Monday, August 11, 2014

Be converted to the Gospel, not the Church!

Helloooo Family!

This week we were busy traveling, a lot!  We headed to Neuquen to go to the Consejo de Liderazgo.  It was truly the best consejo that we have ever had.  Felt the spirit so strong.  In this consejo we learned a lot about the importance to keep the Sabbath day holy and how to teach it to our investigators and less actives.  Mostly, we focused on the members that aren't going to church every week.  I learned that there also is a difference between a big ward and a strong ward.  We are striving not only to have a lot of members in the reunions, but to have strong members.  So overall, we focused on helping them not to be converted to the church, but converted to the Gospel.

Last minute as we were about to head back home to Zapala, I got a message that said I had to stay to more document stuff for my visa (I thought I already had everything worked out).  I really have no idea if I'm legal or not.  So, we stayed and sat in the police station for 4 hours just to take a paper home.  Yeah.  That's called missionary work ;) HA!  But, just to add, I had the best lunch there in Neuquen.  I thought I was in the states for a little.  It was like a pesto tomato sandwich thing.  WOW!  It brought me back to Lizzy (what's that boutique called....?  Little Lizzy?  hahaha! I can't believe I forgot).

So, after not working too much in the area, we finally were good Friday to work hard...and we did!  We have seen so many miracles.  We contacted a girl a girl who is 19 years old who went to church last week.  We started to teach her in her house and then someone knocked at her door.  It was two of her friends.  I got nervous.  I thought she would change and not want to listen to us in front of her friends, but no!  She invited them to listen to us too!  WOAHHH!!  So, we taught 3 of them and they all committed to listen to us again and to take the lessons.  Miracle is that the boy said he had already talked to missionaries before and knew all about the BOM and the Restoration.  MIRACLES!!  They will be getting baptized.  I know it! :)

But this week I too, like mom, have been studying about the charity.  It's been something I want to be better at.  I have learned as we look for opportunities to serve we will also be tested with the charity.  I have been trying to be better, and I love the quote you sent me mom.  It's not a coincidence that we were both studying this topic :)  I am definitely tu hija.

I love this work.  I love the gospel.  I am so lucky to be here in Argentina in this time preaching the gospel to all those who want to hear...or who don't want to hear... I preach it anyways ;)  This is the best message in the whole world.  Sometimes we need to be reminded, but I know that this gospel will bring all families the joy that they need.  For it has given me all the joy and peace that I need.  Day by day, I am amazed at the plan the Lord has provided for me.  I know he knows why I'm here.  He knows what I need, and he knows how to comfort me and bring me the confidence to teach all those here!

This is the Lord's work

Love you all!  Keep up the good work and enjoy the end of the summer.  Can you believe it?  WOW.

Hasta la proxima semana!
Hermana McChesney


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