Saturday, July 13, 2013


Familia, la diversion a llegado (THE FUN HAS ARRIVED)

I have officially been reassigned!!  Can you believe it?  2 missions para mi, es muy raro! Pero, guess where I am going?

Headed to HOUSTON TEXAS!! AH!!  Dad, I'm headed to your neck of the woods.  I could not be more excited!  It is such a great opportunity for me.  I truly am so excited!  To be honest, I am scared to go out into the "real world" and teach "real people" in "real Spanish" but I am ready to get out there. :)  I head out the 17 of July, so on Miercoles (Wed).  I leave at 3:30 am...yes, you heard right..3:30 am.  Going to be a zombie that's for sure.  Who knows how long I will be there, hopefully as long as they need me, but I am excited to get to Argentina nonetheless.  There is only me and 1 other girl traveling the same time.  Her name is Hermana Rebecca Malmrose.  She is the Hermana also going to Neuquen and she knows Bruce Bird!  How exciting!! We are going to get along just great...I mean, we are going to have to figure our way around airports, so I am sure after this experience we are going to be best buddies.  Ha!! I fly from Salt Lake to Phoenix, have an hour lay over, then fly from Phoenix to Houston.  I will arrive there at 1:42, so just enough time for me to probably tract that night.  AH!

I will probably have time to call you that morning.   I don't know what time.  It will probably be super maybe I just won't call you.  HA!  UN CHISTE!  I am sure I can send you an email or call you or something (I don't know the rules on that yet) but if not, be expecting a call early Wednesday morning!  Can't wait!  You all better be there so I can talk to you all.  Be excited!

All of us Hermanas opened our reassignments today.  Hermana Hafen and Hermana Stanley are headed to Anaheim, CA, then Hermana Albright is headed to Richmond, VA.  How exciting huh?!  Poor Hermana Albright is the only one on her flight.  I know she can do it though! :)

Well, I guess that is it.  Write me or something to tell me your reaction!!

Love you all and could not be more excited to go serve in Texas :)

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