Monday, December 16, 2013

Spiritual High, beware. Missionary Mode.

Hope everyone is having the most amazing day today, and that you are enjoying the snow and Christmas season.  It's a solid 40 degrees here..aka 104 degrees in Fahrenheit.  Yeah.  I about die every time I walk outside, but it's great.  I'm super excited to spend my first Christmas here in Argentina.

This week flew by.  Actually, to be honest, all the weeks are flying by.  Each day I find myself thinking "there isn't enough time to do everything."  There are so many people I need to visit and there are not enough hours in a day.  I can't wait til Heaven where there is not such thing as time. HA!

This week was fantastic.  Truly so many miracles.  We changed our schedule this week and we are keeping President updated so we can see if we are going to change it for the whole mission.  As of only changing it for one week, we saw so many miracles.  Let me explain a couple:

Remember the family we found?  We had a lesson with her and her children.  Somehow we got on the topic of Examples, and Jesus Christ, and Baptism.  We invited her to be baptized with her daughter and she said, "That is something I would like to do one day"...she felt as if the date was a little soon..but would like to work towards baptism.  Miracle! Miracle! Miracle!!  Can't wait to see where things will go with them.

Thursday we had a "tsunami" with members and missionaries.  They were so nice to help us out and find references and then pass out Book of Mormons.  We passed out around 7 copies.  Yeah!    We also were able to locate a less active family and had a great meeting with them and then invited them to church.

Sunday comes around and guess what?  We get a message from one of the  24 year old sons.  He said he wanted to come to church but doesn't want to feel uncomfortable, so he wanted to know when we would be there.  We set arrangements so we could meet him outside of the church.  We were just ecstatic all morning waiting for church!  It was just the happiest moment ever!!!  It doesn't matter if it is an new investigator or a less active coming back.  It feels the same!  (Total missionary I know...ha!  Truly, though, it's so exciting..I hope you all have the same excitement as me.)

So, we were waiting for him and the collectivo didn't pass until after sacrament meeting started, so we were scared he wouldn't make it for the sacrament.  He ended up coming off the collectivo, without a shirt on, walking towards the chapel with his sunglasses on.  I was so worried he didn't have a shirt and he was going to sit in church shirtless.  Me and my companion just stared and said..."I can't believe this" or in Spanish, "No puedo creer".  Luckily he whipped out a shirt and put it on just seconds before walking into church.  Ha!  Seriously died.  He stayed for the whole block though!  YAY! :)  Miracles!  He is going to be the best example for his family!

I have been reading from the Liahona all of the General Conference talks.  I realize that I now understand about 90% of what I am reading.  YAY!  One thing I had been thinking about applies to all of you.  During your FHE you could try and focus on one of the points in Preach My Gospel.  Just one heading each week.  It will help all of you (especially my little brothers) feel comfortable with the doctrine of the church and also with sharing messages with friends.  Just an idea :)

We sometimes don't know what we are doing or where we are going, or how we are going to share a gospel principle with a friend.  But, we need to take the steps and know that we will be guided by the Lord.  I invite you all, whoever you may be, to remember that the Lord is our guide.  I have seen Him guide me each day and I can testify that He, too, will guide you if you allow Him!

Hermana McChesney

--Shout out to Jean Smith for the letter and book.  Truly made my whole day!  I loved the Christmas story of Christ and also the photo of your little grandchild.  She is absolutely ADORABLE!
--Shout out to Dillon and Emma this week.  Wedding!! YAY!! :)  Hope somebody sends me pictures...
--Shout out to Tommy Nelson for the letter, too.  Good to see he is serving a mission in Argentina, also!!
--Shout out to Stephy Cat for the letter and Kendal7Steph for the email!  Miss you cats!
--Shout out to Taylor Swift for turning 24 on December 13.  I found a 4 leaf clover this that was probably the best thing ever! ha!

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