"  It's made me think a lot what God wants me to learn.  I still am yet to put my finger on it, but I think a lot of it has to do with the work and the patience.  I hope after the mission I can see the big picture and everything I learned.

I am coming to accept that the hard days are the best days to learn.  I heard a quote that talked about how Jesus wants to mold us..we need to let him.  In the Spanish Book of Mormon in the guide it has a definition of Humble.  It says "ser moldeable" or be moldable.  I like that a lot.  We really need to be willing to do the work and will of the Lord and nobody else.  He will mold us to be the best we can be, and it comes through the trials.  Because if there are no problems, there is no progress.

Love you all,

Hermana McChesney

P.S.  While I was in Neuquen, we stayed with Hermana Sanchez.  It was the best thing ever!  She is going to be seeing Rocio, Lucas, Angelo, Family "L", Marta, Family "P" and everyone at stake conference.  So, I made a video so she can show them! :)  I was so happy.  Miss them lots!

(When Mikayla runs short on time, she will take pictures of her journal entries.  Here is one of the experiences that she shared from her journal.)
We found a cute grandma as we were knocking doors.  She said she doesn't believe, but we stood outside in the freezing cold wind and she listened as we testified.  She told us that she has people die in her family at young ages (22 and 45).  She said, "Why would this happen if God exists?"  We barged right in with the plan of salvation.  BOOM **!!  She listened still in the freezing cold, as we testified.  We then said we knew that the families are forever.  She quickly said, "How do you know?"  She was very bold.  I liked her questions!  We again testified that we knew because we have prayed and have felt the truthfulness.  She then quickly said she doesn't know how to pray.  We testified and taught quickly of the plan and prayer.  She said, "How can Jesus do miracles if he is dead?"  And we then shared that we know He lives and was resurrected.  In the end she said she would like us to return.  We saw a change in her.  At the beginning she didn't even give us her name, but at the end she changed and wanted us to come back whenever.  She then gave us advice so we knew she felt comfortable with us :)  This experience taught me that my testimony is strong enough!  I have the answers to questions of the soul.  It was an experience I'll never forget as I learned I am capable to teach and convert.  All it takes is a testimony and confidence in what you say and teach!!  Alma 4:19

                  4th of July (Ohh the red, white, and blueeee)  Toby Keith in my head all day!

                                    The view of Bariloche (the picture doesn't do it justice)

                                       Celebrating Argentina's win!  Go Argentina!

Me with Hma Hafen in the MTC.  Cool to see this published, but what a horrible photo!!! HAHAHA!

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