Monday, September 30, 2013

Conference is's true, it's true!


This week was great!  We had a very successful week.  We found 3 new investigators!  Yep, it's true. 3.  They are all from the same family, but still it is incredible!!  This week we saw the mom working in her yard with her girls.  We stopped to see if we could help.  After we helped, we all sat on her trampoline and told her our purpose as missionaries.  They asked us questions and were just so grateful for us and our service.  It was great and they even invited us back!!  So we went and taught the Restoracion.  It went very well.  I think we are going to be seeing great things from them! :)

This week we didn't get in with "D" or her family once.  She still came to church, though, and it was our fast and testimony meeting.  Guess who went up?  This girl.  It's true.  I was a little blancita shaking trying to bear my testimony to all these native Hispanics.

After church we stayed after in primary with "D"  and the leaders (I've been helping a lot with the primary in the ward.  Teaching classes and sitting with them in primary).  "D" received her part for the primary program.  She was asked to bear her testimony on prophets.  She said, "is it okay if I say this..?"  She then began to share her whole testimony.  Wow!  Literally broke down.  This girl kills me.  It was the most beautiful testimony.  Later that day, we went over to her place and she had her testimony all written out on a piece of paper.  She read it to me and in her testimony she shared how grateful she was for us missionaries who have taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  I know when that primary program comes I am going to lose it...again.

Oh oh oh, CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!  Yes. I think I am a little too excited.  Actually, false.  I cannot be too excited, but I'm ecstatic!  The whole Woman's broadcast was fantastic as well.  I am so glad we were able to go to that.  I am also so grateful that there was a room showing it in English.  Mostly all the missionaries were in that room. ha!  It just makes me so happy to hear words spoken by the prophet and others called of God.  It is just a testimony builder.  After, I had the desire to read my baptismal and temple covenants.  I will forever be moved by the words I studied and heard that day.

Another bright note, I think we killed the mice family...key word: think.  There is now a stench in our apartment.  Yeah.  It's bad.  I think they died under the dishwasher.

I love it out here.  Spanish is coming.  I understand it a lot better than I can speak it but it is coming :)  I can get my point across which is good.  It's all those people that slur their words or use slang when they speak that kill me.

You and those special people I know are always in my prayers.  Remember who you all are.  People are watching you and judging us as members.  Things are getting crazy in the world today, but we need to stick strong as a family and help each other out.  None of us are going to fall.  We will all make it back to live with our Father in Heaven...okay?  Promise me that.

Read your scriptures.  Say your prayers.  Remember that everything is going to work out.

Tu hermana,
Hermana McChesney

--Shout out to Cabrina Blackhurst for getting her papers in :)  AH!  Couldn't be more excited about this!
--Shout out to Crew for getting braces.  Cutest kid on the block that's for sure!

Funny things that happened this week:
--Learned how to dance like a Mexican this week.  Yeah, let's just say two white girls should never try to dance like that ever again.

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