Monday, March 31, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yep, it's true!! We had the first snowfall of the season! Ha! Well, to be honest, it was just a little bit of snowflakes...nothing stuck.  But, I woke up and saw it was snowing a little and I finally felt as if I were home!  Haven't seen the white fluffies in about a year! :)  YAY!  It truly feels like Christmas!  I'm tempted to put on my Christmas music again..ha!

Well, here I am in Bariloche (mom, you can put this on the blog since the creepy stalkers never figured out my name...don't worry).  Let's just say it's definitely not like good ol' happy town of Fernandez Oro.  It's like we are at Disneyland and we go to the ride, "It's a Small World", and then we go right to the "Haunted Mansion".  It's just 2 different stories; 2 different types of people.  But, it's great!  I've always liked the Haunted Mansion ;) HA!  I am in the Center so there is a lot to see, but not too many who want to hear.  I think we have 1 investigator.  But, it's good!  He has a baptismal date so can I get a hoooorahh?

I have learned to truly appreciate the little miracles in life.  Let me give you a couple examples:

We were searching for a reference that somebody gave us.  She happened to live in a n aprtment complex.  All of these apartments are locked so you can't get in unless you have a key.  So, we rang the little bell to her room and nothing...rang it again..and still nothing.  So, we were about to leave and I finally just pushed the door and it opened.  YEAH!  It opened!  Miracle! :)

Also, just yesterday we were walking in the rain and cold all day.  Truly...all day after church.  We had the cutest member with us and she was such a trooper!  We were walking all day and nobody wanted to let us in.  Finally we got in with our only investigator and we had a great lesson with him.  But the miracle is that he remembered his baptismal date and is still preparing and planning on being baptized!  WOOO!  Even though we walked all day in the rain, we were able to have a member present lesson and help him work towards his goal of baptism!  We were so happy!

I watched the broadcast from Elder Ballard on Sunday again, and I learned so many new things from the first time I saw it.  It made me think that it is the same thing as reading the scriptures.  Each time I read I find something new.  So, with conference coming up (Let's all scream a little), I encourage you all to truly feast on the words and look for the answers to your questions.   I'll be doing it all the way here in Argentina.  Hope you all can, too! :)

Thanks for the emails and pictures and jokes and updates.  You're all the best!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  My companion is from Uruguay and doesn't speak any English! HA!  She is too cute!  She is 22 (ehmmm Taylor Swift) and she is a hard worker who likes to walk fast!  YAY!  She's great!!


Hermana McChesney

-Shout out to my girl Bethanna for giving her farewell talk.  I'm sure you killed it!  So proud of you!!
-Shout out to Kylee Terry for the emails.  I'm glad I can help you out a little.  We are excited to have you here in Argentina! :)

--Well, Bariloche is full of hills and mountains.  Each street is a hill.  So, let's just say I've never been so sore in my whole mission.  I LOVE IT!  But, each morning I wake up I die a little (that's a song...I'm pretty sure). It's nothing like Fernandez Oro, so it's a change and I like it!  :)  Here's to a good workout! HA!  Oh....and yeah, we had to run up the stairs like Rocky a good solid 3 times.  So, just put that picture in your head when you feel sad.  2 girls in dresses...running up 5000 stairs!  Okay...that's enough.  BYE BYE
                                                This is me with my dear friend Sara.

                                                            My second mother!

                                           It was hard saying goodbye to my "mom".

                                                      My new area of Bariloche!

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