Monday, August 12, 2013

Homemade Tamales!

Hello everybody!!  Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, packages, food, EVERYTHING.  I loved it all!  it is such a wonderful feeling to get a package in the mail. :)  Plus, all the pictures you emailed me were definitely highlights to my day.

I'm glad that everybody enjoyed the family reunion.  I miss those.  I remember that powerful testimony meeting with the McChesney family, and then with the Bird Family, I can't help but laugh at thinking how childish we grandkids were at playing "hide-n-seek" throughout the whole resort.  Oh the memories!

This week was fantastic.  After I emailed you, I went and totally bought 3 shirts at Good Will (aka D.I.).  I know, that sounds so not cool at all, but it brought me back to home and I loved it! :)  I bought another Taylor Swift shirt (oops...couldn't help it), and a shirt that says "On a Mission" (thought it was hilarious), then another that was a Houston Baseball type shirt.  Hey it was all only $6...why not, right?

So, that's not why the week was fantastic...This week I went on exchanges for the first time.  I was so nervous because I always heard how awful they are.  So, I was terrified to leave my area and go sleep with some stranger. Ha!  But to my luck, Hermana Hosking got called to come with us.  So that was a blessing.  We had the most INCREDIBLE experiences.  We were in an area called Bear Creek.  It's so easy to just find people out there and talk.  We taught all new investigators pretty much---I think it was 4 times teaching the first lesson, the Restoration.  I taught the First Vision for the first time.  Definitely a moment I will never forget.  It was such a great day in Bear Creek.  I loved it so much!

So this week we had a Zone meeting.  On the way there Hermana Serrano was speeding and we totally got pulled over. Ha!  I'm so glad it wasn't me driving because I know I probably would have either broken down or been uncontrollably that's a bummer she needs to pay an expensive ticket.  Zone meeting was great.  I'm telling you though, I swear I have a big red arrow constantly pointing at me saying "PICK ME" because without a doubt I am called to give talks, prayers, etc.  It's great practice though.  I do enjoy it!  I was asked to speak on "finding new investigators".  I'm glad for these opportunities.

We ran out of miles this week on our vehicle.  We get 350 miles each week to use and we went over because we had to travel to Houston, zone meeting, Katy, etc.  So I got to experience the real mission life and walk, and walk, and walk.  It was only for 2 days so it wasn't too rough.  I actually really enjoyed it!  Preparing for Argentina.

This morning was probably the best day ever!  It started out with me running bleachers.  It was so hot and humid that I was drenched.  I pictured myself on a Gatorade commercial where the girls/guys are dripping sweat and drinking Gatorade.  I truly could have been and actor for that.  Anyways...we didn't have water so we ran quick to the store...bought the water and then out of pure inspiration we decided to go visit one of our English class members who works at the BBQ next door.  She said she always is there for breakfast so it was great!  We went in, wished her buenas dias, and then she offered to buy us breakfast.  Such a sweetheart.  She's not even a member.  I love people like that.  As we ate, she came back and talked to us and just expressed how she feels something different when we are with her and how she loves how we pray before and after each class.  She also said how she feels good when she is in our church (we meet in the primary for class) and just keeps on going off and how she may want to come and try it out!! AH!! Literally it was so hard for me not to scream!  We talked to her for a good 30 minutes just about what we do.  She loved it!!

It reminded me how much people look up to me and appreciate what I am doing.  Waller is not very big so a lot of people know who we are and see us often.  I need to always be an example because people see me as a representative of Christ--for I am a disciple of Christ.  The work is growing, people are becoming interested!  We have a new investigator who came to church on Sunday with another 5 children who want to be baptized.  The work is amazing!  The gospel is amazing!

The church is so true, I know it  I am so lucky to be here serving and bringing people closer to Christ.  There is a lot of work to be done here...a lot!  But, each day I strive to help somebody become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

Love you all,
Hasta Lunes

Tu Hermana,
Hermana McChesney
This picture is at an investigators house making tamales.  YUMMY!

--Shout out to Cami Simons for the wedding!  So excited for you!! :)  You looked absolutely
--Shout out to Andrea Barney for making it to Argentina!  Can't wait to get there!

This last picture is us walking...ALL DAY.  Our bags killed our shoulders so we decided to put them on our heads and be Lamanites!  Ha!  Hermana Hosking is so mad I'm sending this..she says, "I'm usually not that ugly". ha!!

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