Monday, October 7, 2013

To Argentina and BEYOND!

Well friends and family, it's true.  I am heading to Argentina.  I don't know how everybody and their dog found out (mom, I'm guessing this is your doing, ha)...but it's true.  I leave Wednesday at 4:45, I believe.  I never thought I would feel so...well, I am short of words to describe my feelings.  I have really learned to love the people here in Waller, Texas.  More than I ever thought I would.  So before I start sobbing here at the library, let me tell you about my week.

This week was amazing!  Our numbers don't show it, but that is one thing I have learned.  It's not all about the numbers.  We had a solid week!!

So, this Wednesday we were up in an area called Hempstead.  We were having a solid day celebrating investigators birthdays and then teaching some great lessons.  In one of the lessons the question was asked, "Isn't one of you supposed to go to Argentina?"  I then responded saying, Yeah ti's me.  I don't know if I will be leaving in a week or a month, it's all a surprise to me."  We taught a great lesson and the spirit was so strong as we taught about prophets and how we have a living prophet today.  Our spanish flowed and it was just beautiful :)

We finished the lesson and as I was backing out Hermana Hosking from their house,  I opened the phone and had a text from President Pingree.  It said that Hermana Malmrose and I had received our visas and would be leaving the 8 of October.  Before I could even finish the text I screamed and jumped and probably did everything against mission rules (aka white handbook says no dancing in public, and I didn't finish backing out Hermana) thing I know the member was like "what happened"?  I then proceeded to tell him out the window that I was going to Argentina.  After I realized what was going on, I then felt so sad.  This is hard.  Hard to leave the people I love.

The next day we had English class.  I sent out a text saying I hoped they could all make it so I could say my goodbyes.  We showed up a little early and 2 students had come and brought me gifts.  Seriously.  These people are too sweet to me.  Then we had class and everyone was asking me questions about why I was leaving and it was nice I was able to explain a little more of what I do as a missionary.  As class was ending, the same 2 students who got me the gift but "couldn't stay", came walking in with cake and soda.  Yes, it's true.  They threw me a going away party.  I couldn't even handle how sweet it was.

Just when you think that you aren't changing peoples lives or feel like you could be doing so much more, things like this happen.  I realize that maybe my numbers aren't the highest.  Maybe I am not baptizing all of Waller, but the relationships I have with the people I do teach and come in contact with are life changing.  I truly will love them forever!

So, this week was Conference, right? How incredible was Conference?  Aw, I love it.  It was nice to have them broadcast it for us in English.  And guess what...4 ENGLISH CLASS MEMBERS CAME TO CONFERENCE! AH!  My heart it cried a little inside.  These students have so much respect and trust in us.  They loved conference :)  I decided to watch the final session in Spanish with 2 students.  As it was over, the boy told me "I drew this picture (showing me a picture of Christ) so I could remember how I feel and how grateful I am for a teacher like you who taught me about Christ and English."  Okay.  I can't even handle how much I love these people.

After we were done cleaning up and taking pictures with all the branch and me.  A member said to me, "I have a song that will make you cry"...okay.  He then gathered 6 members and they sang Hasta Ver (God Be With You Til We Meet Again).  Yep, it's true.  I cried.  I guess I never realized how much love I had for them until you are forced to leave.

Overall, I love this area!  I am going to miss it so much.  So much.  The members, the investigators, the cows.  Everything.  I know I was supposed to serve here for a reason.

On the not so heart wrenching news....I CAUGHT A MOUSE.  Repeat, I caught a mouse!  No, they clearly weren't dead.  Oops.

I saw the mouse
I screamed
I called for Hermana Hosking
I made her get a bowl (so I could watch it of course)
She attempted to catch it
She missed multiple times
We are screaming this whole time
I finally take the bowl
I catch the mouse.
They don't call me Katniss for nothing ;)

HA!  It was wonderful

So, overall this week was amazing.  We had some great lessons, some amazing miracles, and even a lady who dropped us called us and asked if we would come back and teach her and her sister.  KACHOW!  Solid week.  The Lord's hand truly is in all things and it is all about timing.

 Please pray for my castellano.   I love you all!

Hermana McChesney

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