Monday, September 1, 2014

Hastening the work in Argentina!

Hey, happy September 1st family!  Hope it's a pretty outside there as it is here in good ole Zapala.

I just want to start off by saying....dun dun dun dunnnnn.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDDYYYY!!! :)  Woahh.  Hope you have such a wonderful day and that mom makes you chicken noodle soup with mashed potatoes. HA!

Also, FELIZ UN ANO AUSTIN!!!  Look how old you are getting!  Can't believe you are already on the downhill.  It's a quick ride, let me tell you that.  Keep up the good work.  So proud to hear all that you are doing.

This week was absolutely incredible!  It was full of a lot of adventure and we were very busy.  But, with the time we had we worked super hard.  I'll try to get it all written here in the email.

"C", love this girl!  She is progressing SO QUICKLY! We had a lesson with her and she had been reading the Book of Mormon.  She has been marking her scriptures and been applying them to her life.  I was just stricken with excitement.  It shows me how the Lord is preparing His children and how many more are accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last week we only had 54 people in church...yeah, it was rough.  Usually we sit at about 65 or so, but wanna hear how many we had yesterday......EIGHTY FIVE PEOPLE!!  That is 85!  Yeah!  It was so full.  We all felt soooo good.  We are finally seeing the fruits of our efforts.  The past 2 weeks we have had 22 lessons with less actives members with a member present.  And to see many of them inside the church just made me realize that it is all worth it!  It's so worth it to see them renewing their covenants.  AW!  I wanted to stand up and sing a song...oh wait...I did...because I had to lead again in sacrament meeting.  I am officially the director. HA!

Sad news.  I got my "Trunky Papers"..or in other words, the papers that come 3 months before you go home so they can get your flights scheduled and all that good stuff.  So, that made me a little sad.  It's been a good ride here in Argentina.  Definitely an adventure, but one of the best one's I've ever been on!  It's made me reflect a lot on the things I've done, and what things I still would like to do.  I have a lot of goals and still a lot of time to reach them all :)

Good news, with all of this self reflection, I have been learning a lot about the examples in the Book of Mormon.  I love the example of Moroni.  While reading about Moroni I have learned about being prepared and fortified (Alma 49:19-20, 23, Alma 50:1).  It makes me reflect and see that because the Nephites were prepared for war, none of them were killed.  How important is it to be prepared?  And to have the full armor of God?  We should never stop preparing, and never cease to fortify ourselves.  It's one thing that seems so simple, but one that will truly save us in this life.  I hope you all can look to see how you can fortify yourselves, just as Moroni fortified his people and his country

I just want to end with my testimony.  I know this church is true.  With all my heart!  This gospel truly brings people happiness.  I also know that it is never too late to accept the Atonement and to change.  The Lord is always ready to forgive and lead us back to the path of happiness and eternal life.  How lucky am I to share this message with all those here in Argentina?

Love the Gospel
Love my Savior
Love being a missionary
and I love seeing the Atonement in action.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Celebrate a lot..
eat lots of cake :)


Hermana Mikayla McChesney

--Huge fatty shout out to Cheyenne and Chase for the engagement!!  Couldn't have screamed louder when I saw the picture of you both and the ring.  So proud of you guys :)  Eeeee!!!  Temple time!

Walking down the street and a man says, "Hey, can I come to church with you?"  We continue walking  (obviously without making eye contact).  Then he starts yelling his phone number out to us.  I almost died of laughter.  These guys are truly so desperate.  Who knew girls in long skirts would get so much attention ;)  hahahhaha!

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