Monday, September 22, 2014

He is my Guide

Hello world, how you've been? ;)  Throwing out some Lady A.  haha!

Wow, I feel like the time here in the cyber flies so fast.  And I get stressed, and then everyone looks at me and my face is 2 inches from the computer and I'm almost dying of stress because the time keeps ticking.  But hey...I love my family!

So, this week was a great week.  We did exchanges twice so we were busy with that.  I was able to do exchanges with hermana Guerra.  It was the happiest day ever!  She is here in Zapala and so that was fun for us to work together again.  We put a baptismal date for a girl in her area, so that was a success.  Then I was able to work with Hermana Chullunquia in our area.  We were a FULL with lessons and referrals and everything.  I loved working with her.  We had the biggest miracle..let me explain. :)

We had a member with us and she needed to run by her house quick before we went to look for our plan B (because our plan A wasn't home).  As we stopped by the house she waved to a neighbor.  Then we entered her house, but 5 seconds later we here the neighbor screaming her name.  Next thing we know our member is outside and running to the neighbors house.  We sat there stunned in the house...Then she came back, called 911, and asked for an ambulance.  We then went over to the neighbors house with her.  As we got there, the neighbor had a daughter who had a seizure.  We then were able to comfort her.  She kept on thanking us.  The ambulance never showed up....never!  But, her daughter calmed down and everything was okay.  We were able to teach the neighbor a lesson and she began to cry.  She loved our message and said that she knew we came to help for a reason.

This experience has made me think a lot.  The Lord truly guides us so we can be where He needs us.  It wasn't a coincidence that our investigator wasn't home and we had to go find someone else to teach.  It wasn't a coincidence that the member had to run by her home.  And it wasn't coincidence that we called this member to help us that day, and that she had a great relationship with her neighbor.  Everything truly happens for a reason, and the Lord will always provide a way for His children to hear the message that we have.

This gospel is so true.  "C" and "J" will be baptized this weekend.  We are having a Noche Blanca.  So all the wards from Zapala will be here and will have a big day of baptisms!!  I think there will be 5.  We are so excited.  "C" told us yesterday, "I just can't wait to be an official member".  WOW!! :)  She is progressing so quickly!!  I am so lucky to have been able to see this change in her life and to see how the gospel changes hearts and how there really are people prepared for this gospel.

I was reading the other day in Ether.  I found a verse that I loved..Ether 2:25 that says, "..I prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea and the winds have gone forth and the floods which shall come.."  I know that the Lord is preparing us and helping us cross the great waves in the sea.  For we cannot do it alone.  Our Heavenly Father will never leave us alone.  He will always prepare the way for us so we don't have to travel and cross the great waves by ourselves.  I know He is my guide.  He knows I cannot do it alone.  And for that, I am grateful for my Savior and Redeemer.

I love this gospel.  I love the changes it has brought to me in my life!

Love you all :)

Hermana McChesney

I even pray in my sleep:  Just the other night in exchanges, I had a dream that I was at lunch and the member asked me to say the prayer.  So I did, in my sleep.  And I woke up saying, "Please bless the Hermanita..." hahahah!!  It was all in Spanish which was even funnier.. and the best part was that Hermana Guerra heard it and thought I was praying to start the morning...haha!!  What an experience.  I was so embarrassed!

                                                      Cleaning my pension

                                                             Having my nails done

                                       Here I am at a wedding for a member in my ward.

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