Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello World. How you been?

Thanks to all who take time to write me and tell me what is going on in life.  Keep doing what you're doing.

This week I like to call MIRACLE WEEK.
After a rough first week and after all of us trying to adjust to things, we finally had some success.  We had Almuerzo con un converso recente.  As we shared the spiritual message with the converso recente, her sister, and mom, we were inspired to share something different then we had planned.  We talked about faith, repentance, baptism, and just the gospel.  They loved it!  As we finished up and said goodbye, the sister brought us chocolate and said, "come by whenever, you're always welcome."  Then the mom said, "if you ever need lunch call me and we will feed you. "  The mom followed us out and asked if we could teach her the lessons.  She has seen a change in her daughters life and has been praying and reading a lot about the church.  Wow!  This just shows that God has prepared people.

After, we tried to do some contacting.  Nothing worked.  So, we were going to visit an old investigator, but then I had the feeling to visit another less active girl.  We had tried to see her previous times, but we decided to try again.  Sure enough we got in!  She is my age and so it was so nice talking to her.  We talked and read some scriptures.  She had a friend with her and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon.  She of the girls opened up a lot to us and we were able to answer their questions and comfort them with the teachings of the gospel.   We knelt down and prayed together and the spirit was so strong while this girl prayed.  It was incredible!  They said they were going to read the Book of Mormon and go to church.  AH!  I've learned that the spirit can talk to us just by putting a thought into our heads.  It is such a blessing to know that the spirit speaks to me and my companions.

We had zone meetings this week in Esquel.  It's about 2.5 hours on the collectivo (bus) from here.  It's beautiful!  We stayed the night there and spent most of Saturday there.  I bore my testimony in Zone Conference and it was the first time I can truly say that the whole time I was lead by the spirit and spoke how I felt and not the routine testimony.  Obviously I have a testimony, but in Spanish you kind of get into a routine of things you know how to say...but this time I spoke and said things I have never said before.  It was incredible!  I felt on top of the world :)

I am so lucky to be here!!

We had a few other miracles that I can't go into right now, but just know that I know that this church is true.  I am so lucky to be serving the Lord in this time of the world.  I couldn't ask for anything more!  Keep reading your scriptures and praying together as a family.  You are all always in my prayers.  Be safe this week and keep sending me pictures.  I love them.

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana McChesney
(Sorry no pictures.  Hopefully this computer will work next week because I have a lot of good ones.)

Shout out to Grandma and Papa with their new calling.  Hope you are loving it!!
Shout out to Uncle Mike and Aunt Heidi for moving into their new home.  So exciting!
Shout out to Uncle Scott and Aunt Julie for the news on the new baby!  YAY!
Shout out for Austin making it to San Diego!

Other Info:
My pension (apartment) is nice.  It gets very dusty, but they say it's the nicest pension in the mission.  I sleep on the ground, however, on a mattress, but it's no big deal.

I have a fantastic district.  They are all so sweet.  We love teaching each other English and Spanish.  It's so fun!  We do activities together all the time!

There are dogs EVERYWHERE.  I haven't had to use my dog tazer yet.  HA!  Still can't believe I have one of those.  It makes me laugh so hard.

The weather is either really cold or really hot.  You can never expect what it's going to be like.  Reminds me of home!

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