Monday, September 8, 2014

Here to STAY...forever!

HEYYY!!  WOW!  Another week flew by again.  I feel like my emails are very repetitive, but it's true.  HOW FAST DOES THE TIME FLY??

Hey, good news.  I'm staying here in Zapala.   Which means we are going to see bautismos a FULL.  Super excited!  Both Hermana Rojas and I are staying together.  We are doing great things!  We are super excited to see what happens here in the area.

We headed to Neuquen this week.  We learned a lot how we can be better leaders.  It really made me think!  What am I doing in my position to be a better leader?  It has been so great to be in this position and learn.  Not only am I able to help others, but learn from them and see how I too can better.  Each of the hermanas in my group are so awesome!  I love them all!  It's sad to see some of them leave.

This week we finally had an interview with "J".  She is ready to be baptized.  She is just the cutest girl ever!  I sometimes just want to pack all the members in my suitcase and bring them home with me :)  haha!  I love Argentina and I love the people here!  They are the best!

We had so many miracles again this week.  We were able to find so many new investigators and 2 of them are BEYOND prepared for this gospel.

Our investigator "C" didn't think she would be able to come to church on Sunday.  Then on Saturday night she sent us a message saying her class got cancelled and so she was going to be there.  She's now been to church 4 times.  WAHH!   She is changing so quickly!  She was talking to me and said that she already told her dance company that she won't be practicing Sundays.  It's a miracle!  She is a miracle!  She is working for that Celestial Glory.  Just like us all!  I can't wait to be there and see each and every one of us there and jump and scream and cry and say, "We did it!" great would our joy be?! :)

So, what else.  I'm still the choir director.  YAY!  I wish I knew how to play the piano better....hahaha..sorry mom.

We are finally seeing the members work with us and help us out.  I know that the Lord truly is hastening this work.  He is preparing Argentina.  I know Argentina will be one of the strongest countries (maybe I'm a little...what's that word...where you have to say that because I have a lot of love for this country...what's the word..ahhhh...I don't remember.  Prejudice?  no..ummm..I don't remember).  But I know that Argentina is going to be so strong.  These people are prepared!

So, to pass the time during planning Thursdays (when we plan for the whole next week), I like to make up songs.  So, let's just say we laughed a lot.  But, it ended up being one of the greatest planning session ever!  We are so ready for this next transfer!  So excited!  We are going to see miracles, for we already are! :)

Thanks for all the support and the photos.  I love them all!  So does my comp.  She thinks we're famous or from a movie.  hahaha!  So cute!

Love you all!

I know the gospel is true.  It is changing lives and not only my life, but so many others.  I love the Book of Mormon.  It brings me so much joy!  I can't imagine my life without reading the book of mormon.  It would be sad.  But really, that's what motivates me to share this book, because I absolutely LOVE IT!

Hermana McChesney

Photos from zone conference are taken by Sister Lovell.  Thanks!

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