Monday, April 14, 2014

Called to Endure to the END!


This week was great!! It's been a great time in Bariloche! :)  We have a great district leader and we are truly pushed to be our very best here.  We were challenged to do a 40 day fast.  Yes, I'm doing it!  It's obviously not a fast from food (because we would all die), but a fast from things that will restrict our growth.  It's helped me so much to think about what I'm doing here...and what I could give up to do better.  We are doing it as a companionship and we have learned so much in just the few days that we have been "fasting".

So, here's the challenge.  What are you willing to do to be better?  Think about it.  Maybe it's praying every morning.  Or maybe it's writing in your journal every day.  Who know.  But think about it.

This week was just way too crazy.  Ha!  We are in charge of 7 companionships of hermanas.  That pretty much means 2 exchanges every week.  So we are working hard to help them, but it's a little hard for our area.  We also have to travel 3-4 hours to get to some of the area, which means there goes 2 days of being in our own area.  We will start all of this training next week.  It's definitely a sacrifice, but something that I've learned is that I'm here to help other areas, too.  It's all the same work, right?  Yep.  It's true.  It's all the same work!

I was out with another hermana earlier.  They don't have ANYTHING in their area.  So, I went to her area to help.  I won't go in to detail, but I saw miracle after miracle.  We found 2 new investigators, had 2 lessons with members, got references, and the best thing was that we knocked a door and there was a lady waiting.  She said, "How did you know I was waiting for you?"  Then she instantly wanted to pray and start the lesson.  WOW!  It was one of the best experiences EVER!

Also, one lady we contacted in the street didn't live in our area, so we sent her to the other hermanas.  When I was in that area we went to go see her.  She was so great, and guess what....SHE HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!

Good news this week:
-"J" accepted another baptismal date and also committed to quit smoking before the 26th of April.  It's true!
-Everyone has been sick, but I'm as strong as ever!  Like Lauren always said, "I have an A+ immune system".  Ha!

Well, overall it's been a great week!  Thanks for the email and pictures and videos.  I laugh way too hard!

Tu hermana, hija, amiga, y loca.

Hermana McChesney

Sea feliz, sea fuerte, y sea firme

- Shout out to Lauren, TJ, and Bethanna, and all those headed to the MTC this week!  So proud of you all!
- Shout out to the boys and the family who are killing it with all the yard work (so glad I'm not there right now...ahahahah).
- Shout out to Taylor Swift for cutting her hair....WHAT??  (thanks Stephycat for the photo) ha!
- Shout out to all those celebrating Easter!  Remember the reason for why we celebrate!

And just a little quote:
"You were called to endure to the end...."


                                                                  The pretty!

                                 I bought chocolate for the first time here.  Bad idea!!  Too good!

                                                        Living the life in Bariloche!

              My companion was sick..... so I read Jesus the Christ all morning!  LOVED IT!

                        All of us missionaries in the Bariloche ward.  Such an awesome ward!

                      This cute boy wanted to have a picture with us, so of course, we obliged!

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