Monday, January 6, 2014

Miracles have NOT ceased

Hope all is going well for the family.  I always spend a solid 45 minutes reading all the emails from my family and friends!  You are all way too sweet to write me!  Especially thank you to all who wrote me for my birthday.  It's nice to know I haven't been forgotten ;) HA!

This week was Ano Nuevo, so we had the same schedule as Navidad.  We celebrated again in the church with all the missionaries from Cipolletti and a couple members families!  We played games out in the back, ate, and just enjoyed the time together.  They truly treat us missionaries very well here in Cipolletti.

We received transfer calls on Wednesday and guess what...I'M STAYING IN FERNANDEZ ORO!! YAY!!  And even better, so is my companion!! Woooo!!!  We were so excited!  Only 3 missionaries are leaving from Cipolletti so it was sad, but it's good to know that the majority of us are staying!

This week we made a plan of how we are going to work better in Fernandez Oro.  We had a meeting with Bishop and the Zone leaders.  We decided that we are going to focus our work on the less active members and the inactives.  We have seen so much progress from them and none of our investigators so we believe that our investigators will not progress until we have a branch there in Oro.  So that is our goal!!  BRANCH IN ORO THIS TRANSFER!!

We have been working a lot trying to find an active, worthy man to hold the service in his of now we are seeing progress in one man.  He is just incredible!  We had a lesson with him and his parents.  We taught and shared experiences in the Book of Mormon.  We tested our faith and had him ask a question.  We then slid the Book of Mormon over to him and had him open and read.  NO LIE.  His answer was right there.  He then said, "Wow, I've never been able to understand the Book of Mormon, but I understood everything I read and was able to answer my question".  yeah!  It that isn't testimony that the Church is true, I don't know what is.  We did the same with his mom, and again, BAM.  2nd testimony that the church is true.  We were just on cloud nine after this lesson!

We have been trying to find a man name "P" for over a month now.  He is a member and just yesterday we had a feeling to go and knock on these cute grandparents door.  As we knocked, they weren't home, but just seconds later here comes "P"...WHAT!  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Seriously!  If we hadn't have had that prompting we would have never found him.  He gave us his directions and then said we could come by whenever!  DYING!

Me and my comp have decided to make a goal each night for the following day and the price we are going to pay so we can receive it.  It's been the best thing we have ever done.  We have seen so many miracles this week.  I can't even begin to describe them all.  We received keys to the pension.  We found less actives.  We ran into random people that just said they want to learn more.  We had lessons with members.  We completed all of our goals.  And the list goes on!  I'm so lucky to be in the mission in this time of my life!

The Church is True!
Through the scriptures we can find personal revelation!
I know that miracle have not ceased, for God has not ceased to be God!
I know that the Lord is hastening His work.  And we should be hastening our work, too.

Love you all!!
Hermana McChesney

Oh oh oh--So I just want to give a little run down first of the good and bad news of the week (only two things so don't worry):

--So, I weighed myself for the first time in my whole mission.  Good news, I weigh less than when I started my mission..what?  Bad news, my face looks like a chipmunk! HAHAHAHA!
--Lost the phone this week/it got stolen..good news...I am really good at saving money so I have enough to pay for a new one!  HA!  yeah..there isn't really much good in this situation.

--Shout out to Cami and Grandpa.  Hope you have the most amazing birthdays!!  Was thinking of you both!
--Shout out to the one and only Brother Hobson!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  So lucky to share a birthday with you!

                                        My wonderful missionary friends in Cipolletti!

                This was our New Year's dinner and party with the other Cipolletti missionaries.

 I still have one T-Swift shirt left.  I gave my other to an elder who wanted it.  Yes, I'm growing up!

                      My companion and I found this cute shop with different types of masks.

                                                      Another picture taken on Christmas

                                 A member made me these nice scripture covers.  I love them!!

                                                                     The Hermanas

                                   I am in my new apartment, but we have no furniture yet.

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