Monday, May 12, 2014

Just a Scripture for Thought

(This is Mikayla's mom.  I just wanted you all to know that we had such a wonderful skype with Mikayla.  She shared some amazing stories with us that she hadn't been able to email prior.  She is beautiful and amazing!  Her spirit is strong!  She loves her mission and has been protected while she's been serving.  She appreciates all of your emails and prayers.)

(On a side note, you all might enjoy knowing that she sent home her blow dryer, all of her makeup, her flat iron and curling iron.  She is trying to "blend in" and I must say that her beauty still shines through.)

Hey ya'll

Well, since we just talked about 2 days ago, I don't really have much more to say... But, obviously I'm still going to email you.  I'm really short on time, but I wanted to share with you a scripture that I found!:)

I was reading in Mosiah today as I was waiting for my companion.  As I got to chapter 23 of Mosiah, I found 2 versed that really stood out to me.  Verses 26 and 27.  Read them...(I don't have my English scriptures).....did you read it?  Good.  I would like to share how I truly felt about these verses.  I loved just how calm Alma is.  The Lamanites are coming and they are all scared for their lives.  They probably think they are going to die, but Alma is quick to calm them.  He shows them all that he has faith that if they remember God that all will be okay.  How many times can we apply this to our lives?  So many!  When we are afraid of what is going to happen in our live, believe in God and all will turn out for the best.  The influence Alma had on his people is tremendous!  I hope that one day I, too, can be like Alma and bring this peace to my family and friends.  I know that if we truly believe in God all will work out and we will not need to fear the "Lamanites" or other trials that we may face.

Love you all!  Talking to you this week was the HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana McChesney

Me with my MTC companion, Hermana Hafen.  I hadn't seen her since we left the MTC back in July.  She was just made a sister trainer and so she was at our leadership meeting this past Wed in Neuquen. (yes, I went to Neuquen again).  She saw me first and yelled my name across the room.  I turned and screamed and ran to her.  Everyone had a good laugh!

                                                             My Bariloche Zone

                                          2 zones meeting with Elder Vinas of the seventy.

                                                           Hermanas in my Zone

                                                          My Awesome District

                              My member friend and another hermana during Elder Vinas visit.

                                                                   Skype with the family

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