Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Hello little family!

I hope you all are eating burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and drinking horchata.  Because, it's the 5 of May!!  Yay!!

Okay, so I had a little computer problem.  I think they know I'm from the states so they just want to take my money.  I had to pay extra, but whatever.  It's all part of the mission and the patience right ;)

Okay, so let's just say this week was incredible!  We were so privileged to have a conference with Elder Vinas of the 70.  He was just incredible!  He spoke with such power and his testimony just blew me out of the water!  I don't remember the last time I really cried (I have a hard heart haha).  But, let's just say the room was full of tears and once again when I began to talk, I sounded like a little girl.  Nothing's changed.  And nothing will ever change.  That's one thing I want to study...why is it that my voice is so much higher when I cry? HA!! Too funny!

But, we learned some great things from him.  He stepped down from the pulpit and talked to us in the aisle.  He dedicated 30 minutes or so for us to share our feelings about the Atonement and how it has helped us in the mission.  Wow.  Powerful.  He went on to describe the Atonement and our purpose here as missionaries.

One thing I loved that he said (even though it was a little funny).  He said, "We are not here to bring others to the Terrestrial or Telestial Kingdom, that is why we have other churches.  We are here to bring them to the Celestial Kingdom."  How awesome is that!?  Kind of funny, but so true!

I cannot write all that I learned or it would be 732 pages long.  But, one thing I also loved as Elder Vinas spoke to us the next day at stake conference was, "This is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  You cannot change it, you can only accept it or reject it."  He used an analogy of how he didn't want to eat his soup.  His grandma told him, this is what you can either eat it or throw it away.  It's so true.  I don't know why anyone would want to throw it's so good!!

Oh, hey, guess what??

"J" HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!  14 of June!! Yay!  He even went to the conference on Sunday!  So proud of him.  He's so great!  We cannot be more excited!!  He knows what he needs to do, he just needs to do it!  So we are working with him a lot!  Oh, here'a a funny story about "J".  During stake conference, Elder Vinas asked all of the full time missionaries to stand up.  We all stood up, and then I see "J" stand up, too.  It was so funny to see!  All of us missionaries standing up and "J".  I almost couldn't contain myself.

This week was just great.  I am really seeing myself convert to the gospel.  I have always been converted, but I am seeing my conversion become real and strong.  It's a great feeling!

I said goodbye to my comp this morning.  I learned a lot from her!  She is a great missionary.  I get my new comp at 7:00 tonight!  Her name is Hermana Guerra from Brazil.  She is a sweetheart.  She's actually a lot like me..lots of energy and just the happiest person ever!  Super super excited!  Also, I hope I can learn a little bit of Portuguese.

Talk to you on Saturday!
Love you all

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to Bethanna and Lauren for making it out into the field!  YAY!
Shout out to Drew for the baby blessing.
Shout out to Jackson for the killer race!
Shout out to ME....HAPPY 11 MONTHS!

                                              So happy to get my family calendar!

                                                                Wet! Wet! Wet!

                                                     Goodbye elder and hermana!

                                            Yes, I look tired, but missions are worth it!

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