Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Throwdown of Christmas

This Christmas was one of my favorites!  We did so many great things.  Not only did we enjoy it with members and missionaries, we were in the service of our Lord, and that is what makes Christmas worth it!

We thought that we weren't going to have anywhere to go Christmas Eve, but luckily the Elders are awesome and found a home for all the missionaries in Cipo 2.  All 8 of us missionaries went to a members home, made Tacos (yes, I think I cried I was so happy), had a little FHE, and then opened a little present from them.  They were so sweet!  I just love them!  In Argentina they stay up until midnight then right at midnight open all their presents.  We didn't get to stay out til midnight of course, but we were up until then and we got to watch the fireworks that were outside!  It was so fun!  The traditions here are awesome.  But, I did miss sleeping in the fort I have to admit :)

Before celebrating at the members house, we made Gingerbread cookies (thanks to the best family in the world..and yes, they were delicious..and yes, maybe I wanted to cry at how good they were).  Also, me and my companion had a feeling we had to go visit this family we don't know but saw on the street.  We threw together a little card and some little gifts and took the bus to Fernandez Oro and visited this family.  They were so happy.  The 2 girls were quick to open the CTR rings and said that they would be using the pencils in school.  It's little things like that where I can feel of the Saviors love for all people here in Argentina.  That is one thing I love.  I can feel the love for each and every child of God here.  It's such a great feeling.

Mom, thank you so so so much for the stocking and all the presents I got.  I am so blessed to have a family that is supportive.  I know I say that every email, but I mean it.  My companion was overly excited to receive a present and the PJ's.  We LOVE THEM!  We couldn't stop wearing them!  Every night we go to bed matching  But the funny thing is she is short and I am tall and they are the same size..so if you can get guessing, hers is the right length and mine is riding a little high for pictures.  HA!  So funny!  But I love it!!

Christmas morning we got to sleep in until 8.  WOOOO!  But sadly I obviously woke up at 6:30 out of habit.  Luckily I got back to sleep.  We opened our presents and just loved every minute of it!  First of all.  How incredible was my stocking?  SO incredible!  Thank you so much mom.  I was laughing so hard at the Photo Album.  You are all way too cool.  HA!  I have a recording that I will try and send.

Christmas we spent at the Church.  All the missionaries.  We had a slip n slide, water games, played soccer, and then a mix of soccer and football, and then lots of circle games!  We had such a blast!  It's a Christmas I will never forget.  Full of fun, laughter, and service!

Also, we had a little Christmas party with Hna Lovell and President.  We had a white elephant exchange and it was great because my companion came home with P90x...but sadly our DVD player is broken.  So we are praying even more earnestly so we can get our pension in Oro. Ha!

This week I was studying a little more about Jesus Christ and his life.  I was reading about the Atonement and came across a scripture that says (mom look it up because I don't have my scriptures and I can't remember the perfect wording..) but it says when Christ was full of agony, he prayed more fervently.  Or, in other words, when Christ felt like he couldn't do it any more he prayed with more power.  How beautiful is that!?  I applied this to my life and especially in my mission. When I feel like I can't do anymore or I can't give anymore, am I using more strength to overcome?  How often do give up when we feel like we can't do it anymore?  Christ is our ultimate example, and our goal is to be like Him.  So, that is one thing I am striving to work on.  When you feel like giving up, work harder.  I hope you all can apply this to your lives as well.

I know that Christ lives.  I know that He is our Savior and Redeemer.  I know that only through Him we an be saved.  And thanks to the Atonement we can feel joy and peace in our lives.  I know He is always there to comfort us and knows us all.  Remember Him every day and you will be filled with his love.

Hope you have the most amazing NEW YEAR!


Shout out to Bishop Fox and family for the Ensign and Christmas card! :)
Shout out to CREWWWWW!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!! :)  9 years old!  WOW!
Shout out to Diane Montano for the email!  Miss you girl.  Hope all is holding up in Texas!

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