Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 2

Buenas Dias familia!!

First of all thank you all so very much for all the sweet letters and packages.  I really am being taken care of here at the MTC.  So because I didn't really give you a very good description of what I am doing here at the CCM (MTC in Espanol) that is what I am going to do for the first little bit...whether you all like it or not :)  This is for you mom. Ha!

In my district I have 12 missionaries.  Apparently that is a huge district, but I don't know any other way to have it.  There is a good split of 6 sisters and 6 elders.  Sisters are on the move boys, so get those papers in!  It's incredible!!  When we arrived here we heard that it was the biggest set of missionaries to EVER go into the MTC.  So we all feel pretty cool I guess.  Our teacher's name is Hermano Haug and he is brilliant.  No at all.  So if you were curious, yes I am already fluent in Spanish.

We found out yesterday that our investigator, Carlos, is now becoming our new teacher.  WHAT?!?!  I should call him Hermano Sagers.  It was probably the most awkward thing ever.  He knew we were all horrible at Spanish, and he had been acting the whole time as our investigator.  Now how do we take him seriously??  He reassured us that he does know how to pray and that he does have faith in Jesus Christ.  It was probably the best lesson ever!  He taught us how to plan lessons which was VERY much needed.

Even though Carlos/Hermano Sagers is our new teacher we still have to teach him the discussions...even more awkward.  HA!  And just to add to all the awkwardness, our other teacher Hermano Haug is our new investigator.  Cool.  It will be great though.  Then they know exactly what we need help with and how they can better help us while they prepare their lessons.  So, can't wait to teach them both on Monday.  Teaching two investigators = preparing for two lessons.  Wow, I'm really moving up in the world.  Ha!

One thing that I love about the MTC is how many people I know here.  I ran into the Hobsons, the Lisonbees, multiple friends from High School, Ali, and I really can't wait to see Grandma and Grandpa sometime.  Also, another thing I love here is how they give you time about 4 times a week to work out.  It's incredible!  I scored big with a companion who loves to work out and run.  So that is what we do.  We run! My companion also brought little workouts from Pinterest.  SCORE!

Here's a little more info on my companion, Hermana Hafen:  She is 19 yrs old.  She rides horses in rodeos and is apparently really good.  She is very good at singing, so she always asks me to practice with her when she is practicing a part for sacrament...that is not my thing but, you know, I guess I just serve where I'm needed. Ha!

I love all the sisters in my district.  I'm reminded daily how each and every one of us is differet but we all are completely the same.  We all have a love for Christ and want to serve.  I am so lucky to have such strong Hermanas who love me for who I am even when I sing funny, dance funny, and practice different accents. :)

One thing I have learned here at the MTC is God is aware of me and my needs, and works in mysterious ways.  Little things like Sister Hobson surprising me at 9:30 at night with chocolate covered strawberries, or Sister Lisonbee finding me eating dinner.  Today I was at the temple doing sealings and while I was checking in I met Sister Nelson (Dad this is Craig Nelson's mom).  She noticed my last name and asked who my grandparents were and if they had been called to serve in the temple, and then who my dad was, and where we were living, etc.  It is just little things like this that tell me that God is aware of me and he is putting people in my life to remind me that I can do it and there are people rooting for me everywhere.  I love it!!

Well if this novel isn't long enough for you already, I just want to say congrats to Jackson, Brock and Crew for doing so awesome in their sports!  Also, Austin I am so glad you are loving Origination.  I knew you would!!  Just try and remember everything you can from your 2 weeks because when you get old like me you won't remember it write as much down as you can.  Record it all!!

That is officially all :)  Chao mi familia.

Hermana McChesney

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