Monday, March 17, 2014

Debating on if I should color my hair....

Hellooooo world, How's it been??

I have gotten into the habit of saying, "Well, there you have it kids".  I have no idea where this came from but it's a bad habit, especially because it's in English and nobody understands! HA!  Just thought I'd share that random thought....You're welcome.

Well, this week I did more knocking doors than I have ever done on my whole mission.  Let's just say...I think I've learned to accept how awkward it can be!  But, we had SO MUCH success from knocking doors.  I was stunned.  We have found some solid investigators!  It's nice to get a new start with new investigators.  So, we are super excited!

This week we visited with "A" and "L".  They are progressing as quick as ever.  "A" is making progress!!  He has almost officially quit drinking!  He is reading the Book of Mormon and has already finished 2 Nephi.  Like what?  He's have a bit of trouble because he is being made fun of because he's going to church.  He said that now instead of drinking to feel better, he opens up the scriptures. Awwww!  We left him to read about the Tree of Life and about the 3 different groups.  Especially group 2, the ones that partook of the fruit and then left because they saw those making fun of them in the great and spacious building.  We told him to seguir adelante and to remember that things aren't going to be easy.  He is doing great!  Love the progress!!

We received 13 references and contacted 11 of them.  Yeah...I have never walked faster in my life or been so worn out.  I am pretty sure that this is the hardest I've ever worked.  I think my time is running out here in Fernandez Oro, so we are giving it all we have.

I think it's time I get changed from this little town...everybody knows me and it's actually a little creepy.  I have debated coloring my hair.  Still thinking about it!  I'll share all these creepy stories with you all in less than 9 months ;) HA!

I've been reading about pride.  I learned a whole lot and more than I thought I could learn.  One thing I read that I loved was, "Christ wants to lift us to where He is.  Do we desire to do the same for others?"  Sometimes our pride gets in the way and we want to be better than everyone else.  I need to be better at helping others, and that's my motive this week.  It's similar to the Nephites.  They were destroyed through pride...nothing more than pride.  If we can conquer pride we are promised a place in the Kingdom of God! :)

Well everybody, great things happened this week.  We had 3 in church yesterday, we placed a baptismal date (2 fell through, but we're not giving up yet), and we're finding people to teach.  It's a blessing to be here!

Best wishes this week!!  LOVE YOU!! Until next week...may be in a new area...AH!

Hermana McChesney

- Shout out to Kendal Powell for the mission call!!  ATTA GIRL!! Kill it out there...and finally a friend I can speak Spanish with ;)
- Shout out to Mama!!  Happy Birthday!! :)

--  Came in contact with a little 15 year old girl as I was looking for a street.  When she

asked me where I was from..I said the states.  She then said, "Oh my gosh"!  (yes, in English) and then started freaking out.  She wants to talk and then accepted that we could pass by her house.  She was so cute and it was the funniest moment ever!  Ha!  Such a sweetheart!

                                      Here are the cakes I made for your birthday, mom! ha!

                                         Me and my companion with a friend of ours.

                                                             Such a beautiful sunset!

A friend of Mikayla's sent me these pictures.  Looks like Mikayla has friends wherever she goes. :)

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