Monday, June 16, 2014

6 More Weeks in Bariloche!

Heyyy, just so you all know, USA and Ghana are playing tonight at 7.  Please watch it for me.  I'm dying! ;)  hahaha kidding.  But it should be fun to watch.  I'm sitting here in the Cyber and there are TV's all around and all I hear is Spanish and people making bets. ha!  Then I hear every once in a while "los estados unidos" and so I look up and there are just crazy fans chanting U.S.A!  So crazy here!

So this week was a week to remember.  We definitely were super busy as it was the last week before transfers.  We were all so nervous.  But, we all worked so hard in Bariloche.  We've had such great success here.  Oh, yeah, just so you know, MY COMPANION AND I ARE BOTH STAYING 1 MORE TRANSFER!! YAY!!!  We had an interesting day before and then we were so nervous to receive the call, but when we heard we were staying together we almost cried of happiness.  Let's just say we are excited!  We get along great and I have never worked harder!

So, transfers are here and we had so many of our good friends's always hard.  Who would have thought?  Not me.  Just recently we all went to eat lunch together and then say bye in the terminal.  What a sight to see.  20 missionaries or so all saying bye.  I don't think the bus drivers liked us very much....they started saying things like, "Jesus Christ won't save the Mormons".  But, these comments make me feel and help me remember that we really are in the truth.  What a blessing.

This week we were able to teach a hard core Catholic who is a college professor and who knows SO much.  Then we were also able to teach a gypsy Hindu lady.  I have never been so secure when I bore my testimony to them.  I know this is the church of Jesus Christ.  I know that I have a testimony.  It's so neat to bear testimony and listen to the power that comes from each word you say.  It's one thing I cannot deny.  I know that the Lord gives me the words in the precise moment and He gives me the strength to bring these words to the hearts of others.  The Catholic man told us he loves talking and learning from us.  I know he feels something different.

Oh, sad moment.  "J" didn't get baptized this week.  He has everything ready, but he just got scared and said he hadn't received his answer.  Keep him in your prayers.

I know that God is protecting me and the other missionaries.  I know that a testimony is all that we can leave with the people.  They probably won't remember half of what we teach them, but I know that they will remember how they feel when we bear testimony.

So happy to hear that all enjoyed Father's Day.  I was nice and made my companion eggs...and then she was nice and made me banana pancakes!  We were really full, but hey, HAPPY FATHERS DAY FROM ARGENTINA!!

Love you all, love the pictures that you send me.  GO ARGENTINA!

Hermana McChesney

                                                           On top of the World!

                                 One year mark with Hermana Hafen and Hermana Malmrose.

                                             We are trying to spell "YEAR" with our hands.

                                    I will have to explain this picture to you when I get home.

                                                      Go Argentina!  World Cup!!

                                           Trip to Neuquen for leadership meetings.

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