Monday, May 26, 2014

Frostbite, Food, Festivals!

Hola Familia, como andan?  Ojala que bien :)  Seimpre es un placer leer sus emails.  Gracia por siempre recordar de mi.  Les quiero MUCHO!!

This week was one CRAZYYY week!

I think we were only in our area for 3 days, but those 3 days we saw miracles.  Each day is a miracle!  We had exchanges this week in San Martin and in Junin.  I loved it!  As we were traveling to San Martin, I think I almost died of hypothermia because the bus was freezing.  There was no one on the bus so I made myself comfortable on the back row.  I spread myself across 5 seats and tried to sleep as we traveled through the night.  I didn't think I should bring my own gas heater, but I really should have.  It really was so cold!  Looking back I probably looked so funny.  I threw my scarf and wrapped it around my head so you could only see my eyes and then my hood over that.  Ha!  Oh the joys  But we made it safe and sound..with a little frostbite.

When we were back in our area we were so excited to go visit "R".  She has a baptismal date and everything.  So, we got to her house and she ended up dropping us  :(  My heart.  She talked with her Catholic mom and was told she had to drop us.   "R" didn't want to but said that she had to.  Poor lady was almost crying.  Sad, but she knows.  She really knows.  I have no doubt she will be baptized quick.  Whether in this life or the next.  She's ready.

So, after that lesson I was pretty sad.  As we were walking in the street, there was the prettiest sunset and I just thought to myself, "God has a purpose for everything.  He is in charge."  Then I looked to my right and I saw this graffiti that says, "Mik I Love You".  What a tender mercy.  I know he is looking out for me and all of you.

Love you all!  I testify that God lives and loves us.  He is our guide and our support.  Look to Him in all that you do and He will show you the way.

Hermana McChesney

SHOUT OUT TO GRANDMA MCCHESNEY!  Happy Birthday grandma!  Looking young as ever! :)

                                                 Dinner with the Ehmke's and my district.

                                                        Splits with the Hermanas

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