Monday, September 9, 2013

The work is growing!


I have been so excited all week to email you guys.  Literally!  P-days are so precious to me because I get to hear from all my family.  Thank you for being so consistent in writing me.  I had a good 27 emails.  So, I apologize for not replying to pretty much anyone, but just know that I loved them all and am always so spiritually uplifted and usually get a good laugh.  Just what families are for!

This week was fantastic!  Hermana Hosking and I are really striving to push the work forward.  With this mindset we found 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS!  That just proves that anything is possible, even out in the middle of Waller, Texas.  I will try to go into more detail on some of them throughout this email.

We visited with "D" and her family on Wednesday.  We taught her the 5 points that make up the gospel.  She knew every answer to every question we asked.  I am always amazed by her knowledge and dedication.  We asked her if she was still wanting to be baptized and she said she really does but she's afraid of the water.  After addressing her concern, we set a baptism date for Sept. 28.  We knelt down and prayed about the date and the spirit was so strong and her prayer was so sincere.  She told Heavenly Father "I want to follow Christ's example and I know I need to be baptized, help me not be afraid"..she then proceeded to ask if the 28th was right.  It was such an incredible lesson.  I am so excited to see where she ends up.

We have started this FHE calendar in our ward.  We sent it around the classes and people sign up once a week for FHE.  Hermana Hosking and I will then go to their home and teach a lesson.  What we want to happen is to have them bring a friend who is a non-member or a less active from the ward.  We have done one so far and it went really well.  We brought a recent convert and then "D" and her family weren't able to's okay!  We have one tomorrow so we are super excited!

We have been working a lot with a member in our apartment complex who works for an incredible organization.  She is a sweetheart.  We did service for her work on Saturday and with that we found a new investigator and had some amazing experiences.  Service opportunities are the best!

We had a very busy, busy week.  It was all go go go!  I love weeks like these!  Oh oh oh oh--ONE OF OUR ENGLISH CLASS STUDENTS CAME TO CHURCH!!  Yes, it's true.  He is pretty much the coolest man alive!  We are having the Elders teach him because...well...he's a man and it's easier that way. But still, we got him to church and so I feel so happy :)

We (just realized that every new paragraph starts with 'we'..whoops) have been waking up at 6:00 am to start working out rather than at 6:30.  We have noticed how much better we have felt.  It's great!  At the school next to us is a Zumba class from 6-7am.  This morning was our first time going and we were so pumped!  We got there around 6:05 and to our disappointment, the gate was locked.  But, that wasn't stopping us.  We most definitely hopped the I ashamed of it?  Not really.  The Zumba class was all worth it!!  HA!  The teacher was proud we hopped the fence to get there so it was good!

Loved hearing about the BYU/TEXAS game.  So proud BYU won, I will always be a cougar!

Well, I know I am here in Texas for a reason.  Nothing is easy and I have learned so much.  I know I wasn't called to a mission but to be a missionary..and that is what I am going to do wherever I am, I will bring those unto Christ.  Love you all!  Thanks for all your prayers and support.  Keep on being examples to all those around you!

Con Amor,

Hermana McChesney

--shout out to JoAnna and Jeff for getting married.  And to Steph for sending me some pics :)  Looked so pretty!
--shout out to the Barrett family (aka Steph) for the letter!!  Loved it so much.  Congrats on the new job and home!!  Tell the kids hello.
--shout out to Zach for leaving to Argentina from the MTC.  Super excited for you!! I'll see you there in the future!

Funny things that happened this week:
--Well, we have a buc-ees gas station that just went in here in Waller.  It has the nicest bathrooms EVER (literally they are known for their bathrooms) on occasion we go just to use the bathroom.  It's kinda a joke! HA!
--We were talking with an investigator and she needed help, so we told her we would help her and then be right back..we both got in the car and couldn't figure out what she needed help with but we both thought that the other we had to go back and figure it out.  So embarrassing!
--Drove by a sign that read "free stuff" on the side of the road...took some our apartment has some class ;)  HAHAHAHA!

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