Monday, December 9, 2013

Finding in Oro

Good morning everybody.  The fact is that it's afternoon here, but I still know it's morning there, so, like stated previously...GOOD MORNING! :)

This week was great!  I love this work, can I just say that?  Things have been so great!  I don't really know why...I think it's because we have this desire to work hard and with this desire we are being blessed with blessings that I never thought were possible!

This week we didn't place any baptismal dates and we didn't have anyone at church.  Still, I would like to say that this week was probably our most successful week in Fernandez Oro. We had the goal and desire to find a family on Tuesday.  We had this desire and took the steps to make this desire come true.  We prayed hard to find a family to teach because that is something that we really want.  As we traveled to Fernandez Oro...we not only found 1 family, but THREE FAMILIES!  This is no lie.  I wouldn't lie about this, actually, I wouldn't like about anything, but not the point.  We really found 3 families.  Each of them are so prepared!

One day, as we were walking the streets in Oro, I had to use the bathroom, again.  It's a usual thing that happens in Oro.  There are no public bathrooms so the only way to go is to ask somebody if they know where we can find a bathroom and usually they let us into their home :)  We asked this lady we saw on the street, and she kindly walked us back to her home.  She told us that her son was in jail and that she was looking for the best for her family.  We bore testimony of the family, and how one of the reasons I am on the mission is to bring others the same happiness that I have in my family.  She loved it!  She invited us over to learn more.  We have also seen her 3 times this week.  We haven't had time to have a lesson with her yet, just to stop by and invite her to activities.  However, Wednesday morning we have a set lesson.  YAY!  She is so excited!  She also has a daughter that wants to listen in on the lessons.  AH!  I'm just dying.  These people are so awesome!!

Oh, good news.  Me and my companion are the guinea pigs for President.  We are the experiment for ALL the mission.  Yeah, pressure!  AHH!  We are changing our study schedule so we can work in the morning, study in the afternoon during siesta hours, and then work again in the evening.  We are so excited!  If we have success, President is going to change it for the WHOLE mission.  So, we are excited to see how things go!  Wish us luck!!

Love you all :)  Best wishes to you!

Hermana McChesney

                                                       Happy 6 months to me!!

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