Monday, January 20, 2014

Short Updates!

Okay.  I have no time to write today.  I am sorry!  I probably should have read all the emails after writing you guys....oops.  Sorry!  I just get so excited to read all the emails. :)

So to those who wrote me and if I haven not gotten back to you yet, I'm sorry.  Give me another week.  I have not avoided writing back! :)  I am so lucky to have people email me still.  I thought you would forget me by now.  HA!

This week was so great!  I can say that we have seen so many miracles with the schedule change.  President just sent us an email and he said that our numbers have never been so high!  So WOW!  That's just incredible!  I'm so lucky to be a part of this change in the mission.  I know that things are going to happen, for things are already changing.  This is going to make history.  I can see it in the church headlines:  NEUQUEN ARGENTINA MISSION.  BAPTIZING MILLIONS!

Ha!  Okay.  Too far??

Well really.  Things have been great for the mission.  We have a Zone Conference with President on Thursday and I cannot wait to hear what he says. :)

This week we saw miracles.  Just like every week.  But, this week I'd like to focus a little on the investigators I haven't mentioned much.

"M" was a referral from an hermana in Neuquen.  We have taught her about 4 times and she has never wanted to pray.  One lesson in the past when we taught her I told her that she had a light about her and that she is going to bless many people with this light.  Ever since then she has been asking "what is this light that I have"?  We have tried to explain to her a little about the light that she has and about the light of Christ.  She loved it!  We had the hermana with us and she was a great help.  "M" accepted to pray at the end of the lesson.  WOAH!  Miracle.  She never accepted to pray.  But, she did.  I think I may have cried a little...but...what's new?  HA!

Also, We had a lesson with "J".  He has so many questions and has done a lot of research on the computer.  Yeah, that's the hard thing about the mission these days.  The internet has so many things about our church.  But, when things come up all we can do is testify.  So, that's what we do.  We answer his questions through testimony and always tie it back to Joseph Smith.  Just the last lesson we had a member with us and he started talking about polygamy, word of wisdom, and just a lot of questions.  After answering these questions, we invited him to pray to know if the church was true.  With us.  Right then.  So, we knelt and prayed, an all he said was "Heavenly Father, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the true church"?......We paused and sat in silence.  He felt it.  I felt it.  And he knew it was true.  Once again I bore testimony that the spirit was with us then and he needed to make the next step of baptism.  He said no.  But, he knows it's true.

One last story, we changed the baptism date for "R".  She is getting baptized FOR SURE February 1st.  YAY!!!  This will be my first baptism in the mission!  YAY!  I couldn't be more happy.  She will forever be remembered in my heart! :)

Ah, I have to go.  Things are GREAT!  We are going to the Zoo right now!  :)


Hermana McChesney

                                   Me with my companion and another hermana in my district.

              A sign that pretty much says, "Don't knock our door during siesta or we will kill you"!

We had a lunch appointment with an investigator yesterday...she wasn't there...we called...we knocked on her window....and finally she texted us and said that she couldn't do it.  We went to the a bus....and fixed rice.  YUM.  We didn't have much food because it was Sunday and we rarely buy stuff anyways.  HAHA!

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