Saturday, June 8, 2013

I arrived at the MTC!

Hello my dearest familia!!  I was informed that today we have a P-Day.  Two thumbs up and a lot of screams.  But just because it's P-day does not mean I can sleep in and lounge around all day.  Today I got up at 6:00am (yes, it is possible), got ready, at sack breakfast, and now i am sitting on a computer in the laundry room waiting for my laundry to be done.  It's quite the zoo.  You have to get to the laundry room about 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time and camp out for a machine.  First come first serve, and the elders don't believe in chivalry (did I spell that right?...whatever) and giving up their machines. HA!  I'm kidding.  The Elders are all fantastic, and so so so kind!

Since this is the first time talking since the drop off, let me tell you all about it.  As you dropped me off, I was escorted by the sweetest sister heading to Tokyo Japan.  She was so nice.  She left me for a while as I walked down a lonely hall, alone, to get my name tag.  That was probably the scariest thing.  Image getting dropped off in a place you have never been before, have no sense of direction, and then your escort is like "okay just go down that hall and you'll find your way".....WHAT?  Ha!  Just kidding.  I am a lot smarter than you all think I am.  I found my way because there were huge signs leading me.  All is well.  Once I got my name tag it was so real.  I am a missionary.  I represent Jesus Christ.  He is with me wherever I go, always.  Wow!  I then met a Sister who knows uncle Brent.  That was nice.  After I walked through this maze getting all my "stuff" I finally met back up with my escort miraculously.  As she was walking to my room we passed Hermana Hafen, a sister who was also going to my mission.  We waved and then she said "Hey, I think you are my companion"AH!  I was so excited!!! but anyways, my escort walked me to my room which is in one of the nicest buildings! (another two thumbs up and a lot of screams).  I picked the bottom bunk, obviously.  Anyways, we dropped off all my things and then I went to the bookstore to get all my books.  And when I say all my books, I mean ALL MY BOOKS! Holy Cow!  There are literally 22 pounds of books I carry around.  Nobody knows how I am going to make that work when I leave the MTC and have to fly.....shoooot.
We then went to our classroom and I met my companion which was sure enough Hermana Hafen.  Could not be more excited.  She is adorable and we get along so well.  When we teach and talk we are totally on the same page and have many of the same goals.  Iss da best (said in Nacho voice). Everything is amazing!

That first night was the hardest to sleep...imagine going to bed around 12:00-12:30 every night and then trying to sleep at 10:30.  Not possible.  We all had troubles sleeping.  But waking up hasn't been too bad.  I think when you have a reason to get up early you do.  Dedication to the Lord from the time I wake to the time my pillow hits the bed.

This email might be really boring...I'm sorry. It's a lot of describing my first day.  So if you want to skip around I totally understand.  But yesterday we taught an investigator for the first SPANISH.  It was hilarious.  Hermana Hafen and I both know very little Spanish, but somehow we were able to communicate with this investigator.  Okay, actually, I take that back.  He stared at us like we were aliens and were speaking some Martian language. But it was definitely a learning experience.  We now know how hard communicating is and we need to strive to speak Spanish ALL DAY LONG.

Well, other than that I have been in class learning, meeting the branch presidency (who are amazing and brilliant) and then preparing for lessons.  It truly has been such a great experience and I would not want to be anywhere else.  I mean that.  I love the MTC, everybody is so friendly and so welcoming.  The first day I got attack hugged by 3 sisters.  If that's not love I don't know what is.

Well, this is about all I have to say today :)  Once I am on a more structured schedule I will have more to write.  That comes Monday.  Be excited.  My P-days, I believe, are always on Friday.  Best wishes to you all.  Love you and miss you!

Hermana McChesney

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