Monday, June 2, 2014

The Checkpoint!

Well, yes, it's true.  this week shows how old I have gotten in the mission.  But not only does the date show it...but the bags under my eyes, the broken back, the warn out shoes, and the lack of desire to get ready adds to the year mark.

Can you believe it?  ONE YEAR?

I remember just a year yesterday I was at Taylor Swift, and now here I am sitting in Bariloche teaching all those who will listen.  It's been a quick year.  I've sure learned a lot!  I've really learned what matters most in life, and it's all centered around Jesus Christ.

This week was another great week.  My district was able to hike Cerro Catedral just last Pday.  When I mean hike, we hiked!  There was the chair lift but we decided it would be better to climb.  So, we took off without a path and climbed a mountain!  HA!  Love my district.  Today we are doing Camanario, so I'll send more pics next week :)

We actually had an interesting week to be honest.  When my companion was here she said that they already paid for the light.  So, we didn't pay and never got any type of bill or anything.  So, just a couple weeks ago we got a bill that said we were in what?  We didn't have money so we couldn't pay..a couple days later...BOOM!  Out goes the lights.  We were left to plan and prepare for bed in the pitch black.  Luckily our neighbors had candles for us.  Ha!  The next morning we showered in the dark.  Most scary moment of my life!  But, all is taken care now.  Just another mishap that is bound to happen in the mission.  Here's to 1 year.  Woo.  Ha!

We had a great lesson with "J's" mom.  They are all from Colombia but have lived here for 6 years.  "J"  went to a camp out with the youth and he is now super interested in the church.  He is a great example for his mom.  How she is listening to us!

Also, sad news.  One of our investigator's is moving to Mendoza.  Yeah, I wanna cry.  We are hoping that this Saturday for the capilla abierta he will get baptized while we are doing the tour. ha!  Just give a little demonstration or something, and then ask him for his signature ;)  I'll keep you updated. HA!

This Saturday we have a big tour of our church.  We are super excited!  I get to be a little tour lady.  HOW FUN!  I'll give you more details next week.  It is going to be a huge success.  So many people are so excited :)  We are preparing a full and so busy.  So, pray that with this tour we will see success and baptisms.  YAYA!!

We had a great conference as well this week.  We focused on the spirit.  I love the gospel.  I have learned that if we are worthy of the spirit all is possible.  We need to learn to recognize how He speaks with us and then we can use this gift our whole life.  WHOLE LIFE!  Not just the mission.  So...there you have it kids.  The spirit is pretty important!

I head to Neuquen again this week for training.  Wish me luck!

Love you all.  Best wishes this week!

Hermana McChesney

Shout out to Camille Aagard and her two daughters for being in the Ensign!  I freaked out!!
Also shout out to Brylee Bromley!  SO FUN to see you in the ensign, too.  Nobody believed me when I said I knew them all.  HA!  :)

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