Monday, July 22, 2013

Howdy y'all

Well everybody,

I have officially made it to the campo.  I can't even believe I am here in Texas, like what?  So, to give you a little update about my adventure.  Yes, I realize my Spanish is not nearly where it needs to at all.  For example, at the airport a man overheard me say that I "speak Spanish" and then he goes off asking me questions and I literally just sat there and signaled for help.  Yeah...It doesn't get any better.  I'll update you on my first lesson in a few.  So at the transfers it felt like Hunger Games. President Pingree calls up a trainer and then later calls up his/her trainee as we all sit in anticipation.  Now picture this...everybody but Malmrose (my travel buddy) and me have been called up, so there are 2 companionship's left.  We shake hands and the whole "may the odds be ever in your favor" type thing.  Sure enough she gets called and I am the awkward hermana sitting there.  Why does this always happen to me? HA!

I walked up with my 2 new companions and didn't get the whole anticipation thing.  But it was still fantastic!  I am in a trio, with 2 hermanas named Hermana Serrano and Hermana Hosking.  They are both from California and super super sweet.  Hermana Serrano's native language is Spanish so that has been a big help.  We drive a Jeep and are in the country!  You know I love the country so I feel right at home.  I am in a city called Waller.  It is full of cows, and corn stalk things, and just a lot of land.  I really love it though!

So, back to my first lesson.  For the first lesson we showed the Restoration video.  After they were all talking about it, in Spanish obviously, and I caught maybe 20 percent.  But you will all be so proud of me...first lesson..I invited the family to be baptized!!  Yeah!  They all said they would but they need to approve it with their dad (they were young).  So we are hoping for a yes!

This family comes to church every week and they love attending all of the meetings.  Yesterday was my first day in church.  The little 8 year old girl came and sat by me.  We were singing the hymns and she shares the book with me and I help her sing along.  She sang with so much heart!  She kept on looking up at me and smiling.  Such a sweetheart!  I couldn't help but tear up as she was so dedicated to be there in church and to learn.

Waller is a fairly new area with not a whole lot of members (branch of 30).  So it is my job to find the lost sheep.

I was reading in my personal study today and I read a scripture, I believe it's D&C 1:29 and it said God calls his weak to preach to the nations (something like that).  I looked at the footnote for the word "weak" and is said "STRONG".  If we humble ourselves our weak things will be made strong.  That is one thing I am working up my weaknesses to the Lord.

I has been an amazing week.  I love it here.  Miss my MTC family, but wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here in Texas where the stop signs are horizontal and the people aren't exactly what I thought they would look like from all the western movies.  HA!  I love it here!

Hope everyone is doing so well back home.  I will share more stories about investigators later...but just know that I love them all and they love me, too.  Even though they keep on saying, "Oh, you have a new missionary...Where is Hermana Auton?" ...and "Are you sad to have a new companion??"  I should probably walk into every new house and say, "Hi, I am Hermana McChesney, yes I am new, yes my companions miss Hermana Auton, I am from Utah, and I don't really speak Spanish."  HA!

The Lord has performed miracles for me this week, real miracles.  I know without His help I would not be where I am today.  I love this gospel and I love the work.  I encourage you all to be a member missionary.  The missionaries need your help!


--Shout out to Austin for going through the temple this week.  Love you buddy!  Have the best day ever!
--Shout out to everybody and their grandma who got engaged this week!  Congrats to all my friends.  I couldn't be more excited for you!
--Shout out to Zach Mortensen for heading into the MTC next week.  Best wishes buddy!

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