Monday, October 13, 2014


I saw today that it is Columbus that true?  Well, here's to all those who came over on the Mayflower (and the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. ha!  Obviously Mikayla has forgotten her American History)...Long Live!

I'd like to start out by sharing a few funny stories, and leave the spiritual for the end.  Last is always the best!

At church yesterday we had a few investigators.  One of them was the cutest little 9 yr old boy.  His mom is an investigator and is progressing quickly.  But, funny story.  So, he was a little impatient during the sacrament meeting, so I leaned over to him and said, "Hey there's only 10 minutes left, don't worry.  I even brought you a little gift, so after remind me to give it to you."  He lit up instantly!  He behaved so well during the rest of the meeting.  After the meeting, I went over to my bag and pulled out a CTR ring.  I said that he needed to close his eyes and hold out his hand.  So he did.  As soon as I put the ring in his hand, he opened his eyes and a huge smile spread all over his face!  He said, "Thank you!" and then he gave me the biggest hug and kiss.  HA!   I was dying!  Not only was it funny, but there were members watching...a little awkward.  But that is not it.  He gave me probably 4 hugs.  Cutest little boy ever.  He just wanted some love!  ha!

Also funny story.  We had lunch with some members.  they also had all their family over that were traveling.  We felt so uncomfortable.  Truly, they talked, and screamed, and laughed, and didn't even pay any attention to us.  It was so awkward.  I got thinking.."If I was with my family they would totally make the missionaries feel at home."  So to all you family members, if you invite the missionaries over, talk to them.  Thank you!  HA!  Truly most uncomfortable lunch in my whole life.  Argentines speaking Spanish way too fast, and the awkward gringa laughing to join in on the fun.

This week we had a great experience with "I".  I won't go in to too much detail because, well, because there isn't 3 hours worth of time.  But, I just want to testify of the power of Family History work.  We were able to go to the church for a baptism.  While waiting for the baptism to start, we were able to give her a tour of the church.  Miracle is that the geneology room was open and we were able to go in and talk with the members working there.  The members gave her a little overview of what family history is.  "I" lit up!  She LOVED everything!  We were able to spend 20 minutes with her talking about the family.  The members had no idea that her son had passed away a year ago, but the Spirit testified to them and guided them to say exactly what she needed to hear.

I know that the family is the most important thing to our Heavenly Father.  He will do everything possible so that families can be together forever.  He is preparing "I" right now so she can start to do her family history and bring their names to the temple.  She has a desire to be baptized and go to the temple.  I know that the Spirit of Elijah is real.  That each time we start to work with our family and find out more about them, we will have more desire to continue.  I invite you all to help with the family history, for we do not want empty seats in heaven.

Love you all.  You are all such a blessing to me.  I know that the church is true.  I know that there is so much that I still don't know, but each day I learn I thank my Father in Heaven for all the knowledge that I do have.  This is His church.  This is his plan.  Let's live it so we can return to live with Him.

Best wished this week.

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to Jackson...HAPPY SWEET 16.  Don't go kissing too many girls now. ;)
Shout out to Ali!   WELCOME HOME COUSIN!
Shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Bird- Congrats on finishing your second mission.  Love you!

 This was the tallest "mountain" we could find to climb.  It took us only 20 minutes to climb up.  Still, it was a nice hike.

                                                           The sweetest family!

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