Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013

This week was amazing!  I can't believe how fast it has flown by.  Each day is a blur.  I don't even remember what I had for breakfast today and that was only about 2 hours ago.  Ha!  I could probably guess because I have the same thing almost every morning.  Wheat bagel and fruit.  Yum.  Ha!  

This week we had the missionary broadcast.  I sang in the choir which was an amazing opportunity!  The word around the MTC was "I think they are going to give girls the option to serve for 2 years."  I thought in my head, "If they change the length of a mission my mom is going to have a heart attack!"  But I think it was a great broadcast showing how important it is for members to be involved.  So all of you out there reading this GET INVOLVED.  The missionaries need your help.  Even if you are in good ol' Utah county we all know somebody who is inactive or not a member .  Make it a goal to invite them to an activity or bring them brownies or something (I'm convinced brownies will convert anyone.)  Also, one line that really stood out to me was, "Have faith to accept and to do".  I can't remember who said it but I thought it was a fantastic line and speaks to us all, no matter our age or circumstance. 

The Lord is hastening the work!  Watching all the new missionaries come in is just one way I notice it! It's incredible how many of us have the same desire to serve the Lord.  We all come from different backgrounds, different countries, families, etc..but we all still have the same desire and that is what brings us all together.  I was lucky to see Brynn Lindsley, Austin, and a couple other friends there.  It truly made my day!

I absolutely DIED when I saw Janie Squire at TRC.  What a blessing!  My companion and I were able to teach her about Faith.  It was a great experience.  My Spanish was rough, but it's all practice!  I loved it!!

So guess what?  Hermana Hafen and I got a letter in the mail saying we had been chosen to be the "How to Begin Teaching" missionaries.  I'll explain.  The second day here, the new missionaries go room to room watching missionaries begin teaching an investigator.  These missionaries start the lesson, get to know the investigator, etc, and then they leave it to the class to finish.  Yesterday we got mail that we have been chosen to be that example companionship.  I was dying, and Hermana Hafen was jumping around the room.  I don't know why I get so nervous to be in front of people..but it's going to be amazing.  I am finally excited!!  Whoever chose us is so sweet.  Luckily we are teaching in English...well I hope we are!  That will take place this Wednesday so I will write about it next Friday.

Finally, this week Janice Kapp Perry (yes THE Janice Kapp Perry) came and spoke to us for a fireside. It was absolutely amazing!  We sang primary songs and it made me think how meaningful those songs she wrote really are.  Before the devotional ended she wanted to sing the "EFY Medley" with the new lyrics for the sisters.  The sisters started, then the elders came in and one elder thing I know all the elders in the whole Marriott Center stood singing Army of Helaman (instant tears of course).  Then the sisters came back in and we all stood.  The leaders began to stand and next thing I know we are all standing and singing.  Amazing!!  It all started with that one elder.  That one elder is just one voice, but that one voice can still be heard.  It's like the ripple effect---we as missionaries can be an example and start a chain reaction.  I want to be that one voice.  That was probably the highlight of the week. 

I love this gospel!  Each day I am becoming better and better.  I have seen a change in myself and in the missionaries around me.  I love it!!

Shout outs:
- Shout out to Stephanie Mersman for writing me solid every week while in the MTC (that's my cat).
-Shout out to Ali Hemming for making it to Poland....Miss seeing you around.
-Shout out to the Hidden Oakettes.  Wish I could be there to see your parade march on the 4th.

P-day means cleaning day.  Now, this looks more like the Mikayla we know.

I have no idea what this is, but it sure is cute!  Love seeing the creativity of Missionaries!

The candy stash!   Mikayla's quote "PLEASE DON'T SEND ME ANY FOOD!!  The dresser top is full of sweets."

 Mikayla with Sis. Janie Squire (her mission prep teacher and dear ward friend).

Lauren Eastman and Stephanie Mersman just "happened" to be doing baptisms at the Provo temple today ( I wonder how many hours they waited).  Sure and behold, they ran into Mikayla.  I'm sure Mikayla's P-day was completely joyous!  P.S. They said that Hermana Hafen was a total delight!

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