Monday, November 4, 2013

It's a great day to have a great day!

Es un buen dia para tener un buen dia!

Hello family! :)
I woke up saying "It's a great day to have a great day".  I don't know if that phrase translates to Spanish, but I said it anyways.  I remember each morning waking up in college and reading a quote on the mirror in the bathroom that said something like that.  Made me laugh.  HA!  But how true is it.  We determine our own happiness.

So this week was good.  A lot happened.  One of our recent inactives invited us over for a FHE with some family and friends.  It was so great because this sweet sister lead the WHOLE discussion and had everything planned.  How awesome!  She was inactive just 2 weeks ago, now look at her.  She is doing so incredible.  Such an inspiration to me!

We have a baptism set for another sister on Nov soon!  She is in the elders area so we passed her on to them.  I'm so proud of her! She was in church and just has a glow about her.  Miracles!!

We went knocking the other day because things fell through (I absolutely hate knocking..I'm praying to enjoy it one day).  I think I dislike it so much because every time I try to do my approach or ask a question, they look at me and say that they can't understand.  For real??  I think it's because I'm sooo smart and my brain moves faster than my mouth. ha!  But anyways..guess what..we found 2 people who want to learn.  They were serious and not just the regular, "oh yea come back later", but then when you go back they're not there.  This is real life!  They want to learn!  AH!  So we are going to start teaching them.  So excited!

Also, we stopped by a home where a lady said we could come back and talk.  So we went and she let us in..but it wasn't just her there, it was her WHOLE family.  Yes, 8 people.  I wanted to die.  It started out rough.  They were bashing the mormons, and pretty much giving us a run down about Joseph Smith and the first vision. We were just stunned and didn't know where to go from there.  After about an hour, we began testifying and teaching.  Their hearts were softened and by the end of the discussion, one man said he wanted to come to church and the dad said that we were invited over whenever.  It was so strange.  I can't even describe how weird it was.  Like truly!  Most awkward feeling ever!  Just shows that the gospel softens hearts no matter how hard they may be.

Well everyone, I love you all!  I see miracles everyday.  I encourage you to look for miracles in your lives as well.  They are there if you look.  I promise.  Our Heavenly Father will never forget us, but sometimes we forget Him.  Look for Him in your day each day!  I know you will find His hand.

Love you all,
 Hermana McChesney

Funny Stories:
This week Hermana Lucic had to go to Bariloche to do Transmites.  So, it was just two Yankees in Argentina trying to teach the gospel.  The funny part is that Hermana Lucic's bus arrived at 4:45 and we had to pick her up...but we were stuck in a lesson until 5:20....rough.  So we ran for a solid 25 minutes through the streets of El Bolson.  Everybody was stunned!  We found her, so no worries.

One day, after meeting with an investigator, we took a short cut down a HUGE steep hill.  Bad idea.  There was a man trying to get up with his bike, so just my good nature, I decided to help.  Bad idea again.  Not only did the man have to get his bike and him up the hill, now he had to get me up too.  HA!!  Seriously funniest things of my life!

Shout out to Little Crew for his picture.  We have an artista on our hands.  I loved the letter, and for sure, that Hobo needs the gospel. ;)

Shout out to Tyler for killing it in the music video.  HA! Laughed so hard!!

Shout out to Hermana Squires and for her email.  Loved it!  Thanks for the uplifting words and testimony.

Shout out to Lauren and Steph for their emails.  You two kill me every time!

Shout out to Cami for her email as well --- MARRIAGE!! AH!

                                                      There area dogs everywhere!!

                                  This is the steep hill I went down..and up...and down again.

                                                          Happy Birthday, Hermana Phipps

This was our birthday breakfast today.

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