Monday, June 23, 2014

Let's make a deal....USA!

U.S.A....ARGENTINA....U.S.A......ARGENTINA!  I'm torn.  I'll be happy whoever wins, but I'm betting everyone out here in Argentina that if the States win they have to buy me a treat. HA!  Everyone is easily doing it, but little do they know, I'm going to be receiving 100 treats when USA takes victory ;)

Well, hello kids!  I feel like somebody always says that in some TV series or something...but if you think I remember anything about the world, you are clearly mistaken.

This week was so great!  I never have enough time to write it all.  I need to remember to take pictures of my journal or something.  Sorry.  I'll be better next time.  Maybe..if I remember.  I'm really pretty crazy!  P-days I thought were supposed to be a day to relax, but honestly I feel so stressed always.  So, let's make this quick.

All our citas fell through.  We were trying to think of what to do and then we also had to use the bathroom...haha like we felt we should go see a member and use her bathroom.  As we passed by she had a friend.  Her friend began to ask us questions until the point when we started to teach the plan of salvation.  She had so many questions and said that nobody had ever answered her questions before.  I felt so lucky to have a testimony and the answers to her questions, that I KNEW she would see her father and grandma again.  It was a lesson full of tears and the spirit.  She recognized the spirit.  We were able to all kneel and pray to finish and she prayed to know if what we taught was real and if she would see her family again.  She cried after and said, "I was always too afraid to ask because I didn't know what the answer would be."  I know we had that desire to go see the member for a reason.

Also, that same day...."M" HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!  YAYAYA!!  People really are progressing.  I am so happy.  I feel like I am the seed planter sometimes.  Actually, that's okay.  I am happy to see some of these seeds growing.  I know I won't be here long, and may not get to see some of my investigators baptized, but I'm just excited to know that all of our hard work is paying off. :)

Short news:
Started teaching classes in English and Portuguese
"J" is leaving soon....:(  So Sad.

The book is blue and the church is true!

Hermana McChesney

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