Monday, January 27, 2014

"You Are Now Baptized"- Nacho Libre

This week was absolutely incredible!  I can't even describe how amazing it was.  I probably say that every week....but I think that every week is great!  Ha!  So many things have changed in the mission.

First, I want to share with you all about my experience that I had at the ZOO.  Yep, I went to the zoo.  I was a tourist for a day and I loved it!  I wouldn't say it was like the San Diego zoo, or the Hogle Zoo, but then again, I don't remember them too well.  This zoo in Argentina was great!  There weren't any giraffes, but there were tigers and gorillas and monkeys and all the other great animals!  I hope you enjoy the photos.  I have lots of videos, but I cannot send them.

You will never believe it, but this missionary fed a lemur.  Yep, I did!  I have the most hilarious video, but I guess you'll have to wait 10 more months.  Sorry!  Also, I fed a toucan!  So that was probably another highlight of my life :).

Even though I went to the zoo and had the most amazing time there, I still found more joy when I was out teaching and helping others come unto Christ.  I never thought I could find so much joy in the mission!  WE still have a baptism date for "R".  Yes, it's true!!  I AM GOING TO HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!! :)  I don't know if I should scream, cry, pray, read my scriptures, go to the bathroom (too far?) or just run the streets of Argentina and say, "You are now baptized!"  (nacho libre anyone?) ha!  Then I pause and remember I am a missionary and people are always watching.  So, I think the best thing I can do is just to celebrate in my apartment when nobody is watching! ha!

We had zone conference this week as well.  I can now say that I understand now that the mission is changing!  How lucky am I to be a part of this change?  So lucky!!  One thing that President told us is that since we changed the schedule of studies we have seen our numbers ROCKET!  They have never been so high in the mission.  I know it is because this was revelation from God and He is blessing this area each and every day.

Also, we were told that we need to email separate.  For example, my companion can email and I have to sit and watch until she is finished...then I can start emailing while she does the same.  There have been problems and the adversary is working harder than ever.  A lot of missionaries were bummed because we lose time on P-day, but I know that this is going to be such a blessing.  We are going to save a lot of lives this way...a lot of missionaries lives will be changed by this new rule.  I can truly see the Lord's hands working through President.  It's such a beautiful work!

We also will have an hour once a week to go to the Cyber and research talks, videos, family history, and all good things from church websites to help our investigators.  The church is going technologiacle...yeah...I don't know the word! ha!

The Lord is changing the way we work.  The way I see it is that there is something great in store that the Lord is preparing for us.  If we are obedient we will see these blessings .  There is not a rule or a change that is to tie us down.  If we follow the rules of the mission and have faith, we will see the blessings. :)

Best wishes this week!  Hope you all have a great day!! Thanks for the prayers and thanks for the emails.  You are helping me keep the great attitude! :)

Hermana McChesney

-Shout out to all those who got married or are engaged!!!  CONGRATS!! I love love! :)
-Shout out to all those who got their mission call!  I love getting emails of all the new missionaries who have been called to serve!
-Shout out to Judy Clayton for the letter.  It made me so happy!!  So good to hear from you!!

Funnies of the week:
--Well, my companion almost peed her pants...but really.
--We did P90X and I about died when we had to do punch uppercuts..hahahaah!  Seriously 4 missionaries doing karate moves...KILLS ME!  hahahah!
--I have ran to the bus more times this week than normal.  It's always the same street.  I can just hear the people saying , "The missionaries are coming, the missionaries are coming.."!

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