Monday, August 26, 2013

I am a missionary. Wow

Sorry in advance for how short this email is going to be.  We were out with a recent convert all day shopping and just got back and don't have much time.  But, one thing first, these people out here treat me so well.  I think to myself, "How can I repay them..?"  They buy me groceries, they feed me, they offer to do my laundry, etc.  Then I think to myself.  They keep on telling me that they are so grateful for the missionaries that are bringing them this knowledge, this salvation.  I just need to keep reminding myself.  I am a missionary.  Wow!

This week was great.  I just want to share a couple stories and things that happened.

We have been going over to visit with a lady named "N".   She has been taught ALL the lessons before.  We decided to go try again with her.  She said that she loves when we come over and wants to be taught more.  So we have been going to teach her.  She has a hard time believing in latter-day prophets (that was a good thing to figure out) so we left her with a testimony and told her that we would bring the church magazine, Liahona, over for her to read.  We saw her and she didn't have much time, so we dropped off the magazine and told her how it will bless her family and how there are Apostles who give talks each month.  Just the other day we went back and she totally read the Liahona! :)  AH!  She loved the talk by Elder Uchtdorf on walking in circles..and then out of nowhere while talking about this wonderful talk, she said, "I want to go to church."  Okay, hold up.  I was thinking "there is no way I heard that right".  But sure enough she does.  She needs a ride, but we told her we could do it.  She is so excited!  She is progressing and we are so excited!  We see great things with her.  Such a miracle!

Another girl named "D" wants to be baptized.  She is a very smart girl.  She reads her scriptures every day and understands it.  She also prays daily.  We know she is young but she is going to be such a blessing in this church and will change lives.  She wants to go on a mission and wow.  She just amazes me.   It makes me think how God is preparing the children of the earth.  He has a plan.  They are so sensitive to the spirit.  We are going to kneel with her in prayer this Wednesday to pray if this is the right thing for her to do and set a legit date.  Hoping all goes well :)

Ha, funny story.  So one of our investigators called us over because she wanted us to braid her and her children's hair.  Yeah what?  How many sisters do I have? None.  Clearly I do not know how to corn row (or whatever it is called) peoples hair! HA!  So we let Hermana Hosking try.  So funny.

Do you want to know an even funnier story?  We were convinced that we all had lice this week.  This is no joke.  2 of the families we visit had lice, and we had all these little kids on the couch next to us climbing all over us, painting our nails, playing with our hair.  Wow.  Then the mom just casually says, "they have lice"....obviously I had no idea what the word "lice" was in Spanish, so I just smile and say "si" (like every other situation).  So after leaving their house, Hermana Serannno told us what she was saying and we were all freaking out and putting our clothes in bags.  We went to a members home and she checked us.  Safe to say that todo esta bien!

Hmmm, que mas?  This week truly was good.  Transfers are this Thursday, so pray for me and my companions.  Who knows what is going to happen.  I am thinking that I will be heading out to Argentina this next transfer, but who knows.  A lot of people left today for Argentina!  It's exciting!

Anyways..sorry this is short.  I just wanted to say that I love you all.  I am so proud of each and every one of you.  Thank you for all the letters and especially you mom and dad for the detailed emails you send weekly.  They make everything all worth it.  Hope all is well in the home.  Best wishes to Jackson with the MRI, Austin with final mission preparations, Brock and Crew with school, and mom and dad with just trying to stay sane ;)

Love you all,

Hermana McChesney

--Shout out to Austin for giving a killer farewell talk.  I knew you would do amazing!  I hope you liked the picture I sent you.  Reminded me a lot of you!
--Shout out to Garrett Fotu for arriving home from the mission.  Thanks for your wonderful example and for supporting Austin at his farewell.
--Shout out to Cami Fox for sending me a sweet package!!  Loved the pics from Africa.  Looked incredible.
--Shout out to Rori Hemming for the letter I opened today.  Loved that last sentence (if you can remember what you said...hahahahaha)

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