Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodbye beautiful El Bolson

As you can tell from the subject, it's true.  I am leaving El Bolson.  But.....I'll get more to those details soon.


First off I want to update you all on the most amazing week ever!  This week we had 2 baptisms in El Bolson.  None were of our investigators, but still, I felt as if they were.  "H" was baptized this Friday.  She was so excited and so emotional.  I just hugged her while she said, "I'm ready, I've never been so ready."  She truly is one who has been prepared for the Gospel in this time.  Her baptism was beautiful!

We also had the baptism of "G".  We had received her as a referral from her brother.  Sadly, we could not teach her because she was in the Elders area.  After only 3 weeks of teaching her she was baptized this Saturday.  She, too, was so prepared.  Each Sunday in church I would sit by her in Gospel Principles.  She would make the best comments.  These people are SO PREPARED!  We just need to find them.  They are everywhere.  I encourage you all back home, yes you family, to find those that are prepared.  I promise they are there.

So, the news that you have all been waiting for.
Okay, give me a beat.....

Last name is McChesney, First name Hermana
Been serving in El Bolson for 6 semana (s)
But not for long porque ME VOY
To like a toy.  (yeah this rhyme is rough)
What I'm doing there you might ask
Oh, just training, not that big of a task.
And if that news isn't enough
Just wait, there is a little more stuff.
Because this girl is opening an area!
And only one active member...bashareea (word that is me screaming)!

Yep, it's true!  Not only was that the worst rhyme ever...But all of it is true.  I, Hermana McChesney, have been asked to serve in Cipolletti as a trainer.  HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!! :)  I am super exited!  I know that the Mission President has a lot of trust in me, and so does the Lord.  This is a big task.  I am so very excited because I am so ready to work!  There is only one member there..which means lots and lots of work.  So, feel free to keep me in your prayers.  I am so excited though.

I leave Wednesday and drive 8 hours to Neuquen to pick up my cute little trainee.  Aww...My first experience!  I am so excited, but nonetheless nervous out of my mind.  There are only 10 latina sister missionaries arriving, so I'm just praying for one because I don't know how I'm going to communicate with 2 gringos.  HA!!

Love you all.  I am nervous, but I know that our Heavenly Father doesn't give us anything He knows we can't do  I know I am going to learn so much and grow so much.  I am ready for this adventure more than ever!!  Wish me luck!!

Hasta la proxima semana!
Hermana McChesney

--Shout out to the boys and all their success in sports!! Jackson, careful in basketball.  Don't get ejected! ha!
--Shout out to mom for dipping chocolates.  Feel free to only send me a few...please...only a few.
--Shout out to Grant and Lindsey and family.  Received your letters today.  LOVED THEM!  Such a surprise!! Thanks so much!!  :)

Funny story:
This week we ran into some Jehovah's witnesses and they ended up later running into the elders and said that they saw 2 North Americans and a Mexican (ha, Hermana Lucic didn't like that).  Me and Hermana Phipps were lie, "how can they know..we didn't even say anything".  Aw we were sitting on the bus, 6 people were getting on and Hermana Phipps turns to me and says, "Seriously they look just like us.  I don't get it."...Next thing we know those 6 start speaking English.  HAHAHA!  Even we can tell.  Goodness.  Guess we really do stand out.

                                                                   The Bishopric

Some of the youth in my ward.  They are like my brothers.  This is a joke because they make fun of me because I'm from Utah.

                                        Pizza I learned to make with an investigator.

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