Monday, August 19, 2013

I don't want the Elders, I want the Sisters

Buenas Tarde!

Hello everybody.  Is it just me or are these weeks just flying?  C'mon, it can't just be me. Ha!  First of all, I want to thank both Aunt Erika and Crew for their sweet letters to me!  I opened Erika's last week and Crew's today.  I loved how Aunt Erika wrote "Sis McC"...such a rapper name ;)  Love my family!

So this week, well, it's hard to remember everything that happened, but I will try my very best.  This week we had Noche de Hogar with an investigator who is going to be getting baptized.  He is the Elder's investigator, so we are so happy for them.  We went over and had a big dinner and then shared a spiritual thought with him, his sister (who is a member) and their mom.We have these new service missionaries in our ward so we have been planning and doing a lot more with the members, doing Noche de Hogar.  They also have been coming out with us a lot to visit investigators.  I love days with them because they only speak Spanish!  It's a challenge, but I miss challenges like that!

This Thursday was our temple day.  That morning we were out at the track.  I obviously was running a marathon because I was so pumped..and then it started to POUR!  Literally droplets the size of golf balls.  I loved it!  They always talked about how Texas poured, but I never saw it.  So, it was so fun to run and be in the rain for the first part of the morning.  We left to the temple and Wow, I just want to say the Temple is so amazing and so inspiring.  I want to invite you all to go who haven't gone in a while.  The new video...everything...WOW!  One thing that I learned from going to the temple is that even with a new video the words are exactly the same.  But how much more revelation you can learn.  It reminds me of the scripture and the gospel.  Each time we read the scriptures something different stands out each time, even if we have read that verse/chapter multiple times.  In church we go through the same lessons and teachings, because we do need to be reminded and things will stick out to us at different times of our lives to help us grow and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I loved the temple this week.  I missed that feeling and I loved receiving all new revelation.

Quick story:  We have a girl who wants to be BAPTIZED!! :)  YAYAYAY!  We are shooting for the first Saturday in September.  So excited.

Another quick story:  A bunch of people from my mission here just left to Argentina..maybe I'm next.  AH!

I went to the temple again on Saturday.  After the temple we all went to lunch.  As we were leaving and almost to the car, a lady came running out and said, "I have somebody that wants to talk to you sisters."... So we got pumped and walked back inside.  We started talking with 2 men and that same lady.  As we began talking we came to find out that both the man and the lady were members, but the other man was not.  Hermana Serrano stepped away and talked with the lady, as Hermana Hosking and I talked with the 2 men.  Long story short, we ended up teaching a lot of quick principles about what we do and our church.  We got the man's information and he wants the missionaries over :)  YAY!!  But...he said, "I don't want the elders, I want the sisters."  Ummm...yeah we ended the conversation there and told him that the Elders were more likely to visit him.  Raro! Ha!  It was hilarious though!  With that opportunity I want to say I am so grateful for people who act on the promptings of the spirit.  We, as missionaries, cannot talk to everyone everywhere we go, so having that man feel the need to talk to us was incredible.  And, who knows, his friend could now benefit because of the courage he had!

That Saturday night we had a baptism for a girl in our ward.  It was so beautiful and so great to have all the support of members, less actives, recent converts, investigators, etc!  I love baptisms.  There were probably 40 people there.

Thank you for all the prayers.  I can feel them all the way over here in Waller, TX.  Truly.  I'm so proud of all my little brothers and their accomplishments!  And mom and dad, you have raised a wonderful family.  I am reminded of that daily while I am out here.  Thank you for all your hard work.

This gospel can bring so many people happiness, I know it and I have seen it work here in Texas.  Even though things are slow here, I am learning each and every day and can testify that this gospel brings happiness to everyone, no matter the circumstances.  Love you all and be happy :)

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to Austin.  Good luck on your farewell buddy, I know you will kill it!
Shout out to Mikail Burningham.  I heard you gave an incredible talk on Sunday.  Ohio needs you!

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