Monday, March 3, 2014


Let's just take a good solid 10 seconds and all celebrate because.....


Wanna know what??  This week was good, rough, but still good.  Then this morning I have been sick...but guess what..after receiving this news I am good to go!  I just wanna jump.  But don't worry, everybody in the Cyber, yes EVERYBODY, knows that I got accepted.  I just couldn't hold it in!! HA!

So, thanks for all the help to the family and friends for helping me get to this point in my life (this is my speech, like when Taylor Swift gets up after receiving an award).  BYU BOUND!

Okay, on a much more serious note..well, not possible hoy.  I just wanna write all about my emotions, but I guess for you all, I will write about what happened this week.

This week we had a solid 10 people from Fernandez Oro in church.  Yep, let's all cry for 10 more seconds.  The majority of the "P" family was there.  Let me just give you a short update.

We got permission from President to drive with "L" and "A" to church, because waiting for colectivo an hour before church is not cool.  So we got over to their house and we were almost about to leave when their brother-in-law said, "Hey, what time is church at?"....WHAT?  We answered his questions about where and at what time.  He said that he and his family would come.  YEPP!!  So, that's 4 people, plus "L" and "A".  Then we went and picked up a cute little grandpa that we are teaching named "F".  He is 83 years old and just great!  He gave me a hug (yes, I tried to warn him that I can't...but he still did, hey he's 83.  I think I will be forgiven.  First hug in quite some time...let's say...I'm awkward :)  Then "R" and his family were there, too!

So, all I'm trying to say is that this Sunday was great!  I don't know how I got so blessed to have so many people at church.  We have really been working hard and safe to say, the Lord is blessing us when we do our part.  I am so happy :)  We're pretty close to having a branch in ORO!  YAY!

Que mas?  Oh, in church we listened to a talk given by Elder Ballard to all those in South America.  It was translated in English, but I found myself listening to it in weird.  You ALL need to go listen to it.  It was given to the priesthood, but it is for all of us members.  It even talked about our area in Utah (I died again in church when I heard).  One thing that I got from it is that we all need to cry unto the lord, and ask Him to help us.  Help us to find somebody to teach, somebody to serve, or just a friend to be an example to.  Look it up.  Ready......GO!


Hermana McChesney

-Shout out to Lauren Eastman for going through the temple this last Saturday!  So proud of you girl!!!
-Shout out to Cami Fox for also going through the temple.  Congrats on the wedding this week!  So excited for you!
-Shout out to Kenedy for the baptism!  You looked so cute girl!
-Shout out to all my little family.  Love you all!!

Wish I could send some videos companion has some good solid blackmail of me dancing in the apartment and cooking.  I'll buy a flash drive and then you can see it soon!

Oh...and here's to 9  Almost forgot.

                                          Yes, these are cows stopping our colectivo!

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