Monday, April 21, 2014


HAPPY EASTER (or Pascua like they say here)

So, because I'm in a great mood, I'd like to start out with some Funnies!

-- I received a 2 page typed love note from an investigator.  He pretty much said that the only reason he went to church was for me and that he's in love....sooo...we definitely dropped him.
--We were teaching an old lady and she couldn't stay focused.  She said something like, "the man's been sleeping on the couch and.."  As she finished I said, "But I know that Jesus Christ knows how you feel, for He has suffered for our sins."  It was like that the whole lesson.  She'd say something so random and then we'd testify of something. HA!
--I had a dream I came home and I walked into the house and the whole family was there.  I greeted everyone with kisses on the cheek (like they do here) and Uncle Brent got so confused..HA!  I'm scared this really will happen.  It's such a habit.  I never thought I'd be so loving! HA!
--I sleep with a stuffed Mickey Mouse every night, and because I wasn't in my bed this week, the other hermanas got to sleep with him.  Let's just say they all think I'm officially a little girl.

Well, there's just a few funnies.  So many more, but we'll leave it at that!

So this week....I was only in my area Monday (for P-day), Tuesday, and then Sunday.  I traveled to Neuquen and slept on the bus for 2 days.  Got back right in time for interviews with President at 8:00 am.  Then that night I went with Hermana Gonzales to her area.  Then the next night I was with Hermana Rainsdon.  So, let's just say, Saturday night I slept REAL good in my own bed. :)

I would like to talk about an experience that I learned from the Assistants.  We have an assistant that bore testimony if we pray for somebody specifically, we will find them.  So, that is exactly what me and Hermana Gonzales did.  We prayed and thought of someone that we wanted to find.  We came up with a lady who is older, that has glasses, and is wearing an apron (yes, very specific).  Then we decided to describe the house she would be living in.  We said rose bushes outside and 2 windows.  We were on the hunt to find her and we began looking.  As we were yet to find her we still prayed and had faith.

We had a lesson with a less active and her daughter and then in the back of the room we saw HER!!  She had glasses, was older, and was even wearing an apron.  We were in the middle of the lesson when I noticed and I freaked out.  I was nudging my companion and trying to get her attention.  I was so excited!!  I ended up inviting her to listen and she listened to us sing and even prayed with us...but she was very shy.  As we walked out of the house, we saw that the house had roses in the front and 2 windows!  WOW!  I don't think my faith has ever been strengthened more.  I know if we pray specifically we will get a very specific answer.  The hermanas will now be passing by to teach her :)

I truly have learned so many great experiences in exchanges.  So happy I get these opportunities.

Also, with it being Easter here there are a whole lot of tourists.  I have actually been able to bear testimony and talk to people in English.  I was so awkward.  HA!!  It's the best to know that my English is makes me feel like I'm accomplishing the Spanish language!  Oh, also, I got asked out by a 14 year old boy from Nevada.  He said he'd wait for me. HA!! Oh the joys.

But, with it being Easter, I've really been able to think about why we celebrate Easter.  We have so many activities here in Bariloche and I got thinking, "Do they know why we celebrate easter?"  I have truly been able to learn this Easter season that it's not all about the fun and chocolate, but my testimony has been strengthened and I can truly say that HE LIVES!  Just like Joseph Smith wrote in D & C, and just like the prophets and apostles have testified, He Lives!  I have not seen Him, but I know it.  That is the testimony that I have strengthened here this Easter season.  I've never been more sure that He truly lives.

Love you all.  So glad to hear from you!! :)  Best wishes this week, and remember, He Lives and He LOVES you all!

Hermana McChesney

                            Playing futbol in the rain..ahh!  So many people got sick!  HAHA!

                                           HUGE life size Easter egg.  Biggest in the world.

                        Me with my companion.  Yes, I've become a pretty good hairdresser.

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