Monday, August 4, 2014

Baptism, ZAPALA, and nasty cleaning!

WAHHH!!  One thing I've learned, NEVER, ever miss one pday of emailing the family.  Reasons why you might ask..?  1)  Way too many emails to read, so little time.  There is no human possible that can read and respond to 43 emails in 70 minutes.  2)  Too many stories that I need to share, and some I can't remember or fit into one email.  3)  I missed talking to you all.

Bueno, this is just so stressful trying to write, I don't even know where to start!  AHH!

Well, first of all, "J" GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!  Yes, yes, it's true.  I'm pretty sure I have never been so stressed before in my whole entire life.  The stress of that week beats finals, it beats driving for the first time on the freeway, it beats eating blood sausage, and it even beats the stress of opening my mission call....well, actually, I take that one back.  But, it was close.  It was a day so stressful and wonderful!  Why so stressful, you ask?  I will have to explain in person, but I'll give you a few reasons why..

1)  Trying to finish the lessons before the date
2)  "J" didn't want an interview..therefore, he didn't want to get baptized
3)  The water was cold in the font
4)  We had to find pants for the Hermano that was going to baptize him..and then they were way too big...and we didn't have a belt....uhh
5)  The baptismal prayer was said wrong and "J's" name was pronounced wrong...

But hey, I truly can say that this baptism was also the most spiritual baptism that I have EVER been a part of.  Ever!  I have never seen so many tears in a baptism and never felt the spirit so strong.  As we sang the musical number, "H" began to cry.  She isn't a member and never really wanted to be.  But, after the baptism she told us, "I feel so good here."  "Now that I know how the church is I will now be coming with "J" and my daughter."  I truly am so happy how I left that family.  The experiences I have with them and especially this day are priceless.  I cannot deny the truthfulness of the gospel, or the power of the book of Mormon.  I know that the Book of Mormon can change anyone.  It can bring the peace that we need and it has all the answers to all the questions that we have.  I know that there is no better way to learn of our plan than through the book of Mormon.

Also, I got transferred.  I am in the LAND OF ZAPALAAA!   It's like Fernandez Oro.  I Love It!  It's full of you have no idea.  We had to stay in the pension one day because it was so windy.  I have some videos that I'll show later.  You'll die!  I also have the BEST companion in the whole world.  Her name is Hermana Rojas.  She is from Colombia and just the sweetest.  This is her first transfer being Hermana Leader, so I am training her on that.  We are getting along so well.  She is so great! we had to clean the pension.  We took the area of the Elders.  So we are whitewashing, which pretty much means being in an area where there were elders, they both left, we took their spot, and start with pretty much nothing.  HA!!!  Their Area Book was a little unorganized, so we are trying to figure out who the investigators are, less actives, members, etc.. I have a testimony of this book.  So all you missionaries out there or future missionaries, I give you this advice...Take Care Of Your Area Book and Everyone Will Be Happy. :)  But back to the point, today we had to clean the pension.  When we got there the elders said, "These elders cleaned sooo long so the pension should be good to go".  I'm telling was NASTY!! Ha!  This morning I had to clean the bathroom.  Um..yeah.  Let's just say, I don't think the toilet seat had been cleaned for at least 3 months.  I almost threw up.  So nasty!!  But hey, it's looking good now!! :)

Well, out of time.  Hope all is going well for you all.  I'm doing great.  Love the mission.  I'm trying to really enjoy it all.  Best wishes to you!!

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to all those who recently got engaged and married (Lexi, Sydney, Mikun)!
Shout out to Mason talking so much and to all those who are just awesome!  Miss you lots!

                                        Such a wonderful baptism!  Such a wonderful boy!

                                                        Snow!  Snow!  Snow!

                                           Yep, that was my pension in Bariloche.

                                                                Good times!

                              My first ice cream in Bariloche, it also was my last.  So worth it!!

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