Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 3

 Como esta??

Can you believe I'm already going into my 3rd week? What!!  It has flown by.  And once again, I can now relate to days feeling like weeks and weeks feeling like days.  It's such a weird feeling.  It's an ongoing joke here at the MTC how long each day is.

This week was incredible!  I am finally feeling like I am getting the hang of it all.  Starting on Monday my district will be the oldest district for a good 3 whole weeks.  I can't believe it!  Now everybody is going to be coming up to us asking how to say word and phrases...I don't know if I am prepared for that.  Ha!  Just kidding, I really am picking up the language quite well.

Hermana Hafen and I have been teaching Ian and Carlos about twice each week (so about 4 lessons).  I still get so nervous each time before we go to teach them.  And mom to answer your question, I knew Carlos wasn't a real investigator, but I didn't know he would be my legit teacher.  That's where things got way awkward. HA!  It's great though because now he can teach us exactly what we need to learn and improve on.  Both of my maestro's are incredible.  They know when to be serious and when to joke a little.  They always seem to tie it back to the gospel though which is great.

Yesterday we did a TRC (teach a member the basic doctrine of the gospel) for the first time.  We taught a sweet 23 yr old lady from Spain.  We taught her about Enduring to the End.  While looking into her eyes, I bore my testimony to her in Spanish and told her that God loved her.  She then began to cry.  It made me so happy inside to know that I could touch somebody like her.  As I spoke to her in broken Spanish, she felt the spirit.  I can honestly say I do not remember what I said, but somehow I was prompted to say something specifically for her.

Both Hermana Hafen and I are progressing great.  We are still getting along well, we still work out together, we still pretty much eat the same foods at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  So, we are doing great!

Each day we have time to work out which is AMAZING.  Yesterday we decided to go easy on the workout and play a little volleyball...who knew volleyball could be so much fun?  I knew I went hard when I woke up with bruises all over my arms.  I feel a little embarrassed.

Sunday is the huge broadcast.  I can't even believe I get to sing in the choir for the prophet, first presidency, and all the apostles!  It's a dream.  I got here at the perfect time.  The week after I came they are barely letting anyone into the choir.  There are 1600 of us right now.  Yes, you heard right, and there would be more if allowed.  Also, the President Monson will be here at the MTC for 4 days!  They gave us strict rules to not approach him, ask for pictures, or anything of that sort.  I feel so privileged.

SHOUTOUTS: (Yes, Cydnee Squire inspired me)

-Shout out to Lauren Eastman for writing me 5 letters this week!  Holla!! :)
-Shout out to the Mission Prep class.  The Squires are preparing you!  Remember that!  Learn all you can from them and READ/STUDY PREACH MY GOSPEL.
- Shout out to Jackson for getting my iphone fixed and working.  I knew you could do it!  Don't let it ruin your life though...those phones are so useless ;)
- Shout out to Shawn and Erika Speirs for the surprise package.  Totally made my whole week!
-Super Shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Bird for coming by to see me on Wednesday!!  I would be lying if I said nobody was jealous I got to see my grandparents.
-And last Shout out goes to my mom and dad.  Happy Anniversary!!  Sorry I missed sending you a letter.

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