Monday, October 27, 2014

Fortify the Testimony!

Good morning!!

Just want to start out the email with a huge scream!!!  Thank you mom!! You are the greatest for finding an apartment for me and Hermana Malmrose!  Miracles really do happen and God will never cease to be a God of miracles.  I think that's one of my favorite scriptures in Mormon, because it's so true.  He will never ever cease to bless each and every one of us as long as we keep the commandments and follow His counsel.

This week was incredible!  It's always different to try and adapt to new companions and everything but we have been doing great things together.  We truly saw MIRACLES.  So, mom, thanks for sharing your miracles with me.  I will try to share all them with you, too!!!

This week we were able to put 2 new baptismal dates.  That was super happy :)  "C" for the 29th of November and "F" also for the same date!!  We'll see how everything goes!

This week we had a miracle.  We have been teaching "M" and we had been planning on teaching her the first vision and about Joseph Smith a little more in depth.  And so we got to her house, and then started with the lesson.  As we shared the first vision with her, we paused, and she asked, "Wow, can I ask you a question?  Are you those two angels?"  She's adorable. We then explained that it was Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father!  She loved it!  She just lit up and said, "So that's why we need a prophet, so we don't have to be lost in the world."  Wow.  She's just so great!  She then said to us, "It's weird.  I understand all of this, but not the school stuff, and this is a lot harder for most people to understand."

I know that each time somebody hears the gospel of Jesus Christ they will recognize the truth of it.  We have all heard it before, so when they hear it again the spirit will help them recognize that it is true, and it will become so familiar to them!

Last night we had a Family Night.  It was good, not the greatest, but it was good.  We were with a family that's less active, a member, and an investigator.  At the end of a lesson, the investigator said, "I just want to do something with you as normal people, not as missionaries.  You can change out of your skirt and just be a normal person and we can talk about life.".... I really didn't like that at all.  I don't want to be a normal person.  Right now I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and it is the happiest I've been.   If there are people who don't respect that, I get it.  But this is the time for us to really teach and be missionaries.  We don't have a lot of time.  And it's sad to see the time fly by.  But, I came to a conclusion that I don't want to ever stop being a missionary (there it goes..never thought I'd say it).  But the spirit and the experiences I have are amazing.

I love the Gospel with all my heart.

I know that the Church is true.

I know that we are striving each and every day to achieve the eternal life.

I know that the commandments are guides and not restrictions that show us the love that God has for us.

This is the best life EVER!!!!  We are sooooo LUCKY!

Well, family, I love you all.  Sorry no funny experiences this email.  Short on time!  Wait, there is a funny experience.  Today.....ahahahaha!

So we deep cleaned the pension today.  But seriously, deep cleaned!!  Let's just say that me and Hermana Hansen aren't living in a musty, boys pension anymore.  We are living in an apartment almost as clean as the temple.  Okay, not so clean..but it's definitely sparkling!  :)  Pretty sure that the elders before us peed on the ground...but don't worry, we got that all worked out!!  SUPER MISSIONARIES!!

Love you all so much!

Best luck this week.  Read your scriptures.  I'm finishing the Book of Mormon again!  And once again, I know it's true!!

I invite you all to read the last chapter of the Book of Mormon...Moroni 10.  Follow his counsel.  Read, ponder, pray.  I know you will fortify your testimony.

Hermana McChesney

                                  Me with my new and last companion, Hermana Hansen

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