Monday, May 19, 2014

If It's Important to Me, It's Important to Him

Aw, Family.  How I love you so much!

I'll be honest here.  I always loved my family..but the mission has really given me a new perspective of the family and the importance of family unity.  I know things I have learned here are to help me strengthen all family relations.  And so, on that note, love you all :)

This week was absolutely de 10.  I don't even know where to start.  But, I would like to start with a principle that I learned this week.

This week I received a whole lot of cards in the mail (THANKS FAMILY, YOU ROCK), and as I was walking back to the pension with Hermana Santos (exchanges) I must have lost 2 letters.  The next morning I noticed that two letters were missing.  I was super sad.  I know how pathetic!  I lost two letters but that's a big deal for a missionary...right? (someone back me up...ha)  So, my companion was showering and I was coming up with a plan how we are going to skip studies so I can find my letters.  And then it hit me.  WHAT?  Why would I want to skip studies to find my letters?  So I knelt down to pray to start my personal study and in my prayer I prayed and said, "Heavenly Father it is really important for me to find these letters.  But I know it is important to thee for me to do my studies.  So if I do thy will, will thou help me feel comfort and know that all will be okay?"

It was the most sincere prayer.  And just after I began to study, I knew everything would be okay.  We finished our 3 hours of studies and then we went out to work.  As we were returning to our pension at 1:00, we walked down the road and I looked to my right in a trashcan outside and there were photos on top.  I had to look twice.  I turned around and lifted out the photos, and sure enough, they were of my family!!!  I ended up finding each letter in the trash or on the ground as we walked back to the pension for lunch.

It was a principle so pathetic, but so important to me.  I can testify that if it is important to us, it is important to Him.  We are His children and we are important to Him.  He will give us what we need if we do His will and if we consult Him in all things.  One experience I will never forget.  Something so small, but so powerful!

So, Miracles HAPPEN!!  "miracles happen, once in a while" hahahaha!

Speaking of Miracles....

--"J" CAME TO CHURCH FOR THE 3rd TIME!  HE CAN BE BAPTIZED!! :)  He loved it so much!!!
--People found US!   We had so many people come up to us this week and just ask us about what we do and want to learn!!  WOW!  Miracle.
--We found the golden investigator.  She helped us with our washer problem and now we are teaching her.  She came to church and just cried.  So incredible how the Lord is preparing his children!

Well, all is going great here in the Patagonia!  I love it.  It's starting to get coldddd!! But it's the best!  First winter in about a year!  YEAHHH!!

Hope all is going well.  Love you all and so happy for Austin to have a new area!  Best wished!! Thanks for the love!

Hermana McChesney

So funny story.  Another lesson I learned on my mission:
1.  How to eat long hairs in meatballs...but not only one, three hairs, and that's just at one house.  I have also learned how to eat cat hairs in my lunch each Thursday.


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