Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

This week flew by!  I think this week was probably one of my favorites thus far in the mission.  To begin, on Monday, Hermana Hafen and I were studying in the classroom alone when we saw this man and lady walk by with this HUGE camera (yes, bigger than dad's camera, ha!)  We peek out the door to see what they were doing.  The next thing we know they are asking to take a picture of us.  So clearly, we said "Yes".  They said they wouldn't use it unless they got our we thought that was all.  2 hours later they come back and say, "We would like you to be in a photoshoot for the church."  WHAT?!?!  Yeah.  My thoughts exactly.  Photoshoot?  In the MTC?  Stunned.  They went off to say we needed to bring 3 outfits, got all of our shoe, shirt, and skirt sizes (just in case) and then said, "okay we will see you in the morning at 8"...Trying so hard not to laugh.  The next morning we got up and headed to the "photoshoot" (I don't know what else to call it).  We get there, they coordinate our outfits, they do our makeup, everything.  It was so fun!  We were acting out a scene on the street with fake investigators as we were giving them a pass along card, showing them a video on an Ipad, and scheduling an appointment on the iphone.  It's for the new technology training I we may be the faces for some of the training.  Look out for us! :)

The following day was the day we did the "How to Begin Training".  Out of the whole MTC, only 8 companionships were chosen and one was Hermana Hafen and myself.  How incredible is that?  We have been so blessed!  Thank you for all the prayers and fasting.  We needed them!  We taught twice in front of a crowd of new missionaries.  It went SO WELL.  I loved being able to talk and teach in English.  It was such a blessing.  It gave us hope that maybe we can do it out in Spanish, too.

We had some fantastic devotionals this week.  We learned a lot about how we need to be ourselves and not anybody else.  For example, if God chose me to be a 5 and my companion to be an 8 (the 8 is not better than the 5 just different roles).  God wants me to be the best 5 I can be.  Even if I want to be an 8, that is not by role here on earth.  I have been chosen to be a 5 and I am going to be the best 5 I can be.  It also goes along with not comparing our abilities to others.  That is one thing that has been hard.  Watching people progress faster, or learn more quickly, is frustrating.  But I've learned that I am comparing my weaknesses to their strengths.  God gave me so many strengths and I need to be thankful for them each day.

Ooo ooo oooh!  I forgot to say that on Wednesday I was able to Host the new missionaries!  Yay!  I was able to host a cute girl from California and another from St. George.  I was so happy!  I loved wearing that "HOST" sticker around and feeling like I knew exactly what I was doing (when clearly, I really don't).

One more thing.  How can I forget the Fourth of July?!  It was amazing. We were able to watch 17 Miracles and then after watch the Stadium of Fire Fireworks!  Unreal!  I felt like a little child who has never seen them before.  I literally was screaming and making childish noises when each firework was lit.  Wow.  Sad huh?  The weeping willow ones will forever be my favorite..beautiful!  We decorated our whole classroom with the stuff you and Austin sent in my package.  Thanks a ton!  It was fantastic!  Still holds my favorite holiday spot, I think.

Love you all.   Can't wait to hear from you next week :)

Hermana McChesney


--Shoutout to the Barrett family and Jean Smith for sending me the sweetest packages/letter ever!  Love you all so much!
--Shoutout to Kristie Harker for her missionary story she sent me.  I have shared it with so many people in my district!
--Shout out to Camille and Weston Fisher on their marriage!  YAY!!

 Mikayla and Hermana Hafen in the TALL room practicing their Spanish.

 Mikayla with her high school friend Ally Modersitzki.

Happy Fourth of July!  It looks like this district has a lot of personality.

Mikayla and Hermana Hafen "Hosting" for the first time.

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